DietBet Initial Weigh In: My Game Plan & Goals

December DietBetIt’s here! The Pumps & Iron DietBet officially starts Monday, and the next couple days are the initial weigh-in period. I’m so excited with the turn out—171 people in on the $4,275 pot—and the number is growing by the minute. There’s still time to join and get your friends in on it with you, so if you’re feeling motivated to shape up after that Thanksgiving binge, sign up for the four-week challenge!

As I mentioned, I’m going to be playing along with you all throughout the month of December—I’ll post weekly updates with my progress, tips and, of course, workouts. I’m honestly not sure that losing 4% of my bodyweight is realistic for me though, so I just wanted to put it out there that that’s not really my goal in doing this. Yes, that means I probably won’t win my share of the winner’s pot, but that just means all you who do will take home a larger cut. 🙂

Instead, I’m using this DietBet as motivation to see what a totally “clean” diet does for my body. It’ll be like my 30-day dairy-free experiment, except I’m going to cut out dairy, meat, gluten and anything packaged that contains ingredients I can’t pronounce without a degree in Chemistry. I don’t have any dairy or gluten intolerances, but in all the reading I’ve done and based on my personal experiences, animal products and gluten are hard for the body to digest. Even if you don’t feel noticeably bad after eating these things, most people feel noticeably good after cutting them out of their diet. Well, I’m about to find out…

Like I’ve said multiple times before, I’m not a fan of putting any food permanently off limits, but if I feel amazing after eating this way for 30 days, I’ll definitely make a more concerted effort to reduce the amount of gluten I eat (I already eat a limited amount of dairy and meat).

The biggest challenge will be showing up to holiday parties as a gluten-free vegan (hello, most annoying house guest in history!), but as long as I bring my own dish to the party I don’t see it as a big deal. Plus, it’s 2013—it’s almost to the point where it’s rare to not have a dietary restriction haha.

I should also point out that sugar happens to be gluten-free and vegan. This exemplifies why saying you’re vegan or on such-and-such diet does not always imply that you’re healthy. Do you know how easy it is to make a vegan, gluten-free dessert that packs 2,000 calories and 0 nutrients? Really easy. The most important part to eating healthy is ALWAYS common sense, so I’ll let that primarily dictate my food decisions throughout the next four weeks. I won’t just cut out gluten and animal products and then sit on the couch sucking on sugar cubes and slamming back tequila.

Alright—I’m off to find a scale for the DietBet weigh-in! I haven’t weighed myself in years…and after all I ate on Thanksgiving, this could be scary haha. This was just the appetizer round on Thursday—from there it got a lot more carb-y, starchy and sugary (like it should!):

So what’s your personal DietBet game plan? And do you have any questions for me or blog posts you’d like to see in the next four weeks? I want to help everyone participating in the challenge as much as possible, so let me know!



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