Fitness Style Picks: Standout Workout Leggings & Sweats

Standout Workout Leggings and Sweats1 ($64) | 2 ($85) | 3 ($60) / 4 ($18) / 5 ($68) / 6 ($179) / 7 ($90) / 8 ($28) / 9 ($265) / 10 ($60) / 11 ($67)

I love fun, bright workout leggings. And I have a feeling some of you do, too, based on the insane amount of times my workouts get pinned to Pinterest when I’m wearing something funky on my legs.

I’m a continuous online window shopper, always bookmarking clothing items I like, and I thought I’d roundup some of the cool leggings and sweatpants I’ve found recently. I’ve included the links and prices above so you can see which one are realistically priced and which are just fun to look at (I would never spend $265 on a pair of impractical leggings, but damnit are they amazing).

I’m also loving that fitted sweatpants/track pants are now trendy. They even work with HEELS (see below for proof). Activewear is slowly becoming everyday wear, which is great for people like me who’s job’s dress code consists of sports bras and sneakers.

sweatpants with heels trend

Pics via 1 , 2, 3

Which leggings are your favorites? Do you like the sweatpants trend? Have any other awesome brands or pairs to share? Let’s talk leggings—it’s Friday and that’s all my brain can handle. 🙂



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  1. I like the Surf leggings!
    I know Roxy has some zip-up wetsuit spereates, and I’m dying to collect ’em all!

  2. Love these leggings! I really need to branch out a tad. Almost every pair I own are black.

  3. I just got number 5 in the mail from Urban Outfitters. I love the way they look but the fit is just ok… more like 80’s dancer leggings. You should check out this sports bra round up I Just did. Some of them would look great with some of your picks

  4. I have become obsessed with working out in leggings. There so comfortable and make everything look better from behind haha. The surf ones look adorable!

  5. Thankyou for sharing our colour block surf leggings currently available at Urban Outfitters (#5 pairs). It’s great to read your feedback. Our surf leggings were designed and cut specifically for surfing in – we hope you can find your way into a lineup near you soon!
    Thanks again,
    Team Salt Gypsy

  6. I like Lululemon and Joe Fresh tights and leggings. Lululemons fit so perfectly!!!

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