SNAP-2-LIVE: Cool Belt, Even Cooler Mission

Snap-2-Live (seat)belt outfitIt’s been forever since I’ve posted an outfit that doesn’t involve yoga pants and a sports bra. And I couldn’t think of a better occasion to don real clothing on the blog than to introduce you all to SNAP-2-LIVE belts.

Snap-2-Live (seat)belt outfit

Car crashes are the number one cause of death among children in the world, and nearly all can be prevented by wearing seat belts, not texting while driving, and not drinking and driving. Growing up, it was all too frequent that the Vineyard community would have to say goodbye to a loved high school student due to a car accident, and I know it’s a tragedy that has probably touched many of your lives as well.

In an effort to generate road safety awareness and provide safe communities for the less fortunate, SNAP-2-LIVE has joined the United Nations’ “Decade of Action for Road Safety” initiative, and donates 70% of profits to the Road Safety Fund.

Snap-2-Live (seat)belt outfit Snap-2-Live (seat)belt outfit

It’s an important cause, and it just happens to be an added bonus that the belt is beyond cool. It has an airplane seatbelt clasp, comes in all different colors, and adjusts to fit all sizes. I love mine!

When you buy a belt, it comes in a box with a pledge on it. You rock your new fashion statement, sign the pledge, and share your pics on social media. Not only is that 70% portion of your sale donated to the Road Safety Fund, but you’re helping to spread awareness. Checking my phone while driving is the one I really need to stop. I only do it in bad traffic or at stoplights, but it’s still a fender bender waiting to happen. No email/text/Facebook notification is that important!

SNAP-2-LIVE road safety pledgeSnap-2-Live (seat)belt outfit

If you want your own snazzy (seat)belt and to help the cause, you can shop SNAP-2-LIVE here.

Snap-2-Live (seat)belt outfit Snap-2-Live (seat)belt outfit

WEARING | belt: SNAP-2-LIVE // tank & bag: Forever 21 // jeans: True Religion // shoes: Jeffrey Campbell // shirt: Urban Outfitters

Is there a bad driving habit you need to kick? Make your pledge in the comments below!




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  1. I’ll pledge this for others. I don’t have a car in San Francisco so rarely ever get behind the wheel. The belt is a great statement. Thanks for sharing this positive message.

  2. Such an unique accessory & great cause! I love the way you incorporated it into your edgy outfit!

  3. Great post for a good cause!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  4. I’m the same. I text at stop lights and in bad traffic. So this is my pledge to stop. Thanks for the important reminder and sharing. It’s a fantastic cause!

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