Weekly Workout Challenge Giveaway: Win a Fitness Prize Package Including Jillian Michaels, Gymboss, Yasso & More

week-3-workout-giveawayThis week’s prize package is pretty freaking unreal, people! 15 Jillian Michaels workout DVDs (yes, 15), a Gymboss interval timer, yummy frozen healthy treats from Yasso, peppermint essential oil and a medicine ball of any weight you’d like.

You know the drill by now—do this 25-Minute AMRAP Bodyweight Workout at some point this week, and leave a comment with how many rounds/reps you get through. Enter using the giveaway widget below. Scroll down for details/my review of each prize.

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Jillian Michaels Body Revolution from Gaiam

jillian-michaels-90-dayI’m pumped about this one! The Body Revolution kit from Jillian Michaels and Gaiam includes 15 workout DVDs (each 30 minutes long) and is designed to help you lose weight and shape up in 90 days. It comes with 30-day online club membership for Jillian’s online coaching, a meal plan, fitness guide, and even a journal to help you keep track of your workouts and progress. But if you’re not interested in a program per se, you’re still getting FIFTEEN awesome workout DVDs for those days you just want to workout at home—the kit can really benefit everyone.

The DVDs are broken into three phases, and I tried a couple from the third, most advanced stage—whoa. So challenging! I loved them. Out of curiosity, I also tried one from the first phase, and while it was definitely easier, Jillian gives modifications and advancements throughout all of them so that you can pretty much make them as difficult as you’d like. I’m so excited to have these DVDs (I’ve already gotten tons of new exercise ideas for the workouts I post on the blog!), and can’t wait to give this week’s winner his/her own kit. 

Gymboss Interval Timer in Gold

gymboss interval timer blueYou’ve probbbbably noticed by now that I’m a fan of interval training. 🙂 I use my Gymboss Interval Timer all the time in the workouts I share with you guys on P&I, and I’ve also started using for the Tone ‘n Torch class I teach at Btone. You can easily customize your intervals by setting the length of time and number of rounds, and then the Gymboss does the rest. And it’s super lightweight with a handy little clip on it, so you can slip it right onto your waistband as you workout.

Recently, Gymboss came out with two new colors, and this week’s winner will get an interval timer in the snazzy gold shade.

Box of Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt

YASSO FROZEN GREEK YOGURT YASSO INTRODUCES FIVE NEW FLAVORSI’ve been a fan of Yasso Frozen Green Yogurt pops for a while now when I’m in the mood for a healthier treat, and they just recently came out with five new flavors. Because greek yogurt is high in protein, you’re getting a low-cal treat and a boost of protein, all while satisfying your sweet tooth or, in my case, a relentless craving for ice cream haha. Yasso sent me a coupon so I could try a box and I went with the Mint Chocolate Chip (so delicious!), but there’s also a new Chocolate Fudge, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Peanut Butter Cup and Sea Salt Caramel (need to try this one next!). This week’s winner will get a coupon for a free box—flavor of your choice. 

Peppermint Essential Oil

Last year I dedicated an entire blog post to peppermint essential oil—I love it! From soothing upset stomachs to curing headaches and muscle pain, there are a million uses for it, and I always have it on hand in my house. You can read more about the health benefits and uses HERE. This week’s winner will get peppermint oil from my favorite organic supplier, Mountain Rose Herbs. 

Med Ball (Weight of Your Choice)

Full-body pyramid workout: medicine-ball burpees exerciseI love working out with my medicine ball—it’s a great piece of equipment for dynamic exercises and a convenient way to add weight or instability to a move, increasing its difficulty. I’ve posted a few workouts on P&I using med balls, and now one of you will get to add one to your own home gym! Winner gets to pick the weight.

Enjoy this week’s AMRAP workout, and good luck to everyone who enters! Enter by Sunday at 11:59PM. I’ll randomly select the winner Monday morning.


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  1. I looove your workouts and just did two rounds of your AMRAP for my morning cardio! This giveaway is SO AWESOME I would die to win!

  2. managed to do one and a half rounds before yoga this morning. love your workouts

  3. This giveaway is SO beautiful I would die to win!

  4. dana joseph says:

    Little unsure if I post my comment here or on the actual work-out post so I”m doing both! 3.5 rounds

  5. three rounds + skaters and one inch worm. definitely trying to beat myself soon 😉

  6. 2 rounds!

