15-Minute AMRAP Workout (30-Day Sweat Challenge)

15-Minute AMRAP Workout with hand weightsI’m teaming up with Sweaty Betty for today’s workout! SB is challenging you to amp up your fitness and nutrition this month by following along with their series of online workouts, recipes and mindfulness mini challenges and goals. I’m honored to have been asked to host today’s challenge, and in true P&I fashion, we’re doing a quick-but-intense workout.

Grab a set of 5-15lb dumbbells (or just use your bodyweight) and set aside 15 minutes of your day to try this bad boy out. Also be sure to follow Sweaty Betty on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram this month to catch all the other challenges (#SB30daysweat), and check out their Get Fit 4 Free page. I think a lot of people want to hit the “reset” button in September after a summer of traveling, celebrating, weddings, and BBQs, so SB’s 30-Day Sweat Challenge couldn’t have come at a better time.

15-Minute AMRAP Workout Challenge

Equipment I Used:

  • Two 8-lb dumbbells (optional—you can do this with just your bodyweight!)

Set a timer (or watch the clock) for 15 minutes. AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible, so your goal is to get through the following exercises as many times as you can before the timer goes off. Keep track of how many rounds you do, and then revisit the workout in a couple weeks or months and try to beat your time. It’s a great way to push yourself and track progress!

15-Minute AMRAP Workout with hand weights

  • 10 Burpee Jump Squats with Rows: This move is based on the traditional burpee. Holding dumbbells at your shoulders, feet hip-width apart, do three jump squats. On the last one, place your dumbbells on the ground in front of you and jump back into a plank position. Do a row with each arm, pulling your elbow straight up towards the ceiling. Jump your feet back up towards your hands, coming upright into squat position. That’s one rep. You’ll then start right back up with the jump squats. 3 jump squats + 1 plank row each arm = 1 rep.
  • 20 Leg Scissor Sit Ups: Start laying down on your back, a dumbbell held overhead. Engage your core, pressing your low back firmly into the ground and lifting your feet off the ground a couple inches. Try not to let the legs rest on the ground the entire time—make those abs work! From this starting position, do one toe touch with the weight to each foot: Scissor your legs, bringing one straight up, perpendicular to the ground, as you bring the weight up to meet it, crunching your abs and lifting your shoulder blades off the ground. Lower your torso back down as you switch legs (keeping them straight!) and repeat to the other toe. Finish by doing one slow situp, trying to keep your feet hovering off the ground as you bring the weight in front of you and lift your torso up and then slowly back down. That’s one rep. Your legs are going to want to lift up as you sit-up—fight it as best you can, trying to keep them hovering a couple inches to a foot off the ground. 1 leg scissor toe touch each foot + 1 slow sit up = 1 rep.
  • 10 (each leg) Curtsey Lunges to Side Lift: Start standing with feet hip distance apart, holding the weight at your chest. Step one foot behind the other, reaching out as far as you can while squatting down on the base leg (like a curtsey). As you come out of the lunge, kick the back foot up and out to the side, weight centered over the base leg. Bring it down and right back into the curtsey lunge.

15-Minute AMRAP Workout with hand weights

WEARING | leggings: c/o Sweaty Betty // tank: Lululemon // sneakers: Puma

The leggings I’m wearing in this workout are actually a pair of Sweaty Bettys that I turned inside-out (as you can tell by the label on my butt haha). They’re clearly not meant to be worn like this (here’s what they look like the right way), but I love the contrast seams, and, as an added bonus, it allows me to wear them twice as long before washing them. It’s a lazy girl’s dream.

How many rounds/reps of this workout can you get through in 15 minutes?


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  1. This workout looks great! Can’t wait to try it!

  2. This workout looks amazing. I love AMRAP. I will definitely try and let you know how many rounds!! I’d love for this to show up on the Fitness Friday linkup! I hope to see you there 🙂

  3. I love doing weighted burpees, but haven’t done them with the squat jump and row- likely going to use that in my class tonight!

  4. I love the tank too. Where is it from? Thanks for the workout!

  5. I actually did one of your AMRAP workouts today and I was dripping sweat!! I am excited to try out this one..those jump squats burpees with rows sound scary!! Ha!

  6. I’m scared and so ready for those turbo charged burpees. Love your blog and your workout outfits are great!

  7. Cannot wait to try this workout! Looks killer!

    XO Chloe

  8. A. You have the best hair lol, always looks good even when working out!
    B. Jealous of your ability to work outside still, I’m from Toronto, Canada and we have dropped to 10 degrees out :(. Definitely into the fall weather!
    C. Love your workouts, especially AMRAPs! Can’t wait to try this one out!

    Please never stop this blog, it’s AMAZING! Love the holistic posts!

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