The Bachelor Workout

The Bachelor Workout (like a drinking game--only heathy!)I got a reader request for a Bachelor workout (remember the Dexter and True Blood workouts I made last year?), and honestly can’t believe I hadn’t already made like seven at this point. Now in its 147th season, The Bachelor is SO predictable, but something about it just never gets old (this is coming from the girl who still watches Survivor…).

If you’ve been watching this season, back me up: Juan Pablo is perfect. I mean, he’s sensitive, kind, silly, athletic, handsome, HAS AN ACCENT—he’s easily in the top 3 (maybe even top 1?) of all Bachelors. And every time I look at his hair and don’t see Bachelor Ben’s middle part, I can’t help but smile.

The Bachelor Workout

This workout is set up much like a drinking game, expect instead of taking a shot every time X happens during the episode, you do a given number of reps of the corresponding exercise. But hey, if you want to take a shot as well, reach for the stars, kiddo.

The Bachelor Workout (like a drinking game--only heathy!)

Here are the rules:

Every time…

Someone cries…20 Windshield Wipers (10 to each side)

  • Lay on back, legs perpendicular to the ground and arms outstretched for support. Lower your legs to the right, twisting your hips, until they are just hovering above the ground. Lift back to starting position and over to the left side. Continue back and forth in a windshield-wiper motion.

Someone tries to turn a date/activity into an analogy for falling in love (“Bungee jumping is a lot like being in love because, like, it’s scary.”)20 Jump Lunges

  • Start in a lunge position and jump up, landing back in a lunge position with the opposite leg in front. Knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle; watch you don’t bang your back knee on the ground.

Juan Pablo speaks and/or sings in Spanish…10 Spiderman Pushups

  • As you lower down into a pushup, bring right knee in towards right elbow. Release back into a plank position as you rise up. Repeat on left side.

One of the girls talks shit about another girl…10 Burpees

  • Squat down, placing hands flat on the ground in front of you. Jump back into a plank position, jump back up to squatting, then stand up and jump with your arms in the air.

A rose is given…20 Mountain Climbers (10 sets)

  • In plank position, bring one knee forward and then switch quickly, in a horizontal running motion.

Someone mentions Camila…20 Crab Kicks (10 each leg)

  • Start on all fours in the crab walk position. Kick one leg up and then the other, alternating at a quick pace. This is meant to get your heart rate up, and in keeping with this fast pace, there should be a “jumping” of the feet as you kick from one foot to the other.

Juan Pablo kisses one of the girls…40 Bicycle Crunches (20 sets)

  • Lay on back, hands behind head. When you crunch up towards your bent left knee, your right leg should be extended out and not touching the ground. Switch sides, crunching over towards the right with your left leg extended. Continue in a fluid, cycling motion.

Juan Pablo is shirtless…10 side plank lifts on each side

  • Start in a side plank position. Lower your hips towards the ground, and then lift upwards, crunching into an arch passed your original straight plank position. Continue lowering and raising.

Someone says “I think I’m falling in love” / “I’m in love” / “I’m starting to fall in love” / etc. (Relax, you’ve known each other for like three weeks)10 V-Up Crunches

  • To do a V-Up, you start on your back with arms stretched out overhead and legs hovering just slightly above the ground. You’ll then crunch up, bringing your hands towards your toes (keeping legs and arms straight). When done correctly, your body will make a “v” shape as you crunch; this means you’re not just reaching your arms up, your chest needs to move towards your knees. Lower back down to starting position. If possible, your feet should never touch the ground.

You find yourself thinking about how much better of a match you’d be for Juan Pablo than [insert contestant’s name here]…20 Frog Hops

  • Squat down, legs wide apart, with fingers touching ground. Jump upward like frog and land back in starting deep squat position.

Enjoy tonight’s episode! I’ve got a normal workout coming your way Wednesday for all of you who don’t watch this mind-numbingly stupid but strangely addicting show.

Do you watch The Bachelor? What do you think of Juan Pablo??


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  1. This is genius. I’ve felt so guilty wasting 2 hours watching this garbage show and this will be the perfect way to assuage my guilt. Thank you!

  2. spiderman push-ups are so tough!

    i’m a totally sucker for the bachelor 😉

  3. 100% doing this tonight. Pure perfection.

  4. Oh gosh. This is totally genius & with the way this season has been going I think I will really hurt after tonight—I just had to make a shout out to this on my blog 🙂 Thanks for posting!!!!

  5. love love love no excuses anymore. I do your workouts all the time and they are great. Thanks Nicole

  6. Fun!

  7. I seriously love this!

  8. What a fun idea!! I usually wait and watch The Bachelor on Tuesday mornings while I’m running but now I sort of want to watch it live!!

  9. Hi Nicole,
    My blog is focusing on a Geek Gets Fit approach. I follow you on Bloglovin’ and I was wondering: could I share about your Dexter and True Blood Workouts? I would–naturally–give you credit (I would NEVER claim it as my work. Promise!) and link to your site.I think it would send some more people your way especially people like me looking to cosplay (where we dress as our fave characters), and have fun with their workouts AND their fandoms (TV shows, movies, comics, etc).

    Please let me know.
    Last, if you are familiar with with any of these–and have some time–would you maybe do a workout about Doctor Who, Supernatural or, Arrow? That would be so cool!
    Thank you for posting your workouts! They are great!

    • Of course you can share–I’d love that! I don’t watch any of those three shows now, but I’m always looking for my next series to binge on in Netflix–I’ll check ’em out! 🙂

      • Awesome! Let me know what you think!
        I do a Workout inspired Cosplay on Wednesday!
        Maybe tomorrow’s show would be a good new show too: Being Human.
        There’s a UK and US version. Both are equally good! Different stories on each. The UK one I watched first, so that’s the 2/12/14 posts inspiration.

  10. Awesome workout, haha. Thanks to Juan Pablo my abs will most likely hurt bad tomorrow – he just couldn’t waste the opportunity to get a kiss, could he 😉 !?

  11. OMG THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! I am obsessed with The Bachelor and love a good workout. Cannot wait to do this.

  12. These kind of workouts are such a great idea!

    xo Jennifer

  13. Looks like we’re going to be doing lots of bicycle crunches!

  14. I did this workout last week, and by about the 15th time Juan Pablo was kissing a girl I was cursing his name…such a good workout, thanks for coming up with a way for us Bachelor-lovin’ ladies to feel a teensy bit less guilty about watching this train wreck of a show 🙂

  15. HAHAHAH omg this is actually great!!!

    There should also be an exercise for every single time he says “aye yai yai,” which is always…lol

    Great post 🙂

  16. Where did you get those super long socks?

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