Why Rosehip Seed Oil Is My Skincare Superstar (Health Benefits and Uses)

Rosehip Seed Oil -- health benefits and skincare usesSince taking an essential oils workshop a little over a year ago, I’ve turned into this crazy oil lady. Kind of like a crazy cat lady, except instead of cats slinking around all over my apartment, I have little vials of oil overflowing every drawer and bathroom shelf. And I definitely get the same eye rolls from friends when I’m offering them such-and-such oil to cure their such-and-such ailment as I’d probably get if I were introducing them to Nibbles, my eleventh pet cat…

Pfff what do they know, anyway.

There are countless different essential oils out there, all with different health benefits and uses (and some with very similar health benefits and uses), but when it comes to skincare, rosehip seed oil has become a standout favorite of mine. I should point out that if you hear one person telling you coconut oil is the best for skincare, another swearing by grape seed oil, and have me over here brown-nosing rosehip seed oil, don’t feel confused. Many essential oils have similar skincare benefits, and it comes down to personal preference—one isn’t necessarily better than another; the bottom line is that oils, in general, are amazing. Find the ones that work for you!

Rosehip seed oil has become my personal favorite because I love the smell; the consistency works well with my skin type; and it’s particularly amazing for repairing sun damage and discoloration, which is a major concern of mine seeing as I grew up on a beach, lifeguarded throughout college, and still am an admitted sun worshipper.

Rosehip Seed Oil -- health benefits and skincare uses

Rosehip Seed Oil Quick Facts:

  • Comes from the seeds of the rosehip fruit, a wild plant that grows in Chile
  • Extremely high in essential fatty acids (over 70% of the rosehip seed is fatty acid)
  • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, especially Vitamin C, Vitamin A (retinol), and linoleic and linolenic acids—all superstars for skin and hair health
  • Was used by the Ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans for its healing properties

Health & Skincare Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil

  • Corrects UV damage from the sun
  • Reduces appearance of scars, burns and stretch marks
  • Treats fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrates dry skin
  • Great for eczema and psoriasis
  • Evens skin tone = awesome if you have hyper-pigmentation, age spots or other minor skin discolorations

I wanted to focus on skin care, but it’s also great for brittle nails and damaged hair (which all go hand in hand).

Rosehip Seed Oil -- health benefits and skincare uses

How I Use Rosehip Seed Oil in My Skincare Routine

I used to really struggle with my oily skin—I had shine marks in all pictures taken with a flash, I’d have to wash my face multiple times a day, and I always seemed to have pimples. It seems counterintuitive that putting oils on my face would help reduce my natural over-production of oil, but it has totally balanced things out. Oils (and especially rosehip oil) are now a permanent part of my skincare routine—I’m obsessed!

As a makeup remover. I put a bit on a cotton pad and rub it over my eyelids to remove my eye makeup before washing my face at night. It works better than any makeup remover I’ve bought in stores.

Rosehip Seed Oil -- health benefits and skincare usesContrary to my facial expression, rosehip seed oil is not deathly boring.

In a toner spray. I love reading interviews with professional models about the skincare products they use (I mean, it’s their job to have amazing skin!), and again and again kept seeing rosehip seed oil come up. One in particular mentioned Rosehip Tonique by Eminence (an organic skincare line) as being great for balancing out oily skin. I’ve been using it for about six months now and love it. I should also add that I swear this toner smells a little bit like beer…which might be why I like it so much…

In a moisturizer and as a moisturizer. Rosehip seed oil is often described as a “dry” oil (one that is easily absorbed into your skin, leaving no oily residue). I don’t find this to be completely the case, however. It definitely absorbs into my skin, but it also leaves my face and neck looking greasy (I have naturally oily skin, so I’m sure this is a partial cause). For this reason, I can’t use pure rosehip seed oil as a daily moisturizer, and only do so at night.

  • Daytime moisturizer: I use Rosehip Whip Moisturizer by Eminence. It’s light enough to apply before putting on makeup, but still leaves my skin feeling hydrated—I love it!
  • Nighttime moisturizer: I’ll apply rosehip seed oil directly to my face and neck with a cotton pad and let it sit there for 10-20 minutes or so as I finish up getting ready for bed. I’ll then take another cotton pad and gently wipe off any excess before going to sleep. In the morning, my skin feels so smooth and amazing!

Rosehip Seed Oil -- health benefits and skincare uses

For cuts. I made the fatal mistake of wearing a new pair of heels out to a club last month (dancing + alcohol + new heels = foot homicide) and the result was not pretty. I had a scab on the back of my ankle that was literally like 4 inches thick. Don’t all line up to date me at once, boys.

