Tiger on the Loose in TJMaxx

Tiger sweater casual outfitI found this sweater at TJMaxx last month. I was there strictly on a kitchenware mission, but when I spotted it across the room I was immediately like Yup. You bet your ass I’ll spend $10.99 on a sweater with a tiger’s face on it, TJMaxx.

Tiger sweater casual outfit Tiger sweater casual outfit

In these pics, I dressed it down to run some errands—but, considering pajama pants and Uggs are the fashion combo of choice here, this is technically formal attire in Southie.

Tiger sweater casual outfit

What’s been your best find at TJMaxx? I saw a pair of Brian Atwood heels there for $50 once (!!)… but not my size. 🙁


WEARING | sweater: The Classic via TJMaxx // pants: Paige // sneakers: Converse // bag & hat: H&M

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  1. Oh man too many good things at TJ! A lot of good michael stars stuff and then all the kitchen stuff! Actually Tj Maxx + Homegoods stores- Too.much.

  2. WHY don’t we have TJ Maxx in Canada? Ugh. That sweater is so cute – plus converse make everything better. 😉

  3. So cute!!! I love the way you paired it! Thank you for sharing 🙂


  4. Love TJ Maxx!

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