My Thanksgiving Menu Plan (Blogsgiving 2013)

A Thanksgiving menu made from different bloggers' recipesPhotos from P&I, Naturally Ella, A Couple Cooks, Fit Foodie Finds, Texanerin, Family Fresh Cooking, Minimalist Baker, Joy The Baker, Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

This Thanksgiving, for the first time ever, I’m making the entire meal myself. To be fair, it’s not as overwhelming as it sounds—my boyfriend and I are just staying in Boston and having a friendsgiving with a few other people sticking around the city—so it’s not like I’m making food for 50 relatives or anything. 

But I’m so excited. In fact, a little too excited. This might be a totally overambitious menu for me to pull off myself, especially considering I plan on pouring my first glass of wine at about 11AM on Thanksgiving morning. This could very well end in fire alarms going off and an order for Chinese food delivery…

I decided to compose the whole menu from recipes I’ve found on blogs and others that I’m going to develop myself (a blogsgiving, if you will). I’m also straying a bit from the traditional Thanksgiving dinner because I’m not a huge fan of eating land animals (especially turkey—I find it so bland and dry).

Click the recipe names to visit the amazing food bloggers who’ve posted these recipes. Pictures (with the exception of my hummus) all come from them.

Finger Foods

You’ve got to have something to snack on while you wait for dinner and watch football (or, in my case, pretend to watch football, while really playing Candy Crush Saga on your phone).

  • Fall Hummus Trio (Sweet Potato Hummus, Butternut Squash Hummus, Apple Pie Hummus): I love making my own hummus! I already perfected my sweet potato version, and I’m going to be playing around with butternut squash and an apple/maple syrup combo. I’ll serve them with thinly sliced carrot and apple sticks and pita chips.
  • Spiced Sweet Potato Quesadillas from Naturally Ella: I’m going to slice these into thin strips to make them perfect for snacking.

Thanksgiving Appetizers: My Sweet Potato Hummus & Sweet Potato Quesadillas from Naturally Ella

The Dinner Table

It’ll be like Thanksgiving, but for pescatarians.

Thanksgiving Dinner: Maple Apple Caramelized Salmon from Fit Food Finds, Quinoa Stuffing from Family Fresh Cooking, Orange Cranberry Sauce from Texanerin, Lemon Rosemary Potatoes from A Couple Cooks


Thanksgiving Desserts: Apple Crisp from Minimalist Baker and Pumpkin Pie Bars from Joy the Baker


If all else goes wrong with the menu, as long as I nail this part, no one will notice…right?? I’ll buy beer and wine, but I want to include one festive drink as well. Oh, hello:

Apple Cider Sangria from Lexi's Clean Kitchen

As I’m finishing this blog post, I’m realizing how much of a psycho I’m being. I will never pull off all this cooking…

What are you making for Thanksgiving?


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  1. This is awesome!! You’ll pull it off… sangria helps 😉 Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. This is such a clever idea! Thanks so much for linking to my salmon 🙂

  3. I absolutely LOVE this!!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  4. Yum! All of these recipes look so good and they’re such a great twist to typical Thanksgiving dishes.

  5. I would be so impressed if you made all these! It would be amazing

    -Elise @

  6. The freezer is your friend… you can do it! If nothing else I usually am helped by doing all the cutting/chopping/grating etc ahead of time. Then you feel like you’re on the food network, using all those pretty little bowls. This does look amazing! Have fun!

  7. You GO GIRL! This is EXACTLY what I would be doing if my family was on board (and it WILL be what I am doing once I am out of the house and college). Until then I just make enough for myself, usually a dish or two and a dessert.

    • Maybe you can start small and try to get the fam on board with one dish–my Dad and brother are hardcore steak and potato men, but whenever I go home I try to trick them into trying a little hummus here, a portabello mushroom there haha. It’s a slow process, but we can wear them down eventually! 😉

  8. I want to make everything! But especially that sangria…Lexi promised to save me some but she got her booze on too quickly haha

  9. Love those foods! I guess after eating all of this, I need to back back to the gym and do some exercises 🙂

  10. 100% recreating this meal for my “book-club friends” group holiday party – unreal!

  11. Hi Nicole…..I have just started reading your blog and posts…….and really loving it! Is it possible that I can e-mail you?

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