Dynamic Tabata Workout with Cardio Intervals

Dynamic Tabata Workout with Cardio IntervalsI made up this workout a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Each exercises incorporates multiple muscle groups so you get the most bang for your buck. I stuck some jump roping cardio intervals in there and voila—awesome 30-minute full-body workout.

Dynamic Tabata Workout with Cardio Intervals

Dynamic Tabata Workout with Cardio Intervals

Equipment I Used:

For each exercise, set an interval timer to 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. When you’ve completed the 4 minutes of interval work for the exercise, do 2 minutes of high-intensity cardio. I jumped rope, but you could also run on the treadmill if you’re at the gym; do high knees if you don’t have any equipment; or whatever form of cardio you want. Then move on to the next exercise.

Dynamic Tabata Workout with Cardio Intervals

  • Boat Pose with Arm Fly: Sitting on your tailbone and holding weights (I used two 5-lb handweights), lift your feet off the ground, keeping chest up. Straighten legs if possible so that your body is in a “v” shape, or keep the knees bent for an easier modification. Hold weights together in front of you, and then bring arms out wide to your sides, opening up your chest. Press back into center, while holding the boat pose with the rest of your body.
  • Squat Jacks with Canoe Rows: I think I invented this move, and if it’s already been around for a while, just humor me and pretend I’m a creative fitness genius. It really takes squat jacks to the next level, hitting your obliques and arms as you swing a weight from side to side in a figure-8 rowing motion (picture paddling from side to side in a canoe). Start in a squat position, legs wide apart, holding a handweight with both hands (I used 8lbs). Hop your feet together (staying low in a squat) as you swoop the weight down and back to your right. Continue with a smooth movement, circling the weight up and then back to center as you jump your feet back out wide. Repeat on the left side, and continue back and forth, jacking your legs as you swing-row the weight with your arms and core.
  • Side Plank Row with Leg Lift: Start in a side plank position on your right hand/foot, with left hand holding a hand weight on the ground in front. Row that weight by pulling your left elbow to the ceiling. As you do, raise your left leg. Slowly lower both, returning to starting position. I used an8-lb weight. During the next 20-second interval do the same thing, but in a plank on your left side. Continue to alternate each interval until the 4 minutes is complete.
  • Side Lunge Hops: Hold a hand weight (I used 5lbs) in your left hand. Step into a side lunge onto your right foot, reaching the weight across your body towards that foot. Stand back up in an explosive movement, pushing off that right foot and bringing your left hand over your head as you hop straight up on your left foot. Come back down smoothly right into that lunge and keep repeating. During the next 20-second interval, do the same thing, only on the other side (weight in right hand, lunge onto left foot). Alternate sides each interval throughout the 4 minutes.
  • Alternating Arm Rows and Flys in Squat: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, in a partial squat, torso leaning over slightly. Hold a weight in each hand (I used 8-lb weights, but it was a little too heavy for the flys—should have used 5-lbs). During your first 20-second interval, you’ll be rowing the weights back, squeezing those shoulder blades together as you pull your elbows straight back. During the next 20-second interval, you’ll do flys, bringing the weights up and back and you spread your arms out to your sides, open up the chest and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Continue to alternate between the two for the full 4 minutes.

Dynamic Tabata Workout with Cardio Intervals

WEARING | sneakers: Puma c/o  Off Broadway Shoes (old) // leggings: Nike (old) // zip-up: Lululemon (old but this newer zip-up is similar)

And I’ll leave you with a massive Photoshop FAIL. I couldn’t find my jump rope when I was taking pictures for this workout tutorial so I had the brilliant idea of pretending to jump rope while holding salt and pepper shakers in my hands so that I could then Photoshop in handles and a rope. Not sure when I became Senior Photo Editor at Shape Magazine in my delusional mind, but yeah, I definitely am not that skilled at ‘shopping pics. So now I just have a bunch of photos of me hopping around with salt and pepper in my hand. Welcome to my life.

Dynamic Tabata Workout with Cardio Intervalssignature

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  1. I scour tons of workout blogs daily to keep my routines fresh and interesting; and I find myself pinning yours more than anyone else’s these days. I also bombard my friend with links to your workouts, because she’s intimidated by starting a fitness routine with all sorts of new exercises; you explain them all so well!

  2. This is an awesome workout Nicole!! Talk about hand/eye coordination/balance & add a little agility too! I’m definitely trying this workout tonight, it looks killer! Just my style! 😉

  3. Your black outfit is mighty slimming. Great workout!

  4. This looks awesome – I love tabata and adding in the strength moves is even better!!

  5. these are great moves! thank you!

  6. Love all the dynamic exercises, especially that squat jack w/ canoe row! I think I’d need to practice that one a few times haha.

  7. I love reading your blog not only for the physical fitness, diet, and fashion aspects but you have such a great sense of humor about everything! Love your honesty 🙂

  8. That side plank with row looks really intimidating, and the side to side lunge hops look fun! I generally have a problem with core strength, but I bet if I did more workouts like this, it’d strengthen up in no time.

  9. Love your work outs! Thanks for sharing. I found you once before and have been looking for you on pinterest and am so happy I’ve rediscovered your blog! My friend and I have an instagram account with tons of circuits – we also love to share our ideas! Thanks for continuing to motivate us and pushing us with new, unique moves and exercises.

  10. Really enjoyed this workout last night. At first the squat jacks felt like patting my head and stomach at the same time (ie completely uncoordinated), but once I got the hang of it, it was my favorite move! The lunge hops were fun too. Going to have to work on those side planks, though.Tough!

    • I always have to start the first couple squat jack reps slow to get the rhythm of them, too–lots of moving parts with that one haha

  11. Caitlin says:

    Just finished this one- fun fun!! Nice and sweaty! Great combo, Nicole 🙂

  12. Is that Himalayan Sea Salt in one of your hands? I like it! 🙂 I also like this workout AND those sweet kicks!

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