My Fitness Style Picks: Juicy Couture Sport

Juicy Couture SportWhen I think of Juicy Couture, “workout clothes” doesn’t come to mind…until now.*** <–you definitely want to see that note. The new Juicy Sport collection is so fun—bright colors, mixed prints, stripes, muscle tanks—it’s like it was made specifically for me. I pulled together my favorite pieces to share with you guys, and actually already ordered the Green Juice Now Champagne Later tank—it was too perfect not to. You can see the whole collection HERE.

I love that more and more designers are coming out with sportswear lines. Not only is it a reflection of sorts that living an active, healthy lifestyle is becoming more common and “mainstreamed,” but it means more options when getting dressed to workout! I love Lululemon and all, but I’m sick of wearing the same thing as every other girl in yoga class, ya feel me??

What do you guys think about the collection?

***What does come to mind when I think of Juicy Couture are the terrycloth tracksuits with “Juicy” on the butt I used to wear in high school with my baby blue Uggs thinking I was THE coolest. Oh high school…so painful.


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  1. Oh dear…I have to say I’m not a fan. I love cool fitness clothes but I feel like these are just for your trendy, posers that go to the gym with their make-up on and don’t break a sweat. They are also extortionate! Also, I think that if they want to branch into workout clothes they should at least attempt to make the models look like they workout and not like runway models! Sorry!!! I usually agree with you but in this case I have to give it the thumbs down…….:(

    • Don’t say sorry!–I knew when posting this that people would either love it or think I’d been watching too many episodes of The Jersey Shore haha. I’ve noticed JC has teamed up with some of the big fashion bloggers I follow to promote the line, so I think their target is the fashion audience vs. fitness (probably explains the model choice). I wouldn’t show up to the gym wearing this head-to-toe, but think they’ve got some fun pieces to throw in the mix. 🙂

  2. Animal Print, Hot Pink & Printed Tees is right up my alley. I think it’s all about how it makes you feel. If you feel comfortable and confident wearing cute workout clothes it makes you work out harder. At least for me!

  3. Everything looks like something the guys from LMFAO would wear. Or Pauly D. :-/ I think they’re fun in general, but I probably wouldn’t wear them to the gym.

  4. I love the hot pink wet suit-ish top! Whatever motivates people to head to the gym is a winner in my book! Who cares if they’re wearing makeup or not breaking a sweat, they’re ahead of the people sitting on their butts at home. Can’t wait to see you rock that shirt in one of your future killer workout posts!

  5. I love all the sports bras!

  6. I couldn’t carry them off, but I LOVE those clothes – especially the top that says “Gym in the AM. Party in the PM”.

    You’ll have to model some of the pieces for us!

  7. This is so exciting! I love gym clothes and can’t wait to check this out! I want the champagne tank.. for sure.


  8. Love cute workout clothes, buy usually can’t justify it so salivate from afar. I love animal print!

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