Cardio Boot Camp Workout

Cardio Boot Camp Workout -- running mixed with a bodyweight circuitThe following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. All opinions are my own (duh).

My first post fueled by FitFluential—I think this means I’m finally a legit fitness blogger, right?? *Takes bite of Ben & Jerry’s while watching Real Housewives on the couch* Eh, ok, maybe not.

A few months ago, I was excited to find out I’d been approved as a FitFluential Ambassador, and shortly after I was chosen to try out the Reebok ONE Series Cushion running sneaker. To give you a brief intro to the shoe, its defining characteristics include:

  • A three-foam midsole with distinct layers for chock attenuation, foot guidance and forward propulsion.
  • A stable lateral arch area.
  • Outsole release zone for pronation control.
  • Special design for absorbing shock at the heel strike.

Reebok ONE Cushion

The first thing I noticed about the ONE Series Cushion was just how comfortable it is. I typically run in a minimalist shoe, but they don’t transition well into any sort of cross-training exercise because of the soft structure. The Reebok ONE is a much sturdier, supportive shoe (while still being flexible), so I figured it’d be a perfect solution for workouts that include both running and dynamic strength training exercises.

Bingo! I wore them during today’s cardio bootcamp workout and found them both flexible enough for the running intervals, and supportive enough for all the burpee-ing and jumping around. I don’t know that I’d wear them during a longer run (5+ miles) just because I’m now so accustomed to the more minimalist models of running shoes, but they’re perfect for the shorter runs mixed with strength training I do so frequently.

You can get the Reebok ONE Series Cushion online or in store at the Reebok FitHub or Outlet locations.

Cardio Boot Camp Workout

You can do this with a treadmill, on a track, or anywhere outside (just measure distance beforehand or use a running app to keep track). The workout is a mix of running and bodyweight exercises and is broken up into three main parts:

  1. Run half a mile. Pace should be a brisk jog/light run. On a treadmill you probably want to shoot for 5-7mph.
  2. Complete four rounds of the bodyweight/sprint circuit (details below).
  3. Run half a mile. Pace should be a brisk jog/light run. On a treadmill you probably want to shoot for 5-7mph.

Cardio Boot Camp Workout -- running mixed with a bodyweight circuit


Go through the following four times:

  • 25 Burpees:The whole burpee sequence will look like this: squat down placing hands on the ground; jump back into plank position; jump legs back up towards hand; stand back into squat position; jump up with arms overhead. If you want more of a challenge, you can add in a push up (I did not).
  • 25 Side Plank Lift Crunches (each side): Start in a side plank position. Dip your hips down towards the ground (they can lightly kiss the floor, but never let them come to rest), then lift them back to starting, squeezing the oblique. Next, crunch your top knee in towards your top elbow. Return to starting side plank position. That’s one rep.
  • 25 Squat Jumps: Squat down, sending hips back like you’re sitting in a chair. Jump up, coming out of the squat and into the air. Land back down softly, sinking right back down into that deep squat position.
  • 25 Plank Jump Jacks:Start in a plank position. Jump both feet up towards your hands. Jump them back into plank position. Jump feet apart (like a horizontal jumping jack) and then jump them back together into your starting plank position. That’s one rep.
  • Quarter-mile run/sprint: For .25 miles, run as fast as you can. On a treadmill, I’d shoot for 7-10 mph, but if you can go faster and maintain the speed for the full .25, then do it!

This is a good one for you gym-goers as well as my workout-at-homers!

Alright, I’m off—I have a busy day of packing ahead of me. First thing tomorrow morning, I’m heading down to Mexico for a wedding and CAN. NOT. WAIT. The weather in Boston has been consistently depressing since, oh, November, so this trip could not come at a better time. I have posts scheduled for while I’m away, and you can follow me on Instagram to keep up with all my daiquiri guzzling and sun bathing. 🙂


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  1. I love this workout! I wish you had a printable link so I could take it in the gym with me on one page. I’m still doing it on Friday though!

  2. Hi Nicole! I love your pictures!! Do you set up a tripod? …or have a handy dandy friend to do this for you?

    • I usually bribe friends/family 🙂 When I’m visiting my parents, my mom is the best about helping me out, but lately I’ve been forcing my boyfriend. But in a pinch, I’ll just set up a tripod, use good ol’ self timer, and soak in the weird stares from my neighbors haha

  3. Have FUN in Mexico!!

  4. I love the neon sneakers. What kind of jacket are you wearing? It looks warm and padded … something I may need for the windy streets of San Francisco.

  5. Neon tennis shoes are the best! That’s all I get anymore..

  6. Did this last night…killed me in the best way possible! Thanks for a great workout.

  7. Now this is a great workout, a lot like the Spartan WOD’s I did while training for my race series. I’ll bookmark this to mix it in when I start my 90 day challenge. Thanks

  8. This killed me. SO GOOD.

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