10 Burpee Variations

10 Burpee Variations (plus workouts using each move!)

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t deny that burpees are effective. The infamous exercise targets the major muscle groups while getting your heart rate up, and can be customized and tweaked a million different ways. To target different muscle groups, I like to add in side jumps, knee tucks, crunches, push ups—you name it, and I’ve probably tried to incorporate it into a burpee.

I rounded up 10 different burpee variations—eight that you’ve probably seen around P&I before and two new (to the blog) burpee exercises that I’m looking forward to throwing in the mix soon. Burpees are brutal enough without adding boredom to the mix, so try some of these fun (questionable adjective choice?? haha) variations during your next workout.


Side Burpees

side-burpeesHOW TO DO IT

This is a traditional burpee except you’re jumping your feet laterally out to the side instead of back into a plank position. Full sequence is: squat down with hands on ground, jump both feet out to the side in a lateral plank position, jump both feet back in, stand back up into squat position, jump up with hands overhead.


Jump Tuck Burpees

Knee Tuck Jump BurpeesHOW TO DO IT

Regular burpee, only instead of jumping straight up with arms overhead, jump up, tucking your knees up mid-air to touch your hands. Sequence looks like this: squat down, hands on mat, jump feet back into plank position, jump feet back up towards hands into a deep squat position, power up, tucking knees to slap hands mid-air, land back in that deep squat position.


Starburst Burpees

Starburst BurpeesHOW TO DO IT

Squat down, place hands wide apart on floor, jump back into a plank position with legs spread apart. Do a push up. Jump legs back up into squatting position. Jump up into the air with arms and legs outstretched.


Competition Burpees

Competition BurpeesHOW TO DO IT

In this burpee variation, you lower yourself all the way down to the ground instead of a plank position, and then you push up, springing to your feet in one fluid motion. Imagine the way a surfer goes from laying on the board to on his feet—it’s that same kind of fluid jump movement. So the full burpee looks like this: squat down, hands on floor, jump back into plank position and immediately lower chest onto floor, spring back up into low squatting position, jump up with arms reaching overhead.


Med Ball Burpees

Med Ball BurpeesHOW TO DO IT

This is a regular burpee, only holding on to a medicine ball the whole time. Squat down, placing medicine ball on the ground in front of you, carefully jump back into a plank position, jump back up to squatting, then stand up and jump with your arms (and medicine ball) in the air.


Side Burpees with Knee Tuck

Side Burpees with Knee CrunchHOW TO DO IT

Squat down, hands on mat, jump both feet out laterally to the side, crunch top knee up towards elbow, jump both feet back in towards hands, stand up into squat position, jump up with arms overhead.


One-Leg Burpees with Lateral Jumps

One Leg Lateral Jump BurpeesHOW TO DO IT

This is a regular burpee, except you do it on one foot and jump laterally instead of up. Sequence looks like this: stand on one foot, squat down, hands on ground, jump one foot back into plank position (keeping other foot raised), jump foot back up towards hands, stand up into squat position, put raised foot back on ground and jump (with both feet) to the side, as if you’re jumping laterally over an object. When you land, do the same thing, but alternate the leg which you do it on, and when it comes time to jump, jump laterally in the other direction.


Burpees with a Push Up

Burpees with a Push UpHOW TO DO IT

This is a traditional burpee except that you’ll complete a pushup when you’re down in the plank position.



Yoga Flow Burpees

Yoga Flow BurpeesHOW TO DO IT

A burpee-Vinyasa hybrid move. One yoga flow burpee rep looks like this: squat down, place hands on ground by feet, jump feet back out into high plank position. Lower slowly into low plank position, keeping elbows in tight to sides. Come to upward dog. Push back into downward dog. Return to high plank. Jump both feet up towards hands, stand up and jump up with arms overhead.

Can’t wait to add this bad boy in a workout soon!

