What’s Currently in My Gym Bag

What's in my gym bagDisclosure: This #AwesomelyActive post was sponsored by Tampax® Pearl® Active™ through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR, all opinions are my own.

Don’t worry, male readers, this post may be sponsored by a tampon company, but it doesn’t involve intricate period details or require you to go buy a box of them for your girlfriend. 🙂 On a side note, why do most guys find that so embarrassing?? It’s not like the cashier is going to think they’re for you…

Anyway, while I don’t go to a traditional gym, I’m always running around between different studios (to both teach and take classes), and keep a bag with the essentials in it ready to go. Since I don’t have an office job and pretty much wear gym clothes 24/7, I only carry around a small bag and don’t have to worry about showering or packing a change of clothes. What’s inside changes with the season and my fitness routine, but if I were to dump out my gym bag right now, here’s what you’d see:

Spin Shoes | About a year ago, I bought a pair of spin/indoor cycling shoes, and it was the best purchase ever. They’re made with hard soles and clip into the pedals on the bike (versus strapping your sneakers into a pedal cage), and if you take indoor cycling classes frequently, they’re totally worth the purchase. 

Tampax® Pearl® Active™ | You’d think that by age 26, I’d have mastered this whole period thing, but I still manage to be surprised by it every month. Most gyms and fitness studios will have tampons in the bathroom, but I just feel better knowing I have a few on me. I love this tweet from Chrissy Teigen on the topic (she is hilarious to follow on Twitter, FYI):

I’ve always preferred Tampax® Pearl® because the applicator is so much more comfortable than cardboard, and Tampax® Pearl® Active™ is great because it has a SlenderFit™ applicator that’s 20% slimmer. And I never worry about them while working out because of the absorbent Backup Braid™ and FormFit™ protection (the way they expand)—no leaks!


Grippy Studio Socks | Although I prefer to take Lagree Fitness classes barefoot, I typically wear grippy socks while teaching. That way I can demonstrate moves on the machines, and have something on while I’m walking around the wood floors during class.

Interval Timer | For the Tone ‘n Torch class I teach once a week at Btone (half Lagree Fitness, half HIIT), I frequently use an interval timer. Because I have a couple, I now just leave one in my gym bag at all times so I don’t risk forgetting it. 

Headphones | Not only do I NEED music if I’m going to go for a run, but now that I teach spin, which is so heavily dependant on the playlist, I like to constantly be listening to and searching for new tunes—walking to and from class, while I write, running errands, etc.

Pen & Paper | All the workouts I post to P&I start as little scribbles on a piece of paper. I’ll write down an idea for a workout (maybe I’m bored sitting on the T or do a killer exercise combo in a class that I want to remember to recreate), and then try it out next time I feel like working out at home. When I’m done, I’ll jot down little notes, maybe make a couple adjustments to things I didn’t like, and then save the piece of paper for when I’m ready to shoot and write up a blog post for it.

I also like having a pen & paper around for when I hear a song I like for spin class—I’ll jot down the name and something like “hill song—heavy 8ct jumps with seated push during the chorus” so I can remember to go back to it. Basically, I have scraps of paper littering my gym bag, apartment, car—everything.

Hair Ties & Head Bands | I’m sure this one isn’t surprising—so necessary when you have long hair! Nothing is worse than getting to the gym and realizing you don’t have a hair tie with you. I’ve resorted to rubber bands and even a shoelace one time to try and keep the mane in place and it’s no fun.

Water Bottle | Plastic water bottles are, like, so 1995. Invest in a quality, BPA-free water bottle and you’ll get years of life out of it while doing your small part to reduce waste. I’ve had the one pictured since college!

Wow, I can’t believe I got through an entire post sponsored by Tampax® Pearl® Active™ without quoting Mean Girls (you know the quote I’m referring to). Teaming up with them was a no-brainer—I already had this exact tampon in my gym bag before they sent me a box!—and Tampax® was a pleasure to work with. Just had to end with that because they were beyond accommodating through the rough few weeks I had at the end of August, and it was so appreciated.

You can follow this awesome company on Facebook and Twitter.

Now your turn: What’s currently in your gym bag?


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  1. Such a great idea to have a pen and paper in your gym bag! I try to jot down notes on my phone but somehow I forget about them or it takes too long to type them out and I forget what I was doing half way through haha. I’m thinking about buying an interval timer too!


    • I do the same thing–I always forget about notes on my phone! It’d be so much more streamlined though–I have scraps of paper EVERYWHERE. Such a mess haha 🙂

  2. Nicole, What interval timer do you use?

  3. What kind of headphones do you use? I’m looking for a new lightweight pair that will stay in my ears while running/working out.

    • I just use the Apple ones that came with my iPhone–I actually really like the newer model that came with the iPhone 5–super comfortable and stay in my ears on runs!

  4. bumpandrunchat says:

    Our gym bags are very similar=) Worst story ever though: a couple months ago I accidentally left my car unlocked and someone stole my gym bag. It didn’t look so much like a gym bag so they were probably thinking there’d be money inside, but at least I got to stick it to them bc there was none. Anyway, the one thing that was terrible to lose was my gym notebook, particularly bc it was my CrossFit notebook. All those notes and entries – gone! So, so sad! I did manage to get a new bag and notebook, and you can believe I’m double checking my car each night.

  5. I’ve got all those things in my gym bag too. I guess the only other thing I might have is my Garmin and Heart rate monitor. And yeah, having tampons is crucciaallll for any bag.

  6. Cute bag. I’m more of a backpack girl because I’m always on foot in San Francisco. I always have bobby pins to keep back my awkward-stage growing out bangs, some deodorant for between sessions and clients, sunglasses, some mints to keep my breath minty fresh and a mic belt for all the group fitness classes I teach. I used to carry around emergency snacks, but I’d eat them as soon as I put them in my bag even if not an emergency. ahhaa!

  7. Ha…I am always surprised by my period too. Like really after this many years of getting it? Glad I’m not the only one. My bag always has lifting gloves, my I-pod, gum and my gym membership card. Oh and hairbands! Can’t forget those!

  8. Chrissy Teigen is also hilaaaaarious on Instagram–looks like I’ll have to start following her Twitter account!

  9. Am I blind or did you not say who made the bag itself? I love it! Want.

  10. We boys don’t use any GYM Bag,
    I only keep water bottle with me.

  11. I agree with agentathletica. Where did you get the bag?!?

  12. Hi Nicole! I’m in the middle of career shift into fitness, and reading about your journey here at P&I has been very inspirational! What spinning shoes are you using? I want to get certified in Spinning, and I think it’s time for me to upgrade into real cycling shoes… 😉

    • Congrats on the career shift! My spin shoes are Shimano–sizing can be a bit tricky if you’re ordering them online, but once you get that figured out, they’re great.

  13. Soooo good to be back on a schedule!! @rhoatx

  14. what bag is that one?

  15. Please share the brand of bag in photo and where to get it? 🙂

  16. Sorry I see you named the bag lol, please say the brand of headphones?

  17. Sorry talking about the black ones not the apple lol was in a hurry and am on a tiny screen. Thank you!

  18. haha, awesome post! I have to add that gymnastic tape has become a regular bring along these days, I find it really helps with grip when doing loads of pullups or heavy olympic lifts…was thinking of trying liquid chalk as well but not gone down that road yet!

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