Anyway, rosehip oil is said to help prevent the formation of scar tissue. I’ve been rubbing rosehip seed oil on my battle wound at night and the discoloration is almost all gone. No scar for me!

For dry, cracked heels. This winter in Boston has been brutally cold (although it does happen to be nice out today), and as a result my feet have been super sandpaper-y. I’ve been rubbing some rosehip seed oil into them with a cotton pad and then add a thicker moisturizer and it’s helped massively.

Where to Buy Rosehip Seed Oil

I buy my rosehip seed oil from Mountain Rose Herbs, but countless skincare companies have it as well. I personally liked Mountain Rose Herbs right from the get-go because just by the website you can tell the company is run by a bunch of tree-hugging hippies. When it comes to natural, organic products…I trust hippies. 🙂

I also like that MRH’s rosehip seed oil is cold-pressed. It can also be extracted through a heating process (not that I totally understand either to be perfectly honest), but I’ve read that this slow-cooking can alter and damage some of the nutrients. Cold-pressed is the way to go. It’s recommended that you keep the rosehip oil refrigerated, which I actually just found out about (whoops), but even if you don’t, it’s said to have a two-year shelf-life.

Do you use rosehip seed oil? What are some of your other favorite oils for skincare?


Cultivating Herbal Friendships
For the sake of keeping things real, I just wanted to add that the links to Mountain Rose Herbs are affiliate links (if you go to their site and buy something, I get a teeny tiny percentage of the sale). However, I had been buying and loving Mountain Rose Herbs products for almost a year before I found out about their affiliate program and applied, so I assure you none of my opinions are influenced by the four cents commission I might make off your potential rosehip seed oil purchase. 🙂

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  1. I use apricot kernel oil and argan oil. Both have exactly the same health and skincare benefits as your rosehip seed oil 🙂 I use the oil as a day cream, as a makeup remover, in my hear and to cure my psoriasis.

  2. So informative! I use essential oils and all organic products, but I’ve never tried rosehip oil. Lately, I’ve been using jojoba oil and love it.

  3. Count me in! Your review of this oil sound perfect for me 🙂 I got you get the percentage from my purchase! 🙂


  4. I use krill oil and really, it has amazing benefits. It protects me from UV rays, it gets absorbed easily to my skin and helps me from aging skin too.

    • Brigadoon says:

      How do you use Krill oil on the skin? – I take the pill form and broke open one and applied the oil to my skin – I smelled like seaweed or fish – please let me know what you do? (I think Krill oil is super great in the body – Do you add it to your moisterizer? )

      • I actually haven’t tried out krill oil yet (on the skin or ingesting)–but I’ll have to try it out!

        • Timothy RN says:

          Krill contains “astaxanthin” and water soluble carotenoid meaning it’s in the vitamin A family. Because it is not fat soluble like Vitamin A or retinol, there is no potential for toxicity like all fat soluble supplements. Therefore you can take a lot more of it. Astaxanthin also has the antioxidant capacity that of 550 X stronger than vitamin E. Many food items contain astaxanthin in minuscule amounts. It’s what makes lobsters turn red when boiled. It is released from algae when the algae dies. Algae will turn red when sunlight is taken away. It’s then processed to extract the bright red pigment and sold in capsules or also found in Krill oil in very small amounts as they eat algae. Krill soft gels usually contain around 1mg or less per soft gel. Best to buy it in pure form. If you could tolerate the mess I imagine applying it to the skin would be enormously beneficial however it is very thick and oily. It’s oral bioavailability is very good so oral consumption is what I would recommend. In addition to providing superior antioxidant benefit to every cell in your body. It’s best use is to protect the “macula”, the tiny little collection of specialized cells on the back of the retina. This stuff concentrates in the macula preventing macular degeneration through it’s free radical scavenging properties. The gold standard for eye protection has always been Vitamin A or beta carotene however one is limited because it is fat soluble and therefore toxic at excessive levels. Astaxanthin is now the gold standard for visual preservation. I take Krill 1000mg and Astaxantin 4mg twice daily. Thanks for reading. Good health to you all!

  5. Hi! ok, so I ordered my mountain rose herbs rose hips seed oil. i got it and it was at room temp. I had it and used it for like 3-5 days then just last night remembered to put it in the fridge. did i screw up? is it too late? is my head going to explode? (haha) no seriously, is it ok that i waited that long to put it in the fridge and should i have just left it out. should the fridge be at a certain temp. i’m freaking out. a little

    • Don’t stress about it! I actually gave up refrigerating mine because it was too much of a pain walking down to the kitchen before removing my makeup haha. So far, it seems to be fine (although I’m not an expert–maybe I’ve lost some of the nutritional value). Because my bottle is a larger quantity, I think what I’ll do next time is pour a little bit into a smaller bottle to keep in my bathroom and then store the rest of it in the refrigerator. And just take small bits out at a time. I think the refrigeration is more for extending the shelf life than anything else. Hope that helps! 🙂

    • I bought the exact same Rosehip Seed Oil from Mountain Rose Herbs but mine does not smell great. It kind of smells like dog food. How does yours smell?