  7. What a fantastic giveaway! I got through 3 rounds and was panting like a dog! Hurts so good 🙂

  8. Love ur workouts got through 3 rounds

  9. Almost made it through 3 rounds!

  10. Completed 3 rounds – love your workouts!

  11. Kathy Dahm says:

    2 rounds for my first attempt! Next time will be faster!!

  12. I got through 6 rounds and the inchworm push-ups; and now I’m wondering if my timer didn’t hiccup and I spent more than 25 minutes on this given everyone else’s results. Either way, after all that upper body work, I basically cried all the way through this morning’s CrossFit workout of wall balls, burpees, and toes-to-bar!

  13. Just barely got through two rounds of it while binge-watching House of Cards (I know, I know, I need to keep up with these things)

  14. Whew… only 3, but hey…I’m workin’ on it! 🙂

  15. I made it through 4 reps – was definitely moving like a sloth at the end 🙂 love your workouts!

  16. i got through 4 rounds!

  17. Lauren f says:

    I got halfway through the inchworm push-ups in my 6th round after running three miles on the treadmill. Sweating in places I didnt know were possible haha

  18. I’m seriously dying for a gymboss!! Interval timeing with my iphone is a pain! I did 4 rounds of the AMRAP!

  19. I love Jillian! I would love to try out her 90 day workout plan-just in time for summer!

  20. I did 3 rounds last night and was exhausted! GREAT workout! Can’t wait to try more later this week!

  21. Woops forgot this in my last post-I got through 3 rounds!

  22. This is awesome!! I love Jillian Michaels DVDs so these would be an awesome addition to my workout regime. I also love your workouts! I don’t have a gym right now so thank you for making it easy to work out at home and stay fit! 🙂

  23. 3 rounds! What a great workout!

  24. Magen Morris says:

    I only got through two, but it was hard work!

  25. Made it through two tough rounds… I’ll try to up that next time though!

  26. Managed to make it through 2 rounds… woo

  27. I got through 6 rounds even with 75lbs of Labrador high fiving me in the face with every inchworm pushup lol! Awesome work out 🙂

  28. awesome giveaway and loved this workout! I got through 6 rounds last night and I am feeling it today! Curious- how many did you get through Nicole?

    • Oh shoot–I forgot to put my time in the post! I’ll add that now. 🙂 I alllllmost got through 7 rounds. 6 full rounds and through 8 jump jacks in the 7th. I was DYING by the end.

  29. michelle a. says:

    3 rounds! And now dying haha

  30. lindsey b says:

    Sweet giveaway! Made it through 3 rounds + 4 Inchworm pressups

  31. 4 rounds! Such a good workout! I was dying!

  32. 3 Rounds!

  33. Sara Auckland says:

    Almost 3 rounds of the AMRAP..Whoo!

  34. 2 1/2 rounds. Not great, but I’ll get there. Thanks for posting these workouts!

  35. Just shy of 4 rounds!

  36. deann rodriguez says:

    I got through 3 rounds and through the inchworm pushups! Loving these workouts.

  37. I got through 4 full rounds.

  38. 4 rounds! Another great one. Thanks!

  39. They say a watched pot never boils- did 4 rounds of this in my kitchen while my chicken for the week was cooking on the stove. Multitasking much?

  40. I had to “girlify” my last round of inchworm pushups, but I made it 4 rounds! So happy I started following your blog!

  41. I got through 5 full rounds and made it to my 7th jack squat. Loved it!

  42. The gymboss interval timer is my favorite- your workouts have brought a whole new meaning to my “relaxing” evenings, those evenings have turned into gymboss workouts with Nicole with some t.v. in the background.

  43. Kelsey Leonard says:

    Almost made it through 5 full rounds! I was on side plank kick #12/20 when the timer went off. I cheated and finished them anyway though.

  44. Michelle Pallardy says:

    Woooo that one felt good! I got through 3 full rounds

  45. Sabreenah says:

    I got through five, but I’m still gonna push it! 🙂

  46. I made it through 4 rounds plus one round of skaters

  47. Rachel P says:

    I did 3 rounds of the AMRAP workout after work today!

  48. I just got through two rounds. Gotta keep working on it!

  49. I did 7 rounds and the skaters of the 8th! Gymboss!?!

  50. Wow! I managed to do 3 rounds!

  51. Michelle says:

    I got through 4 rounds. Those inchworm push ups were the death of me!

