My Experience with the Skinny Limits 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Skinny Limits juice cleanse reviewAs I mentioned last week, the kind folks over at Skinny Limits offered to send me their three-day juice cleanse to try. You’ve probably noticed by now that I’m a huge fan of juicing and have even done a couple at-home cleanses using my own juicer, so I was really excited to give Skinny Limits a try.

The Logistics

For the standard three-day cleanse, you drink six juices throughout the day:

  • 3 Pure & Simple: This is your standard green juice, and packed with all the ingredients I include in my go-to morning juice at home—kale, cucumber, spinach, apple, parsley, celery and lemon.
  • 1 Balance: This is the Pure & Simple plus ginger.
  • 1 Scorpion Lemonade: This is like the Master Cleanse juice—it’s a kick in the mouth with the cayenne, but an excellent detoxifier! It’s made of lemons, agave, cayenne and filtered water.
  • 1 Crescent Moon: You drink this one at the end of the day, and wowza is it delicious. Raw cashews, vanilla bean, cinnamon, agave and filtered water in this one.

Skinny Limits juice cleanse review

Skinny Limits differentiates itself from some other bottled juices by not using High Pressure Processing. I’m no expert so I won’t even attempt at the details, but essentially, HPP is used to extend the shelf life of juice. It allows for consumers to scoop up bottled juice conveniently at their local grocery store, but some research has shown that the process also kills off good enzymes, nutrients and cells in the juice.

When you order the three-day cleanse, Skinny Limits overnights your freshly made juices in a refrigerated package, and you have to start it the day after its arrival at the latest. I waited for it to arrive last Wednesday morning and started right away.

My Experience

In a word: awesome. I thought all the juices were delicious, and even on the last day, all tasted unbelievably fresh. I felt great throughout the cleanse, still had lots of energy to workout every day, de-bloated, and helped curb some of the cravings I’d been having lately (cheese, cheese, more cheese). That’s always my favorite part of doing a juice cleanse—it does wonders for me in getting rid of unhealthy cravings. It’s very true that the less you eat junk, the less you crave it, and juicing is my go-to for kickstarting that process. Out of curiosity, I weighed myself before and after, and I did lose a couple pounds, but that wasn’t a goal for me (obviously not complaining either though!).

Skinny Limits juice cleanse reviewPuppy slippers FTW

Although I’ve done juice cleanses before, I’ve always made the juices myself—this is the first time I did a bottled one. Holy convenience, Batman! It was so nice not having to clean my juicer multiple times a day, and I loved being able to grab a bottle to go when I was heading out to work or run errands. While homemade juice cleanses are definitely cheaper, having Skinny Limits do all the work and send you the product made it a lot easier.

I didn’t cheat at all throughout the three days—probably in part because I’m a juicing veteran by now (Bragasaurus Rex in the house!), but also because I honestly wasn’t hungry except for a couple hours the second night. The Crescent Moon is such a delicious treat, that you end the day feeling satisfied. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know how highly I thought of this particular juice:

Seriously, get on that gold mine before I do, Ben & Jerry’s. 🙂

The Skinny Limits Standard 3-Day Cleanse (the one I did) is $147, and if you want yours to include all organic ingredients, it’s an additional $11 a day (worth the added $33 if you ask me!). If you’re looking into juice cleanses, this one certainly gets my stamp of approval.

Have you ever done Skinny Limits or another delivered juice cleanse before?


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  1. Love the recap. Did you see any benefits outside of energy with your skin, mood, etc? I have never done a juice cleanse, but am considering giving one a go and like the option of having everything organic in the cleanse.

    • For me, the biggest benefit is that it squashed my cravings for unhealthy foods. The day after the cleanse, I didn’t even really have an appetite for anything other than smoothies, salads and veggies. After being so flushed with nutrients for three days, your body craves more of the good stuff! 🙂

  2. So I am just wondering, if you did a juice clense at home could you make all the juice at once and just store it in the fridge? Or does that break down the juice and make it not good? I guess I am wondering because I am normally away from the house for 12 hours at a time and can’t really lug a juicer to work to make fresh juice 🙂

    • It depends on the kind of juicer you have, but for the most part–yes, definitely! I would do a day’s worth of juice in the morning and store it in air-tight bottles/jars. There will be inevitably be a little bit of nutritional breakdown, which is why I’d only do a day’s worth at a time with most home juicers, but it’s a great alternative to packing your juicer in your briefcase haha. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your juice cleanse experience. I’ve never done a juice cleanse, but they do intrigue me. Never heard of Skinny Limits before, but based on your review, I might check into that. Thanks! 🙂 God bless you!

  4. I’ve never done a juice cleanse because they seem so expensive.. however I’m sure after buying the ingredients and making it, they would be well worth it. I might end up trying one, as I’ve been having some killer cravings lately!


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