  6. Angela says:

    hey, thanks for replying so fast. it does help a lot. i feel better. 🙂 A

  7. Great info on rose hip oil. Lately I have been completely nutty about anything rose and I am trying to go more natural with my beauty regime and yes I am fighting all sorts of issues on my face. I will order from Mountain Rose. Have a great day, funny, pretty girl!

  8. 30daylessonsKari says:

    Do you know if you can use this oil during pregnancy? I’m getting conflicting results on the net. Thank you! 🙂

    • Honestly I have no idea so I did some google research myself. And yes pple are divided on this so I can only tell you what I WOULD DO if I were pregnant. I would continue using rosehip seed oil as I love it for my face and from what I gather it is dangerous to ingest high doses of vitamin A or use retinol, retin-A creams etc. But then who in the world would ingest high amounts of vitamin A, pregnant or not? Also I am completely against retinol creams as the speeding up of cell turnover is totally unnatural and dries out the skin on a grand scale. Good luck with your choice and congrats!

      • Thanks so much for your reply! I was thinking along the same lines. I’m not pregnant yet, but am trying to make better (and more natural) choices regarding my skincare before I do become pregnant :). I’ll definitely give rosehip seed oil a try! I even saw it in some “belly creams” marketed towards pregnant women, so I would imagine it was on the safe side. I love your blog!

        P.S. Sorry about the double post below; I wasn’t sure if my first message got through :).

    • Hi Kari! Marie’s response is right along the lines of what I’d suggest! If you were ingesting it in larger quantities (I suppose some people do take it in capsule form) then maybe I could see it being too much while pregnant, but used topically, it takes such a small amount to be effective that I can’t image the results would be anything but positive 🙂 I know you aren’t there yet, but still–congrats on the exciting next chapter in your life!

      • Hi! I thought I’d share an update, as it might be of interest to other interested parties. I contacted Mountain Rose Herbs and asked them about potential adverse effects, and here’s what they told me: “The Rosehip Seed Oil has no known side effects when used during pregnancy. You are safe to use this oil topically, without concern.”

        So I guess anyone pregnant would be safe to use this oil! 🙂

      • Chona R. Doria says:

        How much is this frrom MOUNTAAIN RosE HERBS?

  9. Can you use this oil while pregnant? Thanks!

  10. I just bought a rosehip seed oil serum its been 2 days and I like it so far. I’m excited and looking forward to see if it will improve sun damage. Thanks for the information i found it very helpful!!!

  11. Hi i have a question
    in night time – i normally use a serum and then anti aging night cream – where do i fit in rosehip oil? i have tried it and i like it but am confused on where to fit it in the routine…before seum or after or what?
    i dont want that the benefits of other products are reduced because of applying rosehip seed oil..pls advise

    • I can’t say for certain because I typically use just the rosehip oil alone before bed (except for a couple nights a week, when I skip the oil and just use an anti-aging product), so asking a dermatologist or skin care pro would be your best bet. If it were me though, I would apply the oil first, followed by your other products. Definitely don’t apply it last because it will leave an oily residue. Another option–use rosehip oil as your morning moisturizer and skip it at night. I do think you get more benefits from applying it at night, but it would still be a great addition to your morning routine!

    • Serums should go first, till they dry/soak in. Then oil, then creams. This is the shortest answer for an involved question. Might help to Google it, though keep in mind every person (doctor or not) can have varied opinions/experiences.

  12. When you use the rosehip oil straight, are you referring to the basic essential oil? I just bought some and then wasn’t sure if I just apply it straight to the skin. Thanks!

    • Yes! You only need a few drops of it on a cotton pad, and then you can apply directly to the skin 🙂

    • I know its been a long time, but it’s important to know that rosehip seed oil is not an essential oil. EO’s are oils derived by steam distillation (so a rose essential oil would be made by steam distilling rose petals. The resulting water would be a rose hydrosol. That is the process. Rosehip seed oil, like avocado oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, etc, is made by either cold pressing – grinding the seed, nut, fruit, etc – or by heating).

  13. hey ! great post. I wanna try it.
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  14. I realize this is old, but is this still your routine? Also, what do you cleanse with? You listed that you use the rosehip oil to remove your makeup pre-cleansing, but then moved on to toning and moisturizing. What do you cleanse with?

    • It is still my routine! I haven’t found a good cleaner I love yet, so I typically just use Cetaphil. I’d like to switch to something more natural though!

