My Week in Workouts: A Glimpse into My Weekly Fitness Routine (or Lack Thereof)

My Week in Workouts IOne of the questions I get most frequently is about my weekly workout schedule. While I love, love, love getting emails from you all, I figure a better solution is to address this common question by sharing my weekly workouts on the blog from time to time. The intent of Pumps & Iron was never to be a daily fitness diary, so I’ll just do a weekly summary once a month or so, giving you an idea of what I did during a random week. I switch up my workouts all the time, so you’ll see the amount of working out and types of exercises will vary with each post. For someone who’s always been so anti-diary-blog, I’m actually excited to make these a regular feature on P&I!

My Week in Workouts: November 11-17


(6AM) Morning Run

I started my day with a 3-mile run. Lately, instead of my usual route along the water (from which 90% of my annoying Instagram sunrise pictures come), I’ve been aimlessly running around backstreets of Southie looking for cool street art and graffiti. They’re no Banksy, but I’ve actually found a few cool ones (clearly this pic wasn’t taken on a run…I don’t run wearing collared shirts and carrying handbags, promise).

(8PM) Low-Impact Circuit Workout

For some reason, my knee had been bothering me since Sunday night, so I wanted to do an at-home workout that avoided deep lunges, jumping or any drastic bending of the knees. Usually, starting the week off with any sort of soreness or injury is the result of dancing in 6” heels drunk at a club at 2AM, but I was actually super tame and studious all weekend (how uncharacteristically mature!), so I have no clue from where the knee pain came.

Regardless of the cause of injury, I managed to get a workout in while avoiding irritating my knee further. I’ll share the full tutorial on the blog next week, but it was a circuit workout involving kettlebell swings, downward dog pushups, Russian twists and superman flutter kicks. Super quick (probably about 15 minutes), but just what I needed after sitting in front of a computer all day.


(9AM) Quick Abs & A Run

I woke up at 6AM to it snowing outside. Not. Cool. I delayed my run and instead spent the morning studying. When the snow stopped, I did this quick 5-minute pre-cardio ab workout and then headed outside for a 3-mile run. It’s not so much that I think 5 minutes of abs is going to give me a six-pack (it won’t)—it’s just really important for me to raise my body temperature before running outside in cold weather so that my Raynaud’s doesn’t do this: Raynaud's Syndrome

(4:30PM) Pilates Plus at Btone

I’ve raved about Pilates Plus (a type of Pilates done on Megaformer machines; also called Lagree Fitness) a bajillion times on the blog. After spending the day at the Boston Public Library studying/working, I walked over to one of the 45-minute classes at Btone. I try to make at least a couple classes a week because not only do I love it, but I hope to teach it once I’m certified—the more practice the better!


(12PM) 30-Minute Interval Workout

I broke up my day with an interval workout made up of all the exercises I love to hate. Starburst burpees, plank-to-pikes, med ball squat jacks, alternating superman planks, Turkish get-ups…kill me. I’ll post the tutorial on the blog in the next week or so—you’ll love to hate it.


(6AM) Morning Run & Full-Body Pyramid Workout

First thing in the morning, I went for a 3.5 mile run and then did the Full-Body Pyramid Workout that I posted last year on the blog. It’s still one of my favorites!

Full-Body Pyramid WorkoutClick image for full tutorial.

friday(5:20PM) Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp Boston

Pretending I have upper body strength…

I was invited to come try out a class at the new Boston location of Barry’s Bootcamp and LOVED it. Not gonna to lie, I first heard about Barry’s by watching Keeping up with the Kardashians (I know, I’m embarrassing), but have since heard nothing but rave reviews of the workout, and it definitely lived up to the hype.

During the class, you alternate between treadmills and floor exercises using weights/benches, and depending on the day you go, the workout will target different areas of the body. I did a Full-Body class, so the floor exercises included everything from side planks to lunges with overhead presses. Our instructor was Dustin, who did a great job of kicking our asses and coordinating both the “treaders” and those on the floor. The last treadmill section was a full-out sprint at a 15% incline—I don’t care how fit you are, that’s HARD.

Not only was the workout tough, but the whole thing was fun. The studio space is great, and Barry’s has done an awesome job of creating a cool, social atmosphere—something that really goes a long way when it comes to these niche fitness studios. The locker room is spacious and has showers; there’s a protein shake bar in the lobby area; they have retail racks with Barry’s workout gear—it’s the kind of place you’d go to workout with friends then hang out at for a bit.

