How to (Subtly!) Put in Hair Extensions: Before & After

How To Put in Clip-In Hair ExtensionsLets take a break from fitness and talk about hair today. When Irresistible Me reached out about trying their clip-in hair extensions, I was beyond excited. I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine, and I’ve always wanted to try using extensions to add some volume.

I ended up going with the Medium Brown color (which matched my hair PERFECTLY) and got 18” extensions, which is only a little longer than my real hair. Again, my goal here was volume—I’m not a fan of super long hair on me, and my biggest concern was a natural look. I wanted my hair, just a little more of it—and that’s exactly what I got! LOOK AT THAT VOLUME (!!!):

Clip-in hair extensions for added volume

I’m still a total novice when it comes to putting them in and arranging them, but I wanted to share with you all how I’ve found the best way to go about it is. This way adds volume and a bit of length, but is subtle enough that no one has once guessed that I’m wearing extensions. When the hair compliments come without the “is that your real hair?” question at the end, you know you’ve done it right. 🙂

Because I have fine hair, I have to be really careful about only putting a few in so that they don’t show through my real hair. That’s the worst—have you ever been out at a bar and spotted some girl with her clips peeking through her real hair? My biggest fear is being that girl. Well, my biggest fear is actually spiders, but you get what I mean…

Anyway, if you have thicker hair, repeat the steps outlined below with additional clips. As a reference, here’s a picture of all the pieces that come with the 200g 18” extensions. I only use the ones with arrows pointing at them. I’m sure a hair pro could get more on my head without the clips showing, but I’m only confident wearing a few at a time.

Irresistible Me clip-in hair extensions

How to Put in Clip-In Hair Extensions

How To Put in Clip-In Hair Extensions (Pictorial)

  1. Part your hair horizontally, low on your skull (roughly around the top of your ears). Secure the top up with a clip or hair tie.
  2. Use a comb or brush to tease the hair that’s still down, right at the top along the part. Creating the tease will give your extension clips something to hold on to so that they stay put.
  3. Grab the largest hair piece you’re going to use. In my case, I used the four-clip extension. Make sure all the clips are snapped open.
  4. Line the clips along the part. Start with the center clips and then move outward. Sink the teeth into your teased hair and snap the teeth closed.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 a little higher up your head (make a new part), and with the second-largest hair piece you’re going to use (in my case, a three-clip piece). Make sure you still have enough hair left at the top of your head that when you let it down it fully covers the clip parts of the extensions.
  6. Add final touches with the small hair pieces (in my case, the two one-clip pieces). Add them on the sides of your head, closer to your face, to fill out the front of your hair (the previously applied pieces will have the back of your head covered).

How To Put in Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions Before & After Pictures

As you can see in the below pictures, the difference is subtle—exactly what I wanted! Fuller, thicker hair that looks natural. None of that Real Housewives shit. 😉

Before & After: Clip-in Hair Extensions (front view) Before & After: Clip-In Hair Extensions (back view)If you’re in the market for clip-in extensions, definitely check out Irresistible Me—I absolutely love mine! The quality is great, you get a ton of different options for clip-ins, and I found the color to be spot-on. I’m also excited to offer you 10% off your order with the code IrresistibleNicole. Just enter it in the promo box at checkout.

If you have fine or thin hair, you probably don’t need more than 140g, but I do like that I have a lot of extra pieces since I got 200g. I could never put them all in at once, but now I can play around with different combos and maybe even try cutting and/or dying a few of the clip-ins if I ever switch up my hair style.

Do you ever wear clip-in extensions? Have any tips to share? Leave a comment!

Have a wonderful 4th of July tomorrow to all my readers in the USA!


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  1. Love it! I’ve always been curious about using extensions for volume, but my hair has about a million colors in it from natural and non-natural ( 😉 ) highlights, so I’m always worried about them matching my color! They look awesome on you though!

  2. Really impressive post. These hair extensions usually used for maintaining a volume of hair. The links in these extension hair helps to link with the natural hair. The step by step procedure given in this page is impressive enough. Keep sharing more in the upcoming posts too.

  3. New reader here…this is a useful post but frankly you have beautiful hair as it is. Maybe the pictures don’t convey how it feels to you or how it looks IRL.

  4. Benny Martin says:

    What are the best extensions?

  5. Hey are those royal remys or silky Touches? I have been thinking to order them so i dont know which one is better and yours koko great!

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