20-Minute HIIT Torch Workout (Sample Btone Class!)

20-Minute HIIT Torch Workout (offered at Btone Fitness)I get a lot of questions about the Tone ‘n Torch class I teach each Sunday at Btone—even my Tone regulars ask what it is. I thought it’d be helpful to put together a post on what to expect, and share one of the Torch segments I did a few weeks ago in class. It’s fun for me because I get to incorporate the types of workouts I always post here on P&I into a live group fitness setting. I love working out at home, but sometimes it can be hard to self-motivate through HIIT workouts when I’m by myself. In a group setting, however, the energy in the room adds that extra motivation and the competitive side of me comes out—it’s great!

What’s a Tone ‘n Torch Class?

Tone ‘n Torch combines a Lagree Method workout on the megaformer machines with a bootcamp-style workout. You start class on the machines, focusing on core and upper body for 20-25 minutes. We then strap on our sneakers and spread out in the room for a 20 to 25-minute high-intensity interval workout using bodyweight exercises, occasionally incorporating hand weights or the machines. Here’s the general breakdown:


20-25 minutes

Targets core and arms

Using megaformer machines

Slow, low-impact movements

Barefoot or wearing grippy socks

20-Minute HIIT Torch Workout (offered at Btone Fitness)


20-25 minutes

Targets full-body with emphasis on legs & butt

Using bodyweight & hand weight exercises

Fast, high-intensity movements

Sneakers recommended

20-Minute HIIT Torch Workout (offered at Btone Fitness)

For the Torch portion, I switch up the structure a little each week. Sometimes it’ll be a circuit workout like the example I’m sharing in today’s post. Other days, I’ll do a tabata workout where we stay on each exercise for four minutes using the tabata structure. Another day, I did mini AMRAPs, having everyone complete as many rounds as possible of a combination of exercises in 4 minutes, before moving onto another set of exercises for 4 mins.

Regardless of structure, the Torch portion is designed to get your heart rate up and leave you sweaty, combining cardio with strength training. Think burpees, jump lunges, plank jacks, etc.

Now it’s time for an example of the Torch portion of class (you can try it out at home or the gym). After 20-25 minutes of core and upper-body work on the megaformer machines, I had the class do this HIIT workout:

20-Minute HIIT Circuit Torch Workout

Equipment I Used:

Set an interval timer for 20 rounds of 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. You’ll go through the following circuit four times. Once you’ve completed the 20-minute HIIT workout, finish with a 60-second AMRAP: as many push-up burpees as you can do in a minute.

20-Minute HIIT Torch Workout (offered at Btone Fitness)

  • Back Lunge Front Kicks (right): Start in standing position. Step backward with left foot into a lunge position. Step back up, keeping right foot firmly planted on ground and kick right leg up to meet left hand. Make sure you’re getting low into these lunges—both knees should be at 90 degrees at the lowest part of the lunge, with the back knee just hovering an inch or so off the floor. If you have tight hamstrings and the front kick is too difficult, drive your knee up towards your chest instead.
  • Back Lunge Front Kicks (left)
  • Frog Stamp Push-Ups: Start in a plank position. Hop both feet up towards the outside of your hands. Hop feet back to plank. Do a push up. Keep this going as quickly as possible.
  • Full-Body Crunches: Start laying on your back, arms overhead, core engaged, legs straight and hovering off the ground. Crunch your chest up as you bring your knees in towards your chest, wrapping your arms loosely around your knees. Extend everything back out, lowering down into starting position.
  • Weighted Squat Jumps with Cross-Body Punches: Holding a set of weights (2-, 3- and 5-lb weights are offered at Btone), do a squat jump, legs wide. Land softly back into a squat position, and holding that squat, push one arm at a time across your body, twisting your torso as you do. Bringing weights back to chest, repeat (starting with another jump squat).


  • Push-Up Burpees: This is a regular burpee, adding in a push up. One rep looks like this: squat down, placing hands on ground by feet. Jump feet back into a plank position. Do a push-up. Jump feet back up towards hand. Stand up, jumping up into the air with arms overhead.

20-Minute HIIT Torch Workout (offered at Btone Fitness)WEARING | leggings: c/o Ellie (use code nicoleperr20 to get 20% off your first order!) // tank: Lululemon // sneakers: Nike // sports bra: c/o Reebok

Tone ‘n Torch is offered at 10:55AM every Sunday at Btone Back Bay. In June, however, my schedule is CRAZY with traveling, so be sure to refer to the studio schedule if you plan on trying it out. I hope to see all you Boston readers in a class soon! First-timers pay only $5, and you can sign up online to reserve your spot.

If you’ve been to Tone ‘n Torch, let me know what you thought in the comments—exercise requests? Preferred Torch structure (HIIT circuit vs. AMRAPs, etc.)? If you haven’t been, leave a comment sharing the bootcamp class exercise(s) you love to hate the most. For me, it’s snowboarders—that move kicks my ass every time!


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  1. I love seeing what BTone is all about! I’m terrified but am going to try this 20 min HIIT today. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for the overview, I’ve been intrigued with B-tone. I’ve never tried the Lagree Method, but would love to. Looks like a great workout.

  3. I always love your instructional posts, they teach me more about workouts I’m not familiar with! 🙂

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