My Week in Workouts: San Francisco Stitch Fix & LUNA Vacay

pigeon pose with...pigeonsPigeon pose with…pigeons. Learning from the masters.

Ok, last post about the fun experience I had in San Francisco with Stitch Fix & LUNA last week. I’ve saved the sweatier parts of my trip for a fitness journal post. I’ve done a couple in the past, which you can check out HERE.

Any time I travel, I make an effort to stay active, and it’s particularly easy when you’re with a group of health & fitness bloggers. 🙂


Running & Btone

I spent the majority of my Monday running last-minute errands around Boston and packing for my trip. That night, I went for a 3-mile run along the Charles River (it’s so pretty at sunset!), and ended it by jogging right up the stairs at Btone and taking a class with Kristen.


A Soul-ful Welcome to San Fran

soul-cycle-sfI was one of the first bloggers to arrive in San Francisco, so to kill some time before we were able to check into our house, I decided to take a class at Soul Cycle. I went straight there from the airport, so looked like a total bag lady wheeling in my suitcase. Weird looks aside, the class was great! Bea was the instructor, and she had awesome music and choreography. It was just what I needed to shake out my legs after the six-hour flight from Boston. There was lots of cheering and “woo-hoo”s from the class during our ride, which was a good reminder to take that New England stick out of my ass and loosen up for some laidback California living. 🙂


Golden Gate Park Run & Yoga


I woke up early (my sleep cycle was still on East Coast time) and went for a quick 3-mile run around Golden Gate Park. When I got back, the Stitch Fix & LUNA teams met up with us for some yoga in the park led by LUNA’s in-house yogi, Sadie. It had been a few weeks since I’d hit up a yoga class, which made the session feel all the more wonderful. The rest of the day would be jam-packed with activities, so yoga was the perfect way to kick it off.


Quick Jog & Barre at The Dailey Method

dailey-methodDressed to celebrate the new season of Orange Is the New Black…?

We had another nonstop day with Stitch Fix & LUNA, so a few of the girls and I decided to check out a barre class at a nearby studio early in the morning. Sarah (Sarah Fit), Brittany (Eating Bird Food), Julie (Peanut Butter Fingers), Gina (The Fitnessista) and I ran the mile and a half to The Dailey Method and then took a class with Abby. It was mostly floor work (very little time was spent at the barre), but it was a fun class and I’m glad we checked it out.


Megaformer-ing at BodyRok

bodyrok-sfWhen I first found out I’d be going on this San Francisco trip, I immediately Googled Lagree Fitness studios in the area (I’m a dork, I know). I feel like taking classes on the megaformer with different teachers and studios only makes me a better instructor, and I was curious to see how it would compare to Btone. I ended up going to a morning class at BodyRok (there’s another Lagree Fitness studio in San Fran called Core40, but the class times didn’t work for my schedule). The class was really abs heavy—no complaints here, I love targeting my problem areas!—and only had a quick leg sequence and no arm sequence (minus a few push ups).

I had a ton of fun checking out a west coast megaformer studio, and the BodyRok space is beautiful—lots of natural sunlight, lockers, and a room for spinning classes. The instructor, Jakob, was also beautiful. Just throwing that out there. 😉

Loved starting the day with a workout on my favorite machine!


Does drunk dancing at a Darius Rucker concert in Sonoma count as a workout? According to the FitBit LUNA gave me…no. No it does not.


I spent the entire day traveling and didn’t get back to Boston until 8pm. Woof.

If you live in the area or have visited, what’s your favorite way to workout in San Fran?


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  1. Well that’s easy for me: a personal training session with me at Equinox in SF, or one of my group fitness classes! 🙂 You really saw the city! Hope you enjoyed.

  2. Great post, love hearing about your travel adventure!

  3. Five solid days of workouts while traveling — good job girlie!!

  4. I love San Francisco! It reminds me a lot of my hometown, Seattle! Both cities have lots of hill, which makes it a great workout for runners!

  5. My fave way to workout when I was in San Fran was biking over the Golden Gate Bridge!!!

  6. I don’t know how you do it girl! Just reading this post made me exhausted.
    Sounds like a great trip though!

  7. That sounds like an awesome trip with some great bloggers! I feel lazy just reading about all the activity you fit in while traveling haha.

  8. As an SF-er and Marina resident I’m so glad you tried out some of my fave studios – SoulCycle obviously, BodyRok (love their Sculpt classes but Core 40 is better in terms of total body0- if you ever do, take Amanda!) and Dailey Method (if you can, next time take the Interval class – it’s killer!) Equinox is also a favorite. I teach Pilates so I’m always interested when a fellow instructor takes class because I know you’re as critical as I am. Next time you’re in town – a run to the GG bridge/across it and check out Yoga Flow Union for Runner’s Yoga – one of my fave active recovery workouts!

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