#SundaySqueeze Instagram Challenge (Your Pics Featured on P&I!)

#sundaysqueeze Instagram Challenge (your juice pics featured on Pumps & Iron!)Ok, enough of me posting pics of my morning juices. Sometimes a girl just needs to drink her juice instead of worrying about decoratively placing vegetables around it in the right lighting and photographing it from the right angle, ya feel me?? #bloggerproblems

Next Sunday, I want to feature YOUR favorite juice recipes. Any time this week (through Saturday morning), just post a picture of your juice to Instagram and tag it with #sundaysqueeze and @nicoleperr (<–that’s me on Instagram). Make sure to list the ingredients in the caption (or, if you have a blog and have featured the juice there, you can include a link to the post). If you’ve ‘grammed a juice pic in the past, you can also just add a comment to that old post with #sundaysqueeze and @nicoleperr. I’ll include everyone’s pictures, unless I get a ton, in which case I’ll just pull the 15 with the most likes.

*Note: If your Instagram is private, I won’t be able to see your pic when I go to the #sundaysqueeze tag feed.

I’ll use the embed feature so that your Instajuice will look like this in next Sunday’s blog post:

Can’t wait to see what you’re sippin’ on! 


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  1. Megan Ayala says:

    I use a nutribullet which makes it into more of a smoothie than a juice….does that count?

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