  52. 4 rounds!

  53. Wow this was a rough one. I subbed the inchworm pushups with burpees (with pushups) and made it 7.5 rounds. Great workout!

  54. Got 3 1/2 rounds in. Planks are not my friend.

  55. I got through 3 rounds. I will keep working on improving.

  56. Managed two rounds this time.

  57. Rough, rough, rough…I did two rounds.

  58. Crazy hard! Made it through one round… I’m just starting to get my fitness back so it was so hard!!

  59. got 3,5 roundes. it’s 20 alternating skater lunges and only 7 inchworm pushups.

  60. 3 rounds!

  61. Katrina C says:

    I got through 5 1/2 rounds was just about to start the jump jacks & squats which I’ll be honest and say I’m glad I didn’t have to do another round of!

  62. Erin Lasher says:

    This workout was intense but I loved it! Got through 5 1/2 rounds and I am feeling it today! I would loveeeee to win everything in this weeks give away!! Awesome stuff!

  63. I did 5 rounds with knee modification for the pushups, so tough!

  64. 2 rounds. whoa.

  65. two rounds!

  66. 1happyhoneybee says:

    I made it through almost 3 full rounds

  67. Wow that was a great circuit I got in 3 rounds after my weight class! Killer ❤️

  68. 5 rounds!

  69. Made it through 4 rounds plus another round of skaters and inchworm push-ups. Tough workout!

  70. Almost 2, can I get a break being over 50??? haha…thanks for ALL of your workouts!

  71. My timer went off just as I finished my 7th round.
    My wrists are a little mad at you now though 😉

  72. four rounds!!!!

  73. 5 1/2 SWEATY rounds! Great workout, thanks!

  74. 6 rounds + skaters and two inchworms, whew!

  75. I did 6 rounds and the timer went off after 4 inchworm push-ups! Great workout, as always!! You seem to love workouts that challenge the obliques… It was so hard to go through the side planks reps without touching the ground! LOVED IT! 🙂

  76. Sherri G. says:

    2plus rounds

  77. 3 rounds. Barely. TOUGH workout. Just started following you and I love the workouts. Keep it up!

  78. April Pfannenstiel says:

    I got through 4 full rounds, 1 more set of skaters and 8 inchworm push-ups. I feel most awesome about doing every single push-up as a FULL push-up! No knees for this girl today! BAM!

  79. just barely finished 3 with 8 seconds to spare! Such a great workout, thanks!

  80. i finished 3 rounds! this is an awesome giveaway!

  81. kristine galloway says:

    I made it through 3 rounds!

  82. I got through 6 rounds of all the exercises with the number of reps by each one except the Jack Jumps – those things are (dare I say) just as bad as burpees!

  83. Nicole Paolone says:

    6 rounds!! Woo hoo!! Those inch worm push ups made my stomache look amazing (in attributing it to that move because it burned sooo good) thanks!!!

  84. Cassie W says:

    I did 5.5 rounds!

  85. 3 rounds + 10 inch worms

  86. 6 rounds + 20 skaters, 5 push-ups

  87. 3.5 rounds!! Whew!!

  88. got in 7! these were not too bad, as few of my favs!

  89. A little over 5 rounds

  90. Tiffany Troxel says:

    I did 3 rounds 🙂

  91. Made it through 3 rounds…and pfew! They were tough!

  92. Meagan Linstruth says:

    Made it through 6 rounds. Love the jack squats!!

  93. I made it through 5 rounds, and was on my fourth inchworm pushup!

  94. Catherine says:

    Made it through 4 rounds…that was tough! I definitely prefer to workout with a video though, so would love to win the giveaway!

  95. 3 rounds

  96. Alberia martinez says:

    I did 3 plus 4 jumping jacks.

  97. almost beat you…7 rounds, 7 reps of the inchworm to push-up. killer but so good!

  98. I got through 4 and 8 into the Jack squats in the 5th. I was shaking by the end!

  99. Rhonda Pearson says:

    5 Full Rounds and 3 Jack Jumps into the 6th!

  100. lindsbass says:

    Got into round four and timer went off just as I was finishing jumping jacks/uk squats. This was a doozy for me! My arms are already shaking 🙂

  101. Corrinne says:


  102. 5 rounds! Love that all I needed was my own body weight!

  103. 4 rounds – great workout!

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