My Favorite Things: February


February was a good one. I started teaching at Btone, took a skiing trip to Colorado with my girlfriends, and managed to drive around with an expired license without getting arrested—all in all, a successful month. (Don’t worry, I finally renewed my license haha.)

Here are some of the little things I’ve been loving lately…

Prone Oblique Twists on the Stability Ball

Prone Oblique Twists on Stability BallWhen I find an exercise that burns in all the right ways and really leaves me feeling it the next day, I can’t help but start incorporating it into all my workouts. Eventually, it’ll lose its charm (and efficacy) and it’ll be time to switch it up, but lately I’ve been prone oblique twisting it on the stability ball all day er’ry day. You can check out THIS workout I posted a couple weeks ago for a detailed description of how to do it. I also used it in yesterday’s workout post.

Avocados with Cholula

Easy snack: avocado slices and hot sauceProvided there’s a ripe one available, I eat an avocado every day. Usually half will be sliced up for a salad, stirfry or sandwich topping, and the other half will be eaten as a snack. This snack used to mean sprinkling the slices with a little sea salt before eating, but that’s before my friend mentioned she eats hers with hot sauce…

I put hot sauce on everything. I put avocados on everything. How it took me this long to figure out that covering an avocado in Cholula would make for my favorite easy snack EVER is beyond me. Just about every day this month, I’ve been slicing up half an avocado, drizzling (pouring) on some hot sauce and loving it. (Sriracha works, too!)

Faux Taxidermy

Faux Taxedermy DecorI’ve moved six times in the last three and a half years (Chapel Hill–>Martha’s Vineyard–>Back Bay–>North End–>Southie–>North End–>Southie), so at this point, I’ve pretty much given up on decorating or investing in large pieces of furniture. But my white and chrome faux deer head is one décor piece definitely worth loading onto the moving truck—I love it!

I got mine from White Faux Taxidermy after eyeing it for months—the site has just about every animal and color combo you can imagine. Growing up in a family of bow hunters (myself and my mom excluded—I can’t even kill an ant without crying), our house was always decorated with a woodsy, cabin vibe. My faux deer mount is like a modern, chic (and animal-friendly) spin on it, and now I’m obsessed and want one in every room.

The PS Express App

ps-express-appIf you’re an embarrassing Instagram addict like me, you probably have experimented with different photo-editing apps (sometimes the Insta filters are just too limiting, ya feel me??). PS Express is the latest one I’ve been using, and I really like it. In addition to offering preset filters, you can adjust individual qualities like exposure, contrast, etc. Sometimes I seriously feel like I can edit my pics better with this app than on my computer!

Let me know if you have other favorites—I love trying out new photo apps!

This Cutout Alice McCall Dress

Alice McCall Sea Rose DressI have four weddings this spring/summer, and the Boston Winter Ball is coming up next week—that’s a lot of dresses. Am I going to spend hundreds of dollars on each event’s outfit? No, that’s not even an option. But I fell in love with this dress and decided it would be my one splurge. It was sold out everywhere online except for ONE dress remaining right from the designer in Australia and it just happened to be my size—when the stars align like that, you really have no other option but to buy it, right?? (Wrong. You have the option of paying your rent, Nicole.) 🙂

I’m going to save it for one of the summer weddings, and can’t wait to wear it! I know it’s far in advance, but spacing out the purchasing of all this nuptial madness (flights, hotels, outfits, gifts) makes it so much more manageable. 

What have you been loving lately?


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  1. I have been loving avocado with a drizzle of honey and sunflower seeds. I’ve never tried it with spice, I can’t wait to give it a whirl! Great idea!

  2. I’m loving avocados too lately! I’ve been buying them every week. I love them on eggs and the other day I used gluten free pretzels and put some avocado on them. OMG…such a good snack!

  3. That dress!!! It is beautiful!!!! I love that workout for the sides and avocado is always the best

  4. I need that app! My Instagram pictures often look better than the ones I take with a camera (?) so it looks like it is my perfect match.

    I am in love with those pillows. I normally hate interior design but from what I can see you have definitely nailed it! 🙂

  5. Love those antlers! And a great price point for such a statement piece! bookmarking now!


  6. How have I never put Cholula on an avocado before! Those are both two of my favorite things! Great idea.


  7. Thats the best hot sauce!

  8. Love that dress! I completely agree sometimes an article of clothing is too fantastic, I can skip drinks at the bar if it means a great outfit sometimes.

  9. An avocado everyday? Awesome!! 🙂 I have been really loving oranges lately. I like to eating them with a glass of pink moscato 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!!

  10. I already ordered my exercise ball. Can’t wait to try this position which you show on pic.

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  12. Hey there! This might sound like a peculiar question, but would you ever consider selling that dress by Alice McCall when you’ve worn it through? I’ve fallen for it as well and it’s gone EVERYWHERE.

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