25-Minute Bodyweight AMRAP Workout

25-Minute Bodyweight AMRAP WorkoutHappy St. Paddy’s Day! In Boston, it always seems like the official St. Paddy’s is the Sunday of the Southie Parade (yesterday), so I’m kinda all greened out today. Normally the parade means lots of beer, half melted green jello shots, me getting lost at some point in the day, waking up the next morning wearing the same greens clothes as the day before, and napping with my head on the keyboard during the following work day. But this year I taught in the morning, had a few beers when I got back to Southie, made some butternut squash and quinoa for dinner, went to bed at 9pm, and woke up early this morning to teach again. The hell??! Apparently I’ve grown up. Sad.

Anyway, on to our THIRD weekly workout challenge giveaway! I’ll post the giveaway entry post later today (get excited—even more prizes!), but for now let’s go over this week’s workout. And congrats to Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate for winning last week’s giveaway! Check your email inbox for a message from me. 🙂

25-Minute Bodyweight AMRAP Workout

Set a timer for 25 minutes and complete as many rounds of the following circuit as you can. I like to keep a piece of paper and pen nearby so I can make a tally mark each time I finish a round (much easier to keep track that way!). I made it through 6 full rounds and into the jack squats on the 7th. Try to beat me!

25-Minute Bodyweight AMRAP Workout

  • 20 Alternating Skaters (10 to each side): Leap to the right, landing on your right leg and fluidly bringing your left leg behind it and touching the ground with your left hand. Repeat in the opposite direction.
  • 10 Inchworm Pushups: Start standing up, feet hip-width apart. Bend over, placing your hands on the ground in front of your toes. Walk your hands out into a plank position. Do a push up (drop to your knees for this if necessary). Walk hands back towards feet and then stand upright.
  • 10 Jack Jumps (2 Jumping Jacks, 2 UK Squats): Do two jumping jacks then bend down, placing hands on either side of your feet. Jump feet back into a plank position. Do that one more time (jump feet up towards hand then back into plank position). Jump feet up towards hands and stand up. That’s one rep. Then start back on the jumping jacks.
  • 10 Side Plank Kicks (each side): Start in a plank position, top arm outstretched overhead and top leg hovering off the ground. Kick that top leg straight out in front of your body, bringing your top hand to meet it. Return to starting position.

25-Minute Bodyweight AMRAP Workout

WEARING:  legings: c/o Ellie (get 20% off your first order with code nicoleperr20!) // hoodie: Lululemon // shoes: Asics c/o OnlineShoes.com

Like I mentioned last week, if you use the code nicoleperr20, you can get 20% off your first order with Ellie! I’m a huge fan of their workout gear (especially the leggings—so cute and comfortable!).



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  1. Side plank kicks….I guess you really aren’t my friend! lolz! I’ll suck it up though 😉

  2. That workout looks killer! I had the same type of St. Patrick’s Day here in New Orleans. Our big day is Saturday for the Irish Channel parade, which usually means tons of green beer, jello shots, and gummy bears soaked in vodka. But apparently I’ve grown up because I taught a group exercise class that morning then went to the parade, but took it easy to be prepared to run a St. Patrick’s Day race on Sunday (before ANOTHER parade in this city). When did I suddenly get old…!!!

  3. I love this workout! SO good! it is hard for me to find a body weight only workout that I love but this one is a keeper (:

  4. I love your outfit!!! The Lulu top is so cute!

  5. I got through 3 rounds + 10 inch worms. Those jack squats are ROUGH!

  6. 3 rounds 🙂

  7. dana joseph says:

    3.5 rounds!

  8. only 2 rounds but (my really pathetic) excuse is my sprained ankle is still not great so I had to take it really slowly and easy to not injure myself…..better than nothing right?!?!

  9. three rounds + skaters and one inch worm. definitely trying to beat myself soon 😉

  10. three rounds and working on the inchworms…

  11. Loved this workout! I got through 6 rounds last night and I am feeling it today!

  12. Kerri D (@kerrid27) says:

    This was tough! I managed 3 rounds/

  13. I always admire your ability to keep a good face while doing jumping moves!

  14. 3.5 rounds. I thought this would be fairly easy,WRONG!!! I really had to work for those last inchworms.

  15. 3 rounds plus one more of the skater lunges and extra side plank kicks. I modified the skating lunges to a non-jumping move for the sake of my knees. Definitely a good workout!

  16. Side plank are sou tough especially when you only leave one foot of the floor!
    awesome workouts and your blog is nice too!


  17. Killer workout! I got through 3.5 rounds! Phew!

  18. Katrina C says:

    I love these workout giveaways! It totally keeps me in check when I feel like I want to slack off. Apparently I’m motivated by the small chance that by completing a workout I will win something! I did 5 1/2 rounds and am shocked that I survived those jack squats for 5 rounds! Thanks for coming up with these and giving me the kick in the butt I need.

  19. Erin Tooley says:

    4 rounds and 5 really pathetic skater lunges!!

  20. Oh my meat and giblets!!!! That kicked my butt! 2 rounds and I am a puddle on my home gym mat!!! Thank you!!!

  21. 5 rounds plus 20 skaters, 10 inchworms, 10 jack squats, 10 right side plank kicks, and 3 left side plank kicks (finished the rest while the timer was screaming at me)!! I also ended with the first day of the plank challenge=10×3!

  22. Five rounds- perfect sweaty early am workout. Also, jack squats are evil.

  23. You always make these workouts look so easy! I may have just been having a bad day, but I only got through 3 rounds and I was toast. I want to try it again, though!

  24. Nicole, girl, this was a gooooood workout. I didn’t think it’d be too bad, so I ran 1.5miles. whew, i was feeling it mid-way through. I almost beat you. I got 7 round and 7 reps of the inchworm to push-up before my timer buzzed! I have a feeling I’ll be sore tomorrow 🙂

  25. love your outfit! which lulu hoodie is that?

  26. Nice! More fun exercises to try!

  27. I did this after a hard chest workout today, so I set the timer to 20 minutes instead and holy I’m glad I did! This kicks butt! I modified the inchworm so that I wasn’t doing a push up at the end cause I just did a chest work out and I suck at side planks (for now) so I had my bottom knee rested and I did more of a crunch than a leg lift. I hate the jack jumps with a mighty fiery passion lol but what a great workout!! Love your workouts so much. I wish there was an app! I’d buy it!

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