I can’t wait to go back for another class, and would definitely recommend trying one out yourself. You can see the Boston schedule here or find a Barry’s in your city here.saturdayREST.sunday

(11AM) Quick Run & Kettlebell Workout

I had signed up for another Pilates class at Btone, but couldn’t find parking and ended up missing the class (grrr!!). Fueled by irritation, I went for a quick 2 mile run and then did the 30-Minute Kettlebell Interval Workout I posted on the blog last year.

30-Minute Interval Kettlebell WorkoutClick image for full tutorial.

What’d you guys do for workouts last week?



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  1. Cool! I need to try that bootcamp class, I like how it’s a bunch of different things. Last week I did alot of spin, mix in some yoga and at home tabata & ab workouts.

    -Elise @

  2. First heard of Barry’s Bootcamp on KUWTK too…no shame 😉

  3. I love getting a behind the scenes look at what your weekly workout schedule is like – great idea for a post! Also completely empathize on the “can’t find parking, missing class” scenario. The. Worst. Thanks for sharing, look forward to reading more 🙂

  4. That’s impressive that you can get in two workouts a day some days! I’m totally lazy and won’t take more than one shower a day so I don’t think I could commit to that schedule, but I love seeing how you switch it up during the week.

    • Well I have to admit I definitely don’t wash my hair after each workout, so that keeps the shower time down haha. It certainly doesn’t fit my schedule all the time, but when I can I love to break up my day with short workouts. 🙂

  5. I think you may have done a post on this in the past, but what do you do to stay safe when running before the sun comes up?

    • Honestly, not much (which is admittedly not always the safest!). Most of the time though, I run along a bike path that’s well lit and right besides a main road. Even when it’s dark, there are always cars driving by so I feel safe.

  6. Thank you for sharing your workouts – I’m always looking for new things to change up my routine. I regularly run, lift weights and have been going to hot yoga. My daughter and I have been going to a water aerobics class too.

    • How fun–I wish I had access to a pool! I’ve never tried a water aerobics class, but always used to love swimming laps–it was almost meditative for me. 🙂

  7. Great post! I would love to see more of these. I agree with Kelly. Working out 6 days a week is impressive enough. That many 2-a-days? Wow! No wonder you look so great!

    • Aw thanks–I’ll keep these posts coming! And two-a-days deffffinitely don’t happen every week haha, but I’ve always loved breaking up my day with two workouts when I can. 🙂

  8. Funny, I live in Newton and started using your workouts to warm up pre-run to avoid a Raynaud’s episode with the colder weather. Thanks for the help and inspiration!

  9. Can you give some tips on how to condition oneself for running outside. I find it really difficult! I love your workouts but need more cardio in my life!

    • My best advice is to find a running route you like–pretty scenery is an added bonus! My options are limited living in a city, but I find if my route is interesting, I’ll stay entertained and motivated during the run. Sometimes I’ll even make a trip out of it–when I’m back home visiting my parents, I’ll drive to a nature reserve or pretty beach for my run. And during the colder months, I’d definitely suggest warming up indoors before venturing outside for the run–makes it so much easier!

  10. Awesome pics Nicole! I’m going to try the Pyramid workout this week! You look great btw.

    Hilary x

  11. Thank you for sharing this! I am always looking for different ways to work out 🙂

  12. I just found your blog on The Lean Green Bean, love it! That totally happens to my fingers when I run in the cold!! My mom and grandma have it too but I’ve never met anyone else that that happens to! Any other tips on how to prevent it??

  13. Hi Nicole,
    I am a new follower to your blog (Thank you pinterest!). Anyways I noticed in your picture you have Raynaud’s, I recently found out I have it as well. I was wondering if you have any tips on how to prevent it from getting to the point of Frankenfinger! Skiing, hiking and snowshoeing are some of my favorite winter activities but I cannot deal with the pain I get from frozen digits. Help! Thank you – Anna

    PS I am LOVE your blog, so happy I came across it!

    • Aw so happy you found me! My go-to for snowboarding/snowshoeing is handwarmers (–I’ll put one in each mitten (mittens are much better than gloves for Raynaud’s) and then also put a toe warmer in each boot. If I’m just going out for a run, I usually find that warming up beforehand in the house will help prevent Frankenfinger from making an appearance. I basically put on all my cold-weather running gear and then jump around my living room (high knees, mountain climbers, pushups, burpees) for five or so minutes until I’m really hot and my heart rate is up–then I’ll head out the door. Good luck this winter! 🙂

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