      • I use a homemade salt and oil scrub to clean my face. The salt fights blemishes and exfoliates while the oil moisturizes. And the plus side is it removes makeup, cleans, and moisturizes all in one step, and you can add an essential oil in for even more skin benefits!

      • Try essano rosehip gentle foaming facial cleanser. It feels beautiful and its all organic

  15. I’ve only just bought a bottle of argan oil to cleanse my face with today. I think it’ll work wonders on my dry/oily skin! Thanks for the review, it is really helpful. I have a lot of acne scars, and I’m ardent on getting rid of them! I also bought a bottle of organic rosehip oil and after reading this review, I can’t wait to try it as a night moisturiser.

  16. I too use

  17. Donna Kelso says:

    Really liked your post. I’ve been using organic rose hip oil from Chile for a couple months now although I get it from a different source. I love Mountain Rose Herbs though. I’ve had great results with rose hip oil especially on my lower legs – I live in Montana and they get really dry and flaky in the winters but this oil is amazing in relieving those symptoms. I use it on my face daily and my face feels so smooth – even my husband noticed and made a comment – heck, anything is worth that! lol Thanks for your review and I might just buy some MRH oil products in the future.

  18. This article has been very helpful, been using natural products and Argan oil is my holy grail, and loving it because of how my skin improved, and after reading this might actually thought of trying it out.

  19. Great post! I was wondering if you thought it was a good idea to use this oil under another moisturizer? I currently apply a couple drops onto my face and since it absorbs so well I apply cerave facial moisturizing lotion on top of it.

  20. Rosehips oil is amazing! I have been using it for some time with great results. A perfect match for oily but aging skin. It also greatly evened out my skin tone and I had roscea on my cheeks. I think it is important to note that Rosehips is one of the most fragile oils (meaning it loses it’s potency quickly), and only has a shelf life of 6 months. To maintain this oils amazing properties during that short 6 months, it is essential to refridgerate it and keep it away from light sources. I always buy it in small organic batches for this very reason. 1 oz generally lasts me 6 months. Argan oil, macadamia oil, and johoba oil can all be great alternatives for oily skin that are much more stable oils, offering a long shelf life and no refridgeration.

    • Thank you for sharing the refrigeration info! I have a pretty large bottle right now, but will probably buy a smaller one next time for this reason. 🙂

  21. Mountain Rose is out of Rosehip Seed oil! I want it NOW!!!

  22. I love rosehip oil! I use it every morning and night. I’ve seen a big difference in my eye area, it says moisturized all day without wrecking my under eye makeup.

  23. Dear Nichole, I love your post up there. please I Live in Nigeria and would wish to buy the Rosehip seed oil from moutain Rose and herbs but for some reasons I cannot find the products up there on their website. How can you help? great thanks!

  24. I just bought some rosehip oil and I’m dying to try it out! However, I read somewhere that those who are acne-prone should not use it…my acne has been more under control lately, but I definitely don’t want it to flare up again, and it has already left behind a lot of redness! What do you recommend?

    • It’s hard to say for sure and I can only best go off of my own experience, but my skin has always been oily and prone to breakouts and the rosehip oil has been GREAT for balancing that out. I would start out by only applying a light layer at night, making sure to wipe off any excess, and then take it from there. Hope that helps!

  25. I also have discovered rose hip seed oil & my skin has improved by leaps and bounds. After showering, I lightly towel off my face, then apply a light spray of Meliisa or Rose Hydrosol . While my skin is still misty-wet I put several drops ( 5-6) of rose hip seed oil in the palm of my hand and then put on top of that 2 to 4 drops of either lavender essential oil, or Frankincense essential oil. Rub my palms together and apply. It is not greasy feeling – the essential oils lightens the rose hip seed oil. It FEELS and smells heavenly. I leave it on, it soaks in beautifully ! Also I had an unsightly mole growing on one of my temples, and it has been slowly coming off, almost gone completely now. This new beauty routine has been transformational ! Can’t say enough good things about this perfect oil.

  26. This is a really great resource for people who are looking for natural alternatives to chemical-riddled products made by so many cosmetic companies. Rosehip seed oil is one of my very favorite skincare products, and I love the way you’re getting the word out.

    Just real quick, though. There’s a little bit of misinformation in here – nothing terrible that will cause problems for anyone, but in the interest of exact information: rosehip seed oil is not an essential oil. It’s a pressed seed oil, like olive oil, or avocado oil, or almond oil or apricot seed oil. It makes a great carrier oil for essential oils, which are highly, super-concentrated extractions of plant matter like leaves and barks and petals. Rosehip seed oil comes from Rosa canina, which is a wild dog rose, native to Europe and Asia, but grows everywhere. MRH gets theirs from Chile, but it’s everywhere. The reason Rosa canina is chosen in particular is because it’s got higher concentrations of vitamin C and other antioxidants than other rose species. Rosehips are actually just the fruit of any rose. They make excellent tea and jam and syrup, and they’re a great way to get a good source of vitamin C, in fact you’ll see many natural vitamin C supplements are sourced from rosehips. Don’t, uh, don’t try to eat the seeds, though. Your teeth will not thank you. Those little suckers are diamond-hard.

