My Week in Workouts: A Running Break

My Week In Workouts II: A Running BreakI got such a positive response from my Week in Workouts post a couple weeks ago that I thought I’d do another one—maybe I’ll shoot for two a month instead of one.

I have Achilles tendonitis, which is 99.9% a result of constantly going from walking in 6” heels to running in sneakers, day in and day out. For the past couple years, it’s been totally manageable, and I found it was almost completely resolved by switching up my running sneakers. Getting a pair of flexible shoes that naturally push the foot to do more of a toe-strike (as opposed to heel strike) was totally game changing for me (I wear the Nike Free 3). However, every once in a while, my tendonitis flares up, and by now I know that the best thing to do for it is just take a few days off of running (and stilettos) to let it calm down. Here’s what my no-run week looked like:

My Week in Workouts: November 18-24


(8:15PM) Late-Night Pilates Plus

Btone Fitness Back BaySnapping a quick, embarrassing selfie before everyone arrived.

I usually prefer working out in the morning, but switched things up with a late Pilates Plus class at Btone. I like trying out different instructors, and this was my first class with Kristen—she was awesome; the workout was super challenging.


(6AM) 15-Minute Bodyweight Challenge & Stretching

I snuck this quick, 15-minute bodyweight challenge in before my roommates woke up (it’s really hard to focus on the workout and not laugh when your roommate walks in the room while you’re just casually flying through the air with your limbs everywhere).

15-Minute AMRAP Bodyweight ChallenegeClick image for full workout tutorial.

I then dedicated a good chunk of time to just really stretching out my tight muscles. I always give stretching some extra attention when my tendonitis is bothering me, but I actually focus on other areas (hamstrings, hip flexor, the arches of my foot) as to not aggravate my Achilles anymore (a deep calf stretch, for example, would probably just exacerbate the problem).


(6PM) Spin Class at gstarfit

One of my favorite perks of blogging is getting to visit different fitness studios. I was invited to try a spin class at gstarfit in Needham, which I’d best describe as a boutique gym. Gregg, the owner, teaches the spin class, and his energy is unreal. He uses sets from DJs instead of a traditional playlist, so the music is continuous, with one song transitioning right into the next. I’m a big fan of EDM, so I loved it. And no breaks in the music meant less breaks in the workout, so I was drenched in sweat by the end.

gstarfit NeedhamSpin class attendance is definitely aimed towards gstarfit monthly members. Day class passes are available as well, but cost-wise it makes the most sense for those also looking to use the gym’s weight/cardio machines and take advantage of personal training and other offered membership services. You can get more details here.


(12PM) Pilates Plus at Btone

Broke up my day with a lunch break Pilates class.friday

(6AM) 30-Min Stability Ball Workout

I bought a stability ball a couple months ago, and finally got around to using it in a workout. Up until now, it’s been strictly a desk “chair.” Can’t wait to share this workout with you guys—I’ll get it up on the blog in the next couple weeks.

(6PM) 15-Min Kettlebell AMRAP

I did this quick kettlebell workout before hopping in the shower to get ready for the night. And I beat my previous numbers, getting through six whole rounds and into the seventh. Woop!

15-Minute Kettlebell AMRAP WorkoutClick image for full tutorial.



And by “rest” I mean “recover from hangover.” I went to an event Friday night, and had a little too much fun. Oopsie…sunday

(10AM) Pilates Plus at Btone

This class is really too perfect for an achilles flare up to not do again and again…and again. Doesn’t bother my tendonitis at all!


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  1. Sounds like a great week of workouts. Love that you shared some of them.

  2. I’ve never tried pilates, it’s something I really want to check out soon

  3. I love your week in workouts because I always find a new workout to try! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just started reading your blog and I’m really enjoying it. Just wondering if this is a typical week for you as far as the ratio of cardio to strength workouts. Thanks!

  5. I’m totally adding those 15-minute workouts to my routine.
    Also, I am looking in trimming bulk from my arms…which of your exercises do you recommend…or, can you feature some exercises?
    Thank you!

    • When it comes to reducing size, my best advice is to actually focus on your large muscle groups (and healthy eating). The more muscles you’re engaging, the bigger the burn (during and after exercise). Exercises like burpees, plank jacks, push ups, turkish get-ups, etc. are great for this. Hope that helps! 🙂

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