Weekly Workout Challenge Giveaway: Win a Hot Yoga Mat, Stability Ball, Sarah Fit’s New Book & Non-GMO Light Ice Cream!

Workout Challenge Giveaway Week 2 (win prizes for working out!)The birthday month celebrations continue! And, as promised, the prize package for the winner of this week’s workout challenge giveaway is even larger than last week’s (they’ll get bigger as the AMRAP workout gets longer). Everyone who completes yesterday’s 20-Minute AMRAP Bodyweight Workout by Sunday night can enter to win:

Gaiam Ultra-Dri Hot Yoga Mat


This Gaiam yoga mat is a towel-mat combo that’s perfect for hot yoga. When your hands start to get sweaty, the microfiber “towel” top prevents you from sliding around and really helps your grip. I took it to my first hot yoga class the other week and loved it. I’d still use a rubber mat for regular yoga (if your hands are dry, poses like Downward Dog can be a slippery on the soft towel surface), but it’s great when the sweat starts dripping!

I also have been using it when I’m at home stretching after a workout or foam rolling because it’s much softer and comfier than normal exercise mats when you don’t need as much grip.

Stability Ball

Since buying my own, I’ve been posting more and more workouts on P&I that use a stability ball, and thought it’d be fun to give one away so you can follow along at home. I’ll ask the winner for their height so that I make sure to get the right sized stability ball.

A Copy of Get Skinny Again! by Sarah Dussault

You may know Sarah Fit from her popular YouTube channel or blog, but she’s now an author as well, and this week’s winner will get a copy of her first book, Get Skinny Again!  The bulk of the book outlines different exercises and workouts you can do—at home, at the gym, or to target specific muscle groups. Each exercise is accompanied by a photo of the move and detailed description of how to do it, along with any added tips Sarah has.

The book then gets into diet—tips for eating healthy, some recipes, and even getting into juicing. The last section covers general tips for living a healthy life—going out to eat without sabotaging your diet, balancing fitness with a social life, finding a routine that works for you, etc. These topics, in my opinion, are what separate being on “a health kick” from living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about balance, yo.

Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top ice cream is non-GMO, sweetened with organic stevia to lower the sugar content, and only 280 calories per pint (for the vanilla bean flavor). Most pints of ice cream are three to four times that calorie count, and I’d know that because I’ve taken down entire pints in one sitting before. This ice cream is great to have on hand if you’re craving dessert but don’t want to throw a whole day of healthy eating down the tube—in ¼ of a pint (a couple scoops), you’re only looking at 70 calories. Boom!

Halo Top sent me samples of their four flavors, and my boyfriend and I took down the vanilla bean in like 15 minutes flat, so clearly it passes my taste test. 🙂 The texture is slightly different than other ice cream—almost like a sorbet at first, and then creamy as it melts in your mouth.

Enter to Win

STEP 1: Complete the 20-Minute AMRAP Workout by Sunday night at midnight (EST). All bodyweight exercises, so you can do it at home or at the gym.

STEP 2: Use the widget below to enter. You just need to leave a comment sharing how many rounds/reps you got through. Additional (totally optional) entries for showing me love on social media.

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A big thank you to all this week’s prize sponsors! And I can’t wait to see how many rounds you all get through in this one—it was so fun reading all your results last week (and motivating seeing how many of you beat me!).


P.S. Thanks for being patient with me as I’m a little off schedule with posting this week. I’m feeling a billion times better today, and back on that blog-post-producing grind! 🙂

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  1. Kelsey Leonard says:

    Finished 5 rounds and 10 squat jumps into the 6th!

  2. I finished 2 rounds. Just recovering from surgery on my hip, trying to build back up!

  3. The entire giveaway looks amazing!!!! I’m on a pretty strict schedule with my half marathon training, but I’d definitely be keeping watch for the next one=) Have a great week!

  4. almost 5!!!! 4 rounds and 7 push ups.. my knees are still shaking 🙂

  5. Lindsey B says:

    just did this on my lunch break! awesome workout — I finished 5 rounds + 6 side pushups (on my right, didn’t get to left)…..soooo close to 6 full rounds 🙂

  6. 2 rounds, great workout.

  7. The Halo Top Ice cream looks delicious!!

  8. Just over 5 rounds!

  9. Got through 3 rounds!! Thank you for sharing 🙂


  10. 5 rounds and change! This was a great workout!

  11. 5 rounds with 5 seconds to go!

  12. I finished almost 5 1/2, but I finished out the set because I loved it so much! Thanks for sharing this fun workout:)

  13. 5 rounds!

  14. Got thru 5 rounds. Great workout! 🙂

  15. I completed five rounds! Gotta keep it up…

  16. Charlotte says:

    Almost 6! Just a few push-ups short!

