12-Minute Kettlebell Blast Workout

12-Minute Kettlebell Blast WorkoutAs last week’s 15-Min AMRAP proved, a workout doesn’t have to be long to kick your butt. This one doesn’t require a lot a time, a lot of space, or a lot of equipment—just one kettlebell. Enjoy!

12-Minute Kettlebell Blast Workout

Equipment I Used:

Set an interval timer for 12 rounds of 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Push yourself to complete as many reps of each exercise as possible (without sacrificing form) in the 50 seconds. You’ll go through the following circuit four times.

12-Minute Kettlebell Blast Workout

  • Alternating One-Arm Swings: Hold kettlebell in right hand with legs a little more than shoulder-width apart. Start with kettlebell down between your legs and, using your arms as a pendulum, swing the bell to eye level by powering through with your hips and legs while keeping your core tight as you stand up straight. When the kettlebell is at its highest point, it will be momentarily “weightless”—this is when you’re going to grab it with your left hand, letting go of the right. Swing back down and repeat; always switching hands at the top. At the bottom of your swing, your thumb should be pointing back through your legs.
  • Marching Wall Sits: With back flat against the wall, squat into seated position, holding the kettlebell at your chest. Lift one knee up then the other, and continue to alternate in a marching rhythm. Make sure to keep your feet under your knees throughout—it’s more challenging this way. If marching is too hard, just hold the wall sit.
  • High Pulls (same arm for entire interval; switch next time through circuit): Start with feet hip-width apart with kettlebell on the floor in front of you. I use a 20-lb bell for these. Bend with your knees keeping back straight, grab and kettlebell, and power up, standing as you pull your elbow up, bringing the kettlebell up towards the side of your face. In a controlled movement, lower back to starting position. Switch arms during your next time through the circuit (in other words, you’ll do each arm twice in this workout).

12-Minute Kettlebell Blast Workout

A big thanks to Puma for outfitting me for today’s workout! Gotta love the slimming effects of an all-black ensemble, am I right or amirite?? I’m wearing the Faas 300 v3 Running Shoe (which besides being cute are also super comfy and lightweight), Pure ¾ Tights & Gym ACTV Power Tank Top. The tank gives you the benefits of compression with interior athletic tape—I just like that the tape makes it so that the shirt doesn’t ride up or roll up when I’m jumping around or getting into weird exercise positions (which, you’ve probably noticed, is frequently haha).

12-Minute Kettlebell Blast Workout


What’s your favorite way to workout when you’re in a time crunch?


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  1. Man do I wish I had a kettlebell! This workout looks like exactly my type – quick ‘n’ dirty. 🙂 I definitely need to find one ASAP!

  2. Nice workout! Totally using the marching wall sit on a client today… 😉

  3. This looks awesome! Might try to squeeze this one if after my interval run today.

  4. Hi Nicole! I’m new to Pumps & Iron and love your workouts and photos. That PUMA outfit is awesome. I always struggle with tops rolling up (especially during high-impact cardio), so that one sounds perfect.

    As far as workouts in a time crunch? I have a resistance tube that I travel with and use that to do a modified 30-minute Les Mills CXWORX core class at home. I teach Les Mills group fitness classes, so I usually have the moves off memory or pop in the instructor DVD.

    Thanks for the tips. And, I’ll be back for me.


  5. Just bought a kettlebell today. Sure gonna try this workout, thanks!

  6. Love this workout. Do you ever use a free weight for these exercises instead of a kettlebell?

    • I don’t think a free weight would work for the alternating swings, but you could definitely use one for the other exercises! Swings in general are tricky, but other than those, most kb moves can be done with free weights. 🙂

  7. Those shoes are freaking gorgeous! Have you taken them for a spin yet? I’ve been looking for some good new running shoes.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  8. I love Kettlebells although I have a really low ceiling in one part of my flat and had a ‘tiny accident’ one day doing push presses! let’s just hope noone ever notices the dent.

    I love an all black outfit, that is a really nice photo of you at the end and may I say your sofa looks insanely comfy!

  9. Love KBs. I wish Puma would send me awesome clothes!

  10. My favorite workout when I’m in a hurry are supersets or even trisets at the gym , unfortunately I don’t have weights at home, because when I would have some at home I wouldn’t be motivated to workout 😛


  11. Now I need buy a kettle bell!

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  13. Hi, I found your blog through Pinterest and just did this workout as part of my ‘little bit each day’ bid to try and get fit again. It was fab, thank you. Claire (UK).

  14. Chantale St John Rosse says:

    We have kettlebell classes in our gym love it also use one at home

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