    Since this really seems to be a passion for you (yay!), I think it’d be a great idea to search out a course on herbalism. Rosemary Gladstar has a by-mail course that’s really informative, as well as a boatload of books written on the subject, but there’s nothing like attending an actual class. There’s so much amazing information on how to make your own medicine and body care products, you’ll be bursting at the seams! And you have such a great platform and ease of conveying information, I think it would make a really excellent addition to your site. Das jus’ me, doe. Thank you for doing such good work!

    • So much great information! Thank you for sharing! I’m checking out Rosemary Gladstar as we speak 🙂

    • Thank you for saying what I was going to say, Lulerz. 🙂 Big difference between an essential oil and pressed/carrier oil. And Nicole, please become a certified aromatherapist before suggesting or offering essential oils to your friends for their ailments. (If you haven’t already.) I don’t mean to be harsh, but it’s akin to practicing medicine without a license. There are many contraindications, and age and health restrictions that come with most oils. Some are dangerous if used by the wrong person. And never ingest an EO, or apply anywhere undiluted. Carrier oils are a must. Rosehip is a great one for that! 🙂 Hope this helps.

      • Candygurl113 says:

        Oh get a life, so flipping rude!

        • I was researching to see if anybody thought highly of this oil… I live in Jamaica the best time for me is at nights. It leaves my face smoother looking younger and yes it quickly absorb into your skin…It is also good for rubbing on bumps and boils I found it. It is amazing to see others sharing this Miracle oil…even my legs thighs are sometimes dry and scaly it make my skin appears younger and moist. I have got to get my hands on more. Bless 2018 and beyond

  27. It can take some time to notice the results of this kind of treatment but a noticeable improvement should be able to be felt and seen after a week and a more considerable improvement should be noticeable after a month.

  28. Hi, Great Post! Just letting you know that you can also use oils to wash your face. I use an oil cleanser from Moogoo. They have a combination skin cleanser and one for oily skin. Both have a different mix of essential oils.

  29. Amazing tips . Great work!! And you are funny!!

  30. I just bought and opened some “100%, cold pressed Rose Hip seed oil”, and it’s clear, not pink. Why would this be? Did they remove some of the good stuff, I wonder? After reading the message above – that it’s not an essential oil – it says on my bottle, “Natural essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care”. Seems they don’t know what they are actually selling. But they’ve gone to the trouble to put it in a dark bottle . . . I’m really confused as to what this is!

  31. I just started using Rosehip Seed oil about 2 weeks ago and so far I am very excited about the results. I am in my 50’s but have been suffering from oil clogged pores for years. Since using the Rosehip Seed oil my skin has been the smoothest its been in decades and the oil filled bumps seem to be disappearing. I’ve tried jojoba, argan, and grapeseed but this one seems to work best for me. I purchased the UNi brand on amazon because it was out of stock at Mountain Rose Herbs. It has the same color and scent you describe. It’s amazing – just hope I continue to have great results – I have been searching for a product for years to help with my skin and finally decided to try all natural products.

  32. I use the 3 Berry Serum from Made From Earth – Its moisturizes my 60+ skin and has repaired some of the sun damage I got from not using sun screen for most of my life. It doesn’t leave my face greasy or tacky. I can’t say enough good about it…..

  33. Hello. I love this post, it was really helpful.
    I have been suffering from moderate acne for over a year now, and it is hormonal. Im on meds right now and ive been trying so many different things. Im so happy i stumbled upon essential oils for acne a few days ago. Im so excited to go ahead and order them and get started, I just want ot make sure I am getting the right stuff. I know for sure that I want Clary sage, and Tea tree, but im not sure what else to get. Also, I read somewhere that castor oil is good for acne as a carrier oil. I have decently oily skin during the day, but It dries out easily. Im also 20, if it makes any difference. Any suggestions?

