Fitness Style Picks: Neutral Muscle Tanks

Fitness Style Picks: Neutral Muscle Tanks1. Tied Up Tank • Nasty Gal • $28.00
2. Don’t Stop Get It Get It Muscle Tank • Style Stalker • $49.00
3. Sorry I’m Not Sorry Ms. Jackson Tank • Nasty Gal • $55.00
4. Selfie Tank • Nasty Gal • $42.00
5. Just Do It Signal Tank • Nike • $35.00
6. Billabong Awesome Saucez Muscle Tank • Billabong • $24.00
7. Gray Cutaway Tank • Nasty Gal • $28.00
8. Spiritual Gangster Live in the Sunshine Tank • $48.00
9. Graphic Muscle Tank – Heart Flag • Express • $29.90
10. FOREVER 21 Baad Sheep Muscle Tank • Forever 21 • $12.80
11. WILDFOX Tank – American Lips Cassidy • Wildfox Couture • $59.00
12. The Laundry Room Trust No 1 Tank • $60.00
13. CHRLDR Muscle Tank – Let’s Get Physical • $54.00

My go-to workout getup is a muscle tank with low-cut arm holes showing a hint of my sports bra underneath and a fun pair of leggings. I love that muscle tanks are loose and flowy enough to be comfortable while working out, but also show off a hint of skin—and those guns! (Not that I have “guns,” but hey, I am getting a little better at push-ups…). And I don’t just work out in muscle tanks—I love wearing them during the day and out at night, too! Maybe I’m just going through a tomboy phase, but I think a muscle tank with lacey bralet underneath, tucked into a pair of ripped shorts with some fun shoes is the perfect summer outfit. 

Since I like to keep things funky below the belt—relax, perverts, I’m talking about my leggings—neutrals on top are best. I’ve rounded up a few fun, neutral muscle tanks that can play double duty as a workout top or everyday closet staple. Some are stupid (“BAAD” with a sheep), but c’mon…kinda funny, right?

You can shop the tanks below:

What’s your go-to workout outfit?


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  1. Heather says:

    Since I do most of my workouts at home (another reason I LOVE your workout posts…), usually I wear my old college gym shorts and a tank top! But I have varicose veins and find that the support from tight capris helps when running or doing plyo.

  2. go-to workout outfit: running shorts and a fun (usually colourful!) tank top. I LOVE all of these tops… I may need to purchase a few…

  3. I keep trying on muscle tanks with low cut arm holes and I never buy them because I don’t know what to wear underneath! Lacey bralette = genius. This is exactly why I need blogs in my life (style clueless).

    When running, I absolutely wear the shortest shorts possible and a sports bra every single day. The only time I change anything is depending on temperature- under 60 gets a long sleeve shirt, under 50 gets leggings, under 40 gets a jacket and headband, under 30 gets me doing a workout in the gym.

    For gym workouts, I like spandex shorts (no awkward crotch flashes when doing leg lift excercises) and a loose workout tank. I like dri-fit tanks because of their light weight, but always go a size up to have some breathing room.

  4. I wear a lot of purple and green, cause I try to channel my inner Joker when I work out!
    It’s weird, but I like cosplay inspiration when I workout, cause it motivates me to be like the character I am inspired by!

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