Let’s Crank It up a Notch in March! A New DietBet, Twice the Workouts and More

march-dietbetI’m so excited to be hosting another DietBet during the month of March! The first one I organized in December exceeded all my expectations—a $14,525 pot, 561 people participating, and the most encouraging, motivating support group imaginable. Getting the daily DietBet emails and reading what everyone was posting to the DietBet wall was incredibly effective in keeping me on track and healthy through the entire month.

I figured March would be the perfect time to organize my second DietBet because it’s the light at the end of the freezing, brutal tunnel that has been winter. When it’s relentlessly cold, constantly snowing, and the days are short, it’s easy to fall into a fitness funk, skip more workouts than usual, and shut yourself indoors on the couch. While I’m pretty good about keeping up with my workouts, I’m not good at avoiding the wintertime blues. And for me, emotional funk = dessert menu, please.

With spring around the corner, let’s shift our mindset in March—put the winter mentality behind us, refresh our fitness routine, and start gearing up for warm weather. The buy-in for the Pumps & Iron DietBet is $25, and we’ll start Monday, March 3. You can get all the rules and details HERE, but essentially, you weigh in at the beginning, submitting a picture of your weight as shown on a bathroom scale, and then again at the end. If you lose 4% of your bodyweight in the four weeks, you split the pot with the other winners. You can expect to roughly double your money—that seems to the pattern with most DietBets.

If you don’t have 4% of your bodyweight to lose, or just don’t feel like playing along, there’s still a lot of look forward to on the blog in March. To help encourage everyone participating in the DietBet, I’ll be posting two workouts a week instead of one. The workout posted each Monday will be an AMRAP challenge (AMRAP=as many rounds as possible), and everyone who completes it can enter to win that week’s giveaway (workout equipment and other health & fitness goodies!). More details to come, but start getting excited!

So who’s in?? You can buy into the DietBet HERE, and be sure to invite your friends and family to do with you. Last time 561 people took the challenge—let’s try to beat that this time around! It’s a great way to stay on track; you win some extra cash; you interact with amazing, encouraging people; and you look daaaaamn good when it’s over—what’s not to love? 🙂


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