Let the Celebrations Begin!

pumps-iron-two-year-celebrationThis “photo shoot” was really just an excuse for me to buy cake pops from Starbucks…

Pumps & Iron turns two years old in March! But I think we can all agree she’s got the body of a one year old—she must workout…

Celebrating a blog’s birthday may seem totally dorky—completely stupid, actually—but P&I represents a lot more to me than just a place to post workout selfies. Starting this blog made me realize health & fitness was more than just a hobby for me, and as a result, the entire course of my career has done a total 180 in the right direction and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. So whatever, you dress your cat up in human clothes and I celebrate my blog’s birthday—we’re all weird; embrace it.

I’ve planned a big month to ring in the (hopefully not terrible) twos, and you wonderful readers have a lot to look forward to! Check out what’s brewing this birthday month…

Weekly Giveaways & Workout Challenges

A month of Pumps & Iron giveawaysEvery Monday this month, I’m going to put up a workout challenge with an accompanying giveaway. Everyone who completes the workout during the week can enter to win an awesome bundle of health & fitness products (headphones, yoga mats, stability ball chairs, jump ropes, kettlebells, snacks—I’ve got some good stuff for you guys!).

All the workouts will be bodyweight AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workouts. No equipment = everyone can do them. Try it out during the week, leave a comment with how many rounds you complete, and I’ll pick a winner that Sunday. Each week will be a different workout and a different prize package, and they’ll increase in awesomeness as the month goes on. Week 1 = 15-min AMRAP workout and modest prize package; Week 4 = 30-min AMRAP workout and f***ing radical prize package. Enter all four times!

Winning Money for Losing Weight with the P&I DietBet

march-dietbetAs I’ve already mentioned, I’m hosting another DietBet this month—and it starts Monday! Now that spring is approaching, March is the perfect month to shake off the winter dust (and weight). You can still get in on the challenge to lose 4% of your weight and take home a portion of the $6,175 pot (it continues to grow by the hour!). Get in on the fun HERE.

Twice the Workouts

In addition to the AMRAP workout challenges each Monday, I’ll post one of my usual variety workouts—kettlebells, abs, reader requests, whatever I’m in the mood for. It’s in part to give all the DietBetters more ways to get a sweat in, but also because I know the workouts are the main reason most of you even read P&I. You kindly indulge my outfit posts as I fulfill my inner fantasies of being a poor man’s Chiara Ferragni, and as a thank you, I’ll give you what you really want this month. 🙂 

(For You Bostonians) A P&I-esque HIIT Class at Btone

This has nothing to do with my blog turning two (obviously haha), but I’ll now be teaching a Tone ‘n Torch class each Sunday at Btone in which half the class is spent on the Megaformer machines, and half is spent doing a HIIT workout (think tabata, burpees—all the fun stuff I regularly post on the blog). I’m pumped! If you’re in the area, definitely come try out a class. You can sign up HERE (first class is only $5!).


Hope you all are as excited for the month as I am! Your first AMRAP workout giveaway will be posted Monday.

Have a fun weekend, everyone! I’m going to a BC hockey game later today, but other than that am keeping it low-key (damage control from last weekend’s Vail trip!). Do you have any fun plans this weekend?


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  1. Kelsey B says:

    Congratulations!!!!! I love incorporating your work-outs into mine! So exciting to see your blog grow! Love you tons and so happy you found your calling! -Kels

  2. hiep hiep hoera ,(as we say in the netherlands) keep up with the good work i love to follow your blog en tips and i will do the amrap of course, looking up for it .greetings from the netherlands kelly

  3. Love it! You have every right to celebrate 2 yrs of a success! I love your blog and use your workouts often, and tomorrow morning will weigh in for my 2nd dietbet hosted by you. Thanks to your inspirations I’m down 18 lbs and 2/3 of the way to meeting my healthy weight. I’m personally grateful of your efforts and wish you many more years of success!!!

  4. Happy birthday P&I!!

  5. I love your workouts! Keep up the great work! May I ask who makes that dress you’re wearing? It’s gorgeous!

  6. Congrats on your blogiversary! LOVE your dress, who makes it?

  7. Glad I found one of your workouts on Pinterest last year. Have so enjoyed your blog. Favorite posts are workouts and hummus recipes (love them!). Happy birthday and wishing you continued success in your blog and health endeavors. Will definitely be tuning into your AMRAPS!

  8. OMG congrats on turning 2!! I loved your photo shoot 🙂 Thank you for always sharing your awesome workouts!


  9. I love your workouts – looking forward to the weekly challenges coming up!
    Happy 2 years!!

  10. Michelle Thomas says:

    I have just found your blog in the last year. Love it!

  11. Congratulations!! I love your blog, not just for the awesome fitness/health advice, but your personality is infectious! Keep up the good work!

    PS KILLER dress! Where did you find that puppy?!

  12. How cute are you?! That btone class sounds amaze, I’m really trying to get there sometime soon!

  13. Love. Love. LOVE your dress. Where did you get it?!

  14. Happy 2 years of blogging!! Mine is in April. Crazy how fast time flies 🙂

  15. Happy 2 year P&I, can’t wait to see what is in store for this month! I’m heading out west to Vail in a week, any tips or recommendations? I’ve been using P&I works outs to get my butt in lean mean skiing machine mood!

    • Skiing-wise, my favorite runs were the Back Bowls on the mountain–definitely make it over there. For apres-ski, we loved the live music at Shakedown and Red Lion. Phil Long was awesome–I think he performs at Shakedown on Fridays. Have so much fun!

  16. Congratulations and Happy 2!!! The photo shoot looks amazing!! LOOOVE the dress!

  17. Love your blog discovered it through bloglovin’ and am so happy I did. Congrats on your blog-birthday!

  18. francine says:

    happy birthday to you(r blog)!!!! 🙂 thanks for all your posts!! you rock!!

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