P.S. Refrain from laughing at my form—I’m still a yoga newbie! 🙂

Walking Burpees

Walking BurpeesHOW TO DO IT

After you’ve jumped your feet back into a plank position, you’ll walk your hands and feet laterally to one side then back in the opposite direction. So the full burpee sequence looks like this: squat down, place hands on ground by feet, jump feet back out into plank position, lift right hand and foot off the ground, stepping them out to the side. Bring your left hand and foot in to meet them. Lift left foot and hand off the ground, stepping them out to the side. Bring your right hand and foot in to meet them, returning to your original plank position. Jump both feet in towards hand, come up onto feet in a squat position, and finish by jumping up with arms overhead.

Be on the lookout for this one in upcoming workouts!


Ok now I want to hear from you—what other burpee variations have you done in workouts? What’s your favorite way to do a burpee? Which variation do you think is the hardest?


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  1. Those Yoga Flow burpees are interesting. And more my speed. 🙂

  2. Wow I never realized that there were 10 different variations of burpees!? I’ve only done the regular ones and the starburst ones at boxing. I’ll have to try the others 🙂

  3. Who knew there were so many! I’ve done the med ball burpees and pushup burpees, but the starburst burpees look like fun!

  4. I learned another version this morning at class: the reverse burpee. Basically, you lower into a squat and then roll onto your back with your legs still in the squat position; then try to use your momentum to roll back onto your feet into a standing position and jump. I needed a hand on the ground to stand fully each time, but it was kinda fun.

  5. Love this! I started doing yoga to help add some flexibility and contrast to my strength training and it’s been great so far! Love the vinyassa burpee 🙂

    xx, jen

  6. Hi Nicole,

    Walking burpees are another good one. You can do them super slow (a couple counts per move) at first, then speed up and go fast (one the beat of a fast song).


    Start in a tricep plank, straight legs, on your toes.
    Then walk your right foot to the outside of your right hand.
    Walk your left foot to the outside of your left hand.
    Come up to a low squat, hands on your hips.
    Stand up and reach to the sky.
    Come back down to a low squat.
    Then put your hands down. Walk the right foot back.
    Walk the left foot back. And repeat.

    The key coaching here is to keep your abs braced when you step back to make sure your hips don’t drop. Also, keep your chest up in the squat and push your knees out to your toes. Once you get going fast, it really works. Enjoy!

    Best, Ashley @ aladygoeswest.com.

  7. Tip from my yoga teacher to help with alignment during your flow: line up your fingertips with your little toe when you jump back to plank. This magically gets your shoulders aligned to land on the right spot for low plank and up-dog.

    I am a new follower enjoying your posts- so thanks!

  8. This is such a love to hate post! If I had to pick a favorite (did I just say that?!), it would be jump tuck burpees! Hurt so good.


  9. Love this – I’ve been doing a different burpee move every day this week!!! Might have to try a couple of these!

  10. I’ve tried the one legged burpee before and they are incredibly effective and tough! I really want to try the jump tuck burpee now! It looks super challenging.
    xoxo, em


  11. variations of torcher…love it, said no one…lol
    I like the competition burpee. My son and I compete with them weekly.
    a differentd.blogspot.com

  12. Kristen ' says:

    I used to go to a class that had a different kind of burpee almost every week. One particularly memorable week had four different kinds of burpees in one class. Burpees with a sideways jump over a mat instead of a hop in the air, burpees with a “Jack” while in plank, competition burpees, and man-maker burpees – which seem to be the same as medicine ball burpees but using hand weights and adding a squat.

  13. They made us do donkey kick burpees one time at Crossfit. Instead of jumping feet out into plank position you kick them behind you, up onto a wall. They were rough, and you had to go fairly slow to ensure you wouldn’t smash your face into the ground 🙂

  14. No idea there were so many burpees, and here i’ve been doing regular ol burpees and missing out! haha!

  15. It is a burpee nation. You should try our burpeeluza and tell us what you think. We have also added a few variation including baseball burpees.

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