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WIthout Walls Activewear


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Last time I did one of these posts with Juicy Couture Sport, most of you were like Um relax, JWoww. It was an understandable reaction haha. This time around, I picked some of my favorites from Without Walls, and can’t wait to hear what you guys think (even if you question my sanity again). It’s always fun exploring new activewear lines!

I was excited when I heard that Urban Outfitters was going to venture into the world of activewear, and when my friend passed along a link to the new line, Without Walls, I was immediately impressed. Fun patterns, bright colors, cool crops and cutouts—it has a surfer-bro-meets-hipster vibe that I’m loving! You’ve probably noticed by now that I’m a big fan of outrageous workout leggings and drapey tanks with low-cut sleeve holes, so Without Walls pretty much has my name written all over it.

Now is a professional athlete going to wear this line during training? No, probably not. I’d say it’s for more casual activities and low-impact workouts. I also found a bunch of stuff that I thought would be perfect for wearing while instructing on the megaformers.

In addition to the Without Walls collection (again, probably not the type of performance fitness gear you’d wear running a marathon or at the CrossFit games), they also carry other notable brands like Columbia and Patagonia. And while these other brands might be a little pricier, the Without Walls line is super affordable—always a bonus!

What do you guys think of the new line?

Also—I have no idea where I’d actually wear that ridiculous poncho, but how amazing is it??


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  1. I’m going to order #7 right NOWWWW. (Or 3.)

  2. These pieces are very cute, but definitely not functional as far as the eye can tell. I’d order both styles of harem pants for sure.

  3. 2, 5 and 13..get in my closet!

  4. Love #6 .. it’s nice to have a bit of extra length in shorts.


  5. I love the statement leggings! So fun!

  6. Oh man number 9 and everything mesh!

  7. Would be so awesome if you wore that poncho at Btone!

  8. number 15 has to be mine…..

  9. Michelle says:

    Love the clothes but they are so EXPENSIVE! If only I were rich…

  10. As an instructor, I’m all about the wild workout clothes- the louder the pants, the better, so I love all of those! I also like wearing a funky sports bra with a loose fitting tank that shows it off, but for some reason, I feel like that’s more acceptable when teaching Zumba, not Muscle Mix or UXF Burn… now I want new pants!

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