Bodyweight Circuit with Running Pyramid Workout

Bodyweight Circuit with Running Pyramid WorkoutThis is a great workout for both outdoors and the gym. No equipment is required for the strength-training circuits, so you can stop at given points in an outdoor running route to complete them in the grass/sand/etc. On the flipside, if you’re gym bound, just snag one of the treadmills and a small area of floor space.

Bodyweight Circuit with Running Pyramid Workout

Bodyweight Circuit with Running Pyramid WorkoutYou’ll alternate between running (the distance decreases each round in a pyramid fashion) and completing three rounds of the following bodyweight circuit. In total, you run 2.5 miles and complete 9 rounds of the strength circuit. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Run 1 mile
  • 3 rounds of strength training circuit
  • Run .75 miles
  • 3 rounds of strength training circuit
  • Run .5 miles
  • 3 rounds of strength training circuit
  • Run .25 miles

Bodyweight Circuit with Running Pyramid WorkoutYou should try to run each leg as fast as you can without stopping. And if you don’t have a treadmill or just hate running, feel free to replace it with another type of cardio (the elliptical, biking, etc.).

Strength Training Circuit Breakdown

Complete three rounds of the following in between each running leg:

  • 10 Reptile Push Ups: Start in push up position (a plank with hands aligned under shoulders). As you lower down, crunch your right knee forward, in towards the right shoulder, squeezing those obliques. Return the foot back to the ground as you press back up into high plank position. Repeat, this time on the left.
  • 20 Hindu Squats: A Hindu Squat can best be described as a fluid, deep squat in which you roll onto the balls of your feet as you come up. This is one squat variation where it’s okay for your knees to stick out farther than your toes—but only when you’re on the balls of your feet. Keep feet shoulder-width apart and start by squatting down, hands behind you, torso leaning forward. Move your arms in a circular motion so that your fingertips brush the ground when you’re at your lowest squat, shifting weight onto the balls of your feet and sweeping the arms forward as you come up.
  • 10 (each side) Side Plank Crossbody Crunches: Start in a side plank position, top arm bent, hand behind your head, and bottom leg hovering a couple inches off the ground. From there, tuck your bottom knee forward as you crunch the opposite elbow towards it, twisting your torso towards the ground.
  • 10 (each side) Forward/Backward Pivoting Lunges:This is essentially a front-to-back lunge with one foot planted on the ground. Start in a split-stance lunge, one foot forward, and on the ball of the back foot. Both knees should be bent to 90 degrees, back knee hovering a couple inches off the ground and front knee aligned over the ankle. Using the front foot as your anchor leg, step the back foot forward, landing back in the starting position only with the opposite leg forward, and then quickly pushing off that foot and returning it back behind the anchor foot to where it started.

Bodyweight Circuit with Running Pyramid WorkoutYeah yeah, ok, workout shmorkout—these leggings! So. Stinking. Comfy. I had seen the lucy brand floating around the internet for a while, and then spotted one of their stores while in San Francisco a couple months ago. I remember thinking how cute everything in the window display looked, and then as if reading my mind, the awesome people over at lucy reached out to me about rocking some of their apparel on P&I. Yes, please! I’m wearing the I Run This Capri (retail at $89), and love them. They’re soft and comfortable with a wide, flattering waistband, thick enough material to keep everything where it’s supposed to be, and cute color options.

Now per usual, I’ll leave you with a couple questions to get the ol’ comments section going…

Outdoor running or the treadmill—who ya got? (I think treadmills are torture—I’m Team Outdoors all the way!)

Have you tried out lucy workout apparel before? Thoughts?

Happy Humpday, friends!


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  1. Ooooh, this is intriguing! I’ve never seen this Hindu squat business before. I am seriously in favor of outdoor running unless I’m doing intervals, which are sufficiently mentally engaging to prevent the treadmill doldrums. Sadly, in central Florida, outdoor running in the summer sucks as much as, if not more than, the dreadmill. Six miles has been my limit since June. Womp womp.

  2. One of my girlfriends has taken me to the Lucy store (years ago)….I couldn’t fathom spending more than $40 on pants, but now, I’m learning the value of investing in great gear (they last forever if you take care of the clothing properly!).

    I’m a treadmill gal….I tend to slack off on speed work if I’m outside. (But if I’m doing anything more than 6 miles, I’m outdoors!)

  3. Love workouts like these!

  4. Oh man I love that view! Perfect for the outdoor workout.

  5. I’d rather do a million burpees than run on a treadmill. Outside always! I own a pair of lucy pants but will probably revisit them! I’m almost entirely lulu but it’s always nice to switch it up!

  6. I am new to reading this blog and I really love it. It’s very informative and I love the step by step workouts. I noticed as I browsed around your website that you like to party on weekends, as I do lol. I just need to ask, how do you balance the unhealthy beer/cocktails and still achieve your workout goals? I have been working out for a year and I have changed my diet for the better. I have seen results, but I do feel like I’ve been drinking more in social situations the past few weeks and it’s starting to show. It’s frustrating to lose progress just because I want to enjoy life sometimes. Thank you for reading, any insight you can provide would be helpful 🙂

    • I feel your pain! I think the biggest piece of advice I have is that if you’re not going to eliminate alcohol, at least try to eliminate the late-night drunk eating and next-day unhealthy hangover foods. It’s easier said than done, but now if I go out, I’ll just have a healthy snack like carrots with hummus before bed (with lots of water) and then eat a normal, healthy day of meals the following day, no matter how badly my hangover is craving a greasy breakfast sandwich. All that being said, I definitely don’t drink as much as I used to, so that helps, too haha. 🙂

  7. Outdoors always! I am not a huge fan of the treadmill. Love the leggings of course!

  8. I CANNOT with treadmills. I sprained my ankle in November and was forced to do DREADMILL runs for over a month – torture. Always gotta feel like I’m making forward progress.

    Also those leggings are super cute, as always. Great workout!

  9. Outdoors defo. The treadmill is soul destroying but unfortunately, at the moment, I am doing rehab for my calf and have to run really wee distances and so am using the treadmill so I can then do other stuff afterwards in the gym…..

  10. I didn’t think much about this one when I read it yesterday, but when I got up this morning, I thought to myself, “I’m going to try it!” I did–from what I could remember (I subbed in 2 exercises and forgot 2 of yours 🙂 ) and it was AWESOME!! What a cool workout. I did it under the stars & moon before the world was awake!

  11. Kristin K says:

    I did this workout this morning and am already feeling it in my legs less than 2 full hours later! I told the hubby last night how excited I was to try this b/c I thought it looked a bit ‘easier’ than some of your other posts. I was WRONG. Our block is 1/4 a mile so it worked out perfect to do 4 laps, 3 sets, 3 laps, 3 sets, etc. By the end I didn’t think I could get up from my lunges. THANK YOU for posting such intense workouts that don’t require a ton (or any in this case) of equipment. This was a great change of pace from my usual 5-6 mile runs in the morning and I loved feeling the burn & challenge on a workout that I thought would be ‘easy.’ 🙂

  12. Nice! I have adult onset degenerative scoliosis, so I do my “running” on my crosstrainer\ elliptical. This looks great, I was looking for something new to add to my routine, thanks! Oh, and the pants look awesome!

  13. Hi there, as a beginner would you recommend I cut it from 10 to around 7-8 reps of each exercise and from 20 to 10 hindu squats?

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