  17. I finished 4 rounds! Keep up the good work! Love the workouts!

  18. four rounds, but i gave it my all! i’ll try 5 later. \o/

  19. I finished 5 rounds!

  20. Finished 5 Rounds!!

  21. I got through 3 rounds!

  22. 3 1/2 rounds!

  23. Kaitlyn O'Donnell says:

    I got through 6 1/2 rounds! Just started the lunges on the 7th (got through 4 of them)

  24. 5 1/2 rounds! SWEATING!

  25. 4 rounds! brutal

  26. 5 rounds and 10 squat jumps… my legs were killing me!!

  27. 6 rounds just in the nick of time! Those push-ups are deceiving haha

  28. Michelle says:

    7 rounds and 5 squats

  29. I was able to make it through four brutal rounds. I pushed as far as I could! Great workout as always.

  30. dana joseph says:

    I got through 5 rounds – dead tired. I have trouble coordinating the side plank cross-body crunch so some of them I did on my elbow and not fully extended.

  31. Two rounds! but I already worked out today and was sore :/

  32. Almost 5!

  33. Francisca S. says:

    2 :p

  34. 5 rounds but it was hard and really working.

  35. Five founds and four jump squats. Great workout!!

  36. 3 rounds!

  37. Julie Smith says:

    Almost 5 rounds here! Will try again today for the full 6.

  38. 4 rounds!

  39. I got through 4 and some change!

  40. 5!!

  41. 5 rounds – loved this workout so much! Keep ’em coming 🙂

  42. I finished five rounds and the beginning of the sixth. Loved this workout!!

  43. I made it through 5 full rounds and the next set of pulse squats!

  44. I’m proud of my 5!

  45. I commented on the first posting of this workout. I got 6 rounds!

  46. Five grueling rounds! I hope to do it again as soon as I recover and hopefully improve 🙂

  47. persephoniekali says:

    just a couple

  48. Nicole Paolone says:

    5 rounds, sooo close to 6. Great work out thanks!!!

  49. I finished 2 rounds

  50. I made it through 5 full rounds

  51. maria f. says:

    Just one…

  52. Laurel E says:

    5 rounds!

  53. Five rounds (made it to my sixth round of side planks).

  54. 4 rounds!

  55. 5 rounds!

  56. 2 rounds…

  57. I was able to finish 2 rounds! Woohoo, not too shabby after having a baby 9 months ago.

  58. 2 rounds. ugh.

  59. 4 rounds baby, 4 rounds!

  60. Nichole N says:

    I made it to a little over 5! Proud of myself! 🙂

  61. Made it through 3 rounds yesterday and my glutes are burning today lol

  62. Emilie Lyons says:

    Got through 4.5 rounds! Thanks!

  63. Just over 4 rounds

  64. Katrina C says:

    I made it through 5 rounds, woohoo!

  65. I completed 5 rounds, but I know I could have pushed myself even more. It was pretty challenging though! Thanks for the workout! 🙂

  66. Finished 5 1/4 rounds!

  67. 2 rounds, 10 reps each!

  68. 6 rounds, yippeeeee!

  69. Only 5 rounds today but I’ll definitely be able do more when I have fresh legs (I did this right after running 400m repeats on the treadmill for my half-marathon training. Not the best decision, right?) I’m looking forward to beating my score next time!

  70. 4 rounds

  71. Made it through 4 1/2 rounds. Great workout, love the efficiency!

  72. I just made it through 5 full rounds.

  73. I made it through 6 rounds and 11 of the back-to-front lunges. I was really hoping not to even get to those on the last round, since my hamstrings were so tired from yesterday’s good mornings!

    • Dummy over here also put my Twitter name in incorrectly, because I almost never use it – it’s PaulaAnn9 and not PaulaAnn. I’m not lying about following; I just don’t seem to know my own name. :p

  74. 5 rounds and 2 squats. Those pivot lunges are no joke!

  75. Erin tooley says:

    Got through almost 5 rounds (had 2 more boob push-up things left)!

  76. Only 2 – only hopped back on the exercise wagon recently!

  77. 4 rounds! I am beat!

  78. Erika DiPietro says:

    I made it through 6 complete rounds, in the 7th round I made it through 10 reps of lunges on 1 leg (I finished 10 rounds on the 2nd leg but that was past the 20 min mark!)

  79. 3 rounds! and I am soreeee

  80. Made it to three, i think im starting to get work out induced asthma, i start wheezing like ive never worked out before (however i do all the time)

  81. 4 rounds & super sweaty on this Sunday am!

  82. Tiffany Snyder says:

    Almost 3! I really like the oblique work

  83. jess hanson says:

    5 rounds exactly!

  84. Michelle says:

    4 rounds and 1 more set of the squat pulse jumps

  85. I just got some books on yoga and I’m ready to add this to my fitness regimen, and this mat would be a good addition

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