Why You Should Give a Tuck about Floppy Belts

The TuckOne of the most satisfying things about getting in shape is how much better your clothing fits—but if you’re down to that innermost hole on your belt, you might be dealing with a new set of problems…The Tuck

I’m guilty of the sloppy belt flop, too—I frequently will try to wear belts intended for my hips around my waist in order to pull in a tunic or shirtdress. Luckily, my friend Remy has solved this problem with The Tuck, and I wanted to share her awesome Kickstarter project with you all.

First of all, the video is hilarious. I mean, when your product rhymes with f*ck, how can you not use that to your advantage?? I thought the name of my blog was clever, but at the end of the day, referring to myself as a Mother Pumpsandironer is just stupid, so I lose. Watch and enjoy, you little Tuckers…

The cool thing about backing Kickstarter projects is that you’re not just giving your money away—you can get the product (in various quantities, plus added goodies, depending on your contribution). It’s like a preorder, not a donation. Just a $20 pledge gets you a standard pack of The Tuck in black and brown, and $25 will get you the same pack in silver and gold. But if you really give a Tuck, which you should, you can pledge more and get added swag like a Go Tuck Yourself shirt or even a visit to their New York Factory.

You can check out The Tuck Kickstarter page HERE.

Hope you all had a tucking awesome weekend! It’s freezing tucking cold here in Boston today, but I’m off to attempt an outdoor run. TML.


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  1. Simple, efficient, fixes a widespread problem. Such a great idea! I may actually resume wearing belts now.

  2. OMG yesss!! I have always wondered what to do when my belts get like this. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂


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