15-Minute Bodyweight AMRAP Workout

15-Minute Bodyweight AMRAP WorkoutIt’s a big day, party people! Not only has the DietBet started with a winner’s pot over $11,800 (it’s still growing by the hour!), but I’ve got your first Workout Challenge Giveaway.

Like I mentioned on the blog earlier, everyone who completes the workout this week can enter to win an awesome prize package (these will get bigger and bigger each week!). I decided it would be easiest to keep the workout and giveaway as separate posts to avoid a mile-long blog, so look forward to the giveaway going live later today. That post will go into detail about this week’s prizes, but here’s a breakdown of the goods:

  • Headphone headband—awesome for outdoor running on chilly days (it’s like headphones and an ear warmer in one)
  • Jump rope—after going through tons of crappy jump ropes, I finally found one I LOVE
  • Spirulina—perfect for adding to smoothies and juices for an added nutrient kick!

Want a chance to win? You have all week to try this workout. No equipment required, so everyone can do it.

15-Minute Bodyweight AMRAP Workout

Set a timer for 15 minutes. Try to get through as many rounds of the following exercises as possible before the 15 minutes is up. There are only two moves for this one, but they’re super dynamic and effective. 15 minutes may not sound like a long time, but I was spent at the end.

15-Minute Bodyweight AMRAP Workout

  • 10 Side-to-Side Burpees with a Knee Crunch (5 to each side, alternating): Squat down, hands on mat, jump both feet out laterally to the right, crunch top (right) knee up towards elbow, jump both feet back in towards hands, stand up into squat position, jump up with arms overhead. Repeat to the left.
  • 10 Knee Tuck, Roll, Back Row (10 knee tucks, 10 back rows): Start laying on your back and do a full body crunch, lifting your torso and crunching in your knees so that you can hug them. Extend back out, lowering onto back. Roll to your right so that you’re on your stomach and do a back row, lifting your legs and chest off the ground while pulling your elbows back in a row. Extend back out and roll to the right again so that you’re on your back. Repeat sequence, only rolling to the left this time. Try to keep your legs and arms off the ground the entire time to really target that core. If you need to modify, lower them to the ground when rolling to the side.

I was able to get through 6 full rounds plus 2 burpees into the 7th. Try to beat me!

Workout Challenge Giveaway--do the workout, win cool prizes!


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  1. This looks like a good and sweaty workout! Love that it doesn’t require equipment!

  2. I absolutely love you kettlebell AMRAP workout and cannot wait to try this one. Thanks for another great (and quick) workout how-to!

  3. side to side burpees look insane!

  4. I love your workout outfits and would love to know where you get them 🙂

    • Thanks! I try to always list where they’re from but totally spaced on this post–whoops! 🙂 The tank is from Nasty Gal, and the leggings & sneakers are Nike.

  5. Great workout!

  6. Eeeeek! Looks like a killer. Bring.It.On!

  7. Did this workout yesterday and made it through 4 1/2 rounds and was drenched in sweat by the end of the 15 minutes…Nicole, you’re a beast 🙂

  8. Rhonda Pearson says:

    I got through 4 full rounds and I’m still alive!

  9. deann rodriguez says:

    I got through almost 4 rounds and was completely exhausted!

  10. Made it through 5 rounds of the burpees and 4 rounds and 3 single steps of the ab exercise

  11. I got through 4 full rounds, and wheewww I’m out of shape

  12. Almost 4! Not a quite but almost!

  13. 4 and a 1/2. Oh burpees how i love to hate thee

  14. laurel e says:

    3.5 rounds. Ouch.

  15. Irina Sanchez says:

    OMG! It was sooo hard! I’m usually a couch potato and the only phisical activity I do is dancing on weekends, so this was a very difficult challenge for me, but awesome nonetheless. I managed to do three full sets but the last one was a struggle. Great workout tho, I sweated like a maniac 😀

  16. Great workout! I completed 6 total rounds and was almost to 7 when the timer buzzed! I loved the challenge of the side burpees!

  17. Christy A says:

    Love your workouts! I only got through 1 cycle because of time, but I pinned it and will def do it again soon

  18. i almost got through 4. call it 3.99999 rounds 🙂

  19. Beth Roessner says:

    Six rounds!

  20. Nicole paolone says:

    Awesome workout!! I got through 6 rounds + 9 burpees, woohoo!! My fiancé got through 5 rounds.

  21. J Hanson says:

    It was four and a half for me! But I’m trying again tomorrow and shooting for six full rounds!

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