    • I like to add a drop of frankincense oil to my rosehip and moisturizers these days. It’s very potent so only do a little at a time, but it’s great for evening skin tone and repairing scarring. It’s a very dry oil so it might be a good one to incorporate if your skin tends to be oily. 🙂

  34. I started on oils about 2 years ago, I used olive oil for a long time only face but then I discovered RoseHip Seed and I LOVE it! This blog was one that came up in my research, so thank you! I add a drop of lavender to mine and it’s heavenly 🙂 As a side note, I know some people were talking about what to cleanse with. I haven’t used soap on my face since I started using oils. My skin has never been better! Google oil cleansing method. I know it sounds crazy, but didn’t using straight oil for a moisturizer sound crazy too? Haha

  35. Do you use the toner am and pm before your oil/moisturizer?

    • Yes I usually use it AM and PM before moisturizing 🙂

      • Sue Hogan says:

        I use witch hazel to clean my face it’s 100% natural, it doesn’t dry out your face then apply your oil. I have been using argon oil and coconut oil but I heard mixing rosehip and argon together is a good combination. Ordering my rosehip and will try that.

  36. Mamello Nkuebe says:

    I live in Lesotho. It is a small beautiful mountainous kingdom in the sky completely surrounded by Republic of South Africa. We have good rosehip which some dealers export abroad to Germany or Holland. I have people who are interested in supplying/exporting rose hip directly to companies/factories that process rosehip into a lot of these good products that you have mentioned. I am advised that our rosehip is very good.
    looking forward to your prompt response.

  37. mMommyAlpha says:

    I could never find a good moisturizer to wear under makeup, and a year ago I started using the Somaluxe Moisturizer – I use it after cleansing but before I apply my makeup..it actually allows my makeup to go on more smoothly does not clog pores and is natural enough to wear alone..not greasy at all ..

    • Soma luxe? Never heard of it; obviously not available in Canada. I just recently switched to Cetaphil and it quite like it.

  38. Rose hip seed oil has a 6 MONTH shelf life not 2 years!

    • Good to know–thanks for sharing!

    • mutiara says:

      blend it with vitamin E , the vitamin E make the shelf life longer also nourished your skin… i make my own rosehip rejuvenating serum blended with jojoba oil and vitamin E also bit of lavender eo

    • Susan Moore says:

      According to Aromantic, rosehip oil is dry, as far as oils go, so it requires the addition of other oils to extend its shelf life. Rosehip oil that is mixed with vitamin E can have a shelf life of around two years. Rosehip oil that exists alone in the bottle will only keep for about six months.

  39. Nicole you should not give out fake information re shelf life I would not trust you or buy from M R H why would you put oil onto cotton wool first and apply to skin ?

    • That’s what I was told about the shelf life–I had no intention to give false information. When it comes to removing makeup, it’s much easier to apply the oil to a cotton swab first–otherwise you’d be rubbing your makeup onto your hands, which would be silly.

      • I purchased mine several years ago, tossed it in the fridge and forgot about it till now….please don’t tell me I need to toss it; I will be heartbroken 🙂

  40. I was diagnosed with rosacea, was told that there is no cure, used tons of products recommended by dermatologist, none of which offered anywhere close to the results I achieved by using rosehip oil. I use it as a day moisturiser and as a night cream. I do not use a toner at all. I use a pure organic soap made up of tea tree and green tea as a cleanser

    • I’ve been using Cliniderm as my daily cleanser. I also use Avene exfoliator about once a week; more frequently in winter and I have rosacea although it is under control. I have to use products such as Avene, La Roche Posay or I am in big trouble with my skin. I don’t use toner either; too much alcohol which defeats the purpose.

  41. I am a collector of essential oils and have piles of them but did not know how I missed it, Rosemary seed oil I mean. I have used it as a toner after reading this blog and have got superb result, thanks so much for sharing it here.

  42. I hv a question! Someone pls answer me… this is 1st time i buy rose hip oil from my local drug store. Just to try it out . I was expecting it to smell great like roses. But it has an oily smell . Its dry oil & feels good but i thought it was supposed to smell like roses? Is it?

  43. I’ve had my bottle for some time. I literally forgot about it and it’s been refrigerated a few years. I just recently began using it. I am quite liberal with moisturizing at night and unlike Nicole, I don’t use a pad to take the excess off. I just keep working it into my skin in circular motions. I also use far less in the mornings to moisturize, especially under my eyes as the skin is very, very dry and incredibly sensitive. I use a tiny amount to moisturize the skin in the delicate area followed by eye moisturizing cream and finally my corrector and concealer. I am noticing a slight difference in that my dark brown circles aren’t quite so ugly. I’m in my 50’s and must be particularly careful with any product I use. Not quite sure about the shelf life bit.

  44. I have to tell you, after eczema has blossomed over my right hand, left forearm, and left elbow crease for the past year (and just started appearing on the right), I was getting pretty desperate. I started adding in better foods, and vitamins (because that is the likely trigger), but I also knew I needed something to control the symptoms until my body could heal itself.

    Enter a rosehip seed oil and helichrysum blend sold by Floracopeia. The first time I opened it up, I wrinkled my nose. “Ew,” I thought. I think the component of the odor I don’t like is the helichrysum (a love it or hate it smell, I’ve read), but I begrudgingly slathered some on after the site had touted it as being beneficial for eczema.

    I don’t believe in miracle products. I wouldn’t say this is a miracle product. But I will say I have seen massive inflammation reductions, a quicker turnaround on the blistering eczema on my fingers (it bubbles, cracks, dries, and my skin goes raw and flakey for at least a week — this stuff had my skin regenerating super quick. The blistering seems to be coming back, but the faster it turns around, the faster it goes away in my past experiences).

    No, it hasn’t made my eczema go away. I wouldn’t expect it to. But as long as I keep this stuff on it (unlike other products touted for eczema), it doesn’t spread, it doesn’t do that horrible itchy-prickly pain thing that the super dry eczema does, and the inflammation of the newer spots has almost disappeared entirely.

    I can’t tell you how wonderful that is. Eczema looks bad, as I can tell you from childhood experiences of kids teasing me for the ‘disease’ that marked my arms and hands up until young adulthood. The itching and skin cracking are bad enough, but the horrendous red patches (“what happened to your arms? Did something bite you?” a friend asked, after seeing a red ring of scabs after I’d about murdered a patch of eczema while I was half asleep and it was itching like mad) just make a girl feel icky about herself. So to have the patches of eczema fade until they are more dark flesh-tone with red spots rather than the bright, flaring crimson that makes people look and edge away? Hell. Yes.

    I’m a believer. This stuff is AMAZING for my eczema (though, honestly, without the reduction of sugar and the vitamins, I don’t know how effective it’d be; diet is the number one trigger of eczema for me). I’m sold on it. I will tout it for people as a means of controlling their flare-ups and symptoms while they work on the root cause.

    Rosehip seed oil (and helichrysum) is pretty much my new favorite oil!!

  45. I had this in my bathroom drawer for close to a year. I recently had MD Microneedling done 4 days ago and I really dried out. It claims to boost your skins own collagen by regenerating it and telling your body to heal itself. Your skin should look better as time goes on. I can’t say I’m hopeful though. I have several expensive PCA products and nothing has come close to giving me the moisture I was aching for! I recently purchased CereVe moisturizing lotion too. I hope this helps my skin to heal and look fresher as time goes on, not just on my face but all over. I just had my 40th and being that I have had dry skin my entire life I can’t say how badly I would love to have your oily issue girl! A healthy glow! 🙂 I want to look better now than ever in my 40’s and I am hoping I can look hydrated to soften my crows feet and fine lines forming all over my body! AWWW! Thank you for all the wonderful information. Best to you my dear!

  46. “Hi,
    I am an essential oil lover also. But I have only used coconut oil for years and now I’d like to experience something new, and guess what, I found your post. It’s so timely and helpful. Its uses impressed me. Maybe I will try it. Thank you so much for sharing.”

  47. Linda wigdahl says:

    I just started using coconut oil as a moisturizer a month or so ago, and a post I read said to apply the rose hip seed oil before, for added benefits. I also cleanse with the coconut oil. I am now in my 50s and have had oily/acne prone skin all my life, plus…extremely sensitive skin-and…. I love the sun…so just a bit of sun damage. Thie post also said you may break out initially due to the pore-cleaning. I love this combination. I use both in the morning and at night. I no longer need to wear foundation, and my skin is so soft and, surprisingly, no longer oily. It seems like my skin glows. I love massaging in the rose hip oil, waiting a few minutes, then I massage in the coconut oil. The residual on my hands? I run through my hair… That looks fabulous too.
    I also use coconut oil as a body moisturizer, adding the rose hip oil to scars. I had hand surgery in August and it totally took the redness from the scar away in a matter of minutes, and the scar is very hard to even see now.
    This is fabulous stuff!

  48. I also have discovered rose hip seed oil & my skin has improved by leaps and bounds. After showering, I lightly towel off my face, then apply a light spray of Meliisa or Rose Hydrosol . While my skin is still misty-wet I put several drops ( 5-6) of rose hip seed oil in the palm of my hand and then put on top of that 2 to 4 drops of either lavender essential oil, or Frankincense essential oil. Rub my palms together and apply. It is not greasy feeling – the essential oils lightens the rose hip seed oil. It FEELS and smells heavenly. I leave it on, it soaks in beautifully ! Also I had an unsightly mole growing on one of my temples, and it has been slowly coming off, almost gone completely now. This new beauty routine has been transformational ! Can’t say enough good things about this perfect oil.

  49. Can I leave tamanu oil/ rose hip oil on over night?

    • Yes you can. I mix equal quanties of rose hip and argan oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil in a bottle. I wash my face using homemade cold process soap then use strong unsweetened Rooibos as a toner. I then apply quite a few drops to my face and neck and leave overnight. I use a towel over my pillow to prevent staining. In the morning my skin looks really smooth. My acne scaring is reduced and no signs of wrinkles yet (in my thirties). In the morning after cleansing and toning I use just plain argan oil on my face and neck coz it’s lighter for day use and doesn’t make my skin oily.

  50. Really great post but from the chemical point of view rosehip seed oil is NOT an essential oil. It s a fatty oil as it contains fatty acids. Essential oils do not contain any fat at all.

  51. Hi Nicole ~ I came across your article about rose hip oil while researching other sites. We are the US importer for Kosmea organic rose hip oil skin care products. See site for brand and product info at http://www.kosmea-usa.com/. I note that your are active in affiliate marketing, which we also offer. If you would be interested in reviewing a couple of our products on your blog, I’ll be pleased to provide samples. Let me know, thanks! ~ Barbara.

  52. I have been using rosehip seed oil at night as a moisturizer and I love it! My favorite part might be that when I first put it on the orange hue makes me look tan…

  53. Hi Nicole,
    I’ve used oils to control my oily/acne prone skin since I was 13 (I’m 49) it’s worked well to moisturize and control oil. A product I’ve been using for the past year is Best Face Forward Serum, produced by Anette from Shoofly Organic Farm. Made with cold-pressed organic ingredients (no preservatives or fillers) and it works like a dream. All the ingredients are anti-oxidant superstars, ingredient list is below.

    I use it as my last step after treatment or my retinol, I put a few drops on my hand, spread between my palms and press into my skin. That way I don’t use waste product

    Ingredients: Argan Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Rosehips Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, White Camellia Oil, Marula Oil, Oilive Oil Squalane, Vitamin E Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Helchrysum Essential Oil, Carrot Oil, Carrot Seed oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Red Raspberry Seed Oil.

  54. I am a collector of essential oils and have piles of them but did not know how I missed it, Rosemary seed oil I mean. I have used it as a toner after reading this blog and have got superb result,
    thanks so much

  55. I’ve used oils to control my oily/acne prone skin since I was 13 (I’m 49) it’s worked well to moisturize and control oil. A product I’ve been using for the past year is Best Face Forward Serum

  56. I am a combination skin type where my t zones are oil and cheeks are normal to dry.

    For cleansing I use Honey, exfoliate every alternate days with dermologica’s Daily Microfoliant but when I had acne I just used ground oatmeal soaked in water to exfoliate since daily Microfoliant can be very harsh on a skin which currently has acne.

    For toning I use Radha beauty’s Vitamin C serum which is again great.

    And for moisturising I used to use rosehip seed oil when I had a lot of acne, and scars from old acne. My face used to look like some crime scene and I never imagined I’d look like a normal person ever again. But ThankGod Now they are all gone and I have a crystal clear skin.

    Although ive switched to Nyassa’s Argan oil for a change. I love it too. Works great for me.

    I also love Eminence’s Cherry Whip Moisturiser but of late I don’t find myself using it. Argan oil just gives me all the moisture I want.

  57. The oil does NOT contain (water soluble) vitamin c, the fruit does. Also, It has been wrongly said to contain retinol (vitamin A) which is a vitamin solely made by animals from provitamin A. It does however contain levels (up to .357 ml/L) of tretinoin or all-trans retinoic acid, a vitamin A acid that retinol converts to.

  58. Thanks for sharing the info on this Rosehip Seed Oil! Love it!

  59. I haven’t tried Rosehip Seed Oil yet, but I’m definitely going to give it a shot!

  60. Ivana Ivanova says:

    I have one question if you are 24 years old can you start using rosehip oil every nights

  61. Hi! where I can buy rosehip oil here in the philippines?

  62. Hi can i take a rose oil hip seed bath

  63. Excellent article, I would also add that with 100% essential oils need to be used carefully.

  64. Just discovered this article. Now that it’s 2017, are you still using it?

  65. Great Tips ! Thanks for Sharing!

  66. I have just started using Rosehip Oil but it is drying my Skin. I have Rocesea. Please suggest

  67. Very nice article NICOLE. I never heard about Rosehip Oil, I am a lucky guy whereas I came her and know about the product.

  68. Thanks for sharing awesome tips. Very much appreciated!

  69. Loved your post. I use mine from NOW oils. I don’t like the smell of it. I identified my self with your situation. I have oily skin and pimples because of it. It’s a love/hate relationship and I agree with you that adding oil to an already existing oily face will actually balance things out.
    So thanks for your post. Looking forward to get rid of my scars. I pick on my pimples. I have OCD. hahhah

  70. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this.
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