10-Minute Work-Break Workout (for at Home or the Office)

10-Minute Workout to do at the office or at home (perfect for when you need a break from sitting at your desk!)The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA Fitness.

Anyone else have a serious case of The Mondays today? Usually I feel extremely hashtag blessed to never dread Monday because I LOVE what I do and it honestly doesn’t feel like work, but today started with three hours at the RMV. Enough said. How is it that we can put people on the moon and clone animals but haven’t yet figured out how to make going to the RMV not suck?

Anyway, in honor of a new work week, I have a quick, 10-minute workout you can do when you need a little break from sitting at your desk. Are you going to get your dream body by doing this routine? No—its purpose is to get the blood flowing and the muscles moving and shake out that 9-5 sedentary body. You can even do it a few times throughout the day. The moves are simple, and you can do it at home or at the office using a desk chair. Maaaybe save it for a day you aren’t wearing a dress/skirt, but other than that, it’s office-friendly (provided you don’t care what your coworkers think of you and/or have a private office or cubicle).

10-Minute Work Break Workout

There are four parts to this quick workout:

  • Part One: Do squats for 30 seconds and then hold that squat nice and low for 30 seconds. Repeat three times. Make sure you’re keeping the weight in your heels and sending the booty/hips back—not the knees forward. Knees shouldn’t stick out farther than your toes. You can do these over a chair, tapping your butt to the seat each time and then holding a hover over it; or, just air squat.
  • Part Two: Do push ups for 30 seconds and then triceps dips for 30 seconds. Repeat three times. For the push ups, you can either do them on the floor, or at an angle. If you do them at an angle with hands on a platform (chair, desk, etc.) and feet on the floor, they’ll be easier. If you do them at an angle with feet on a platform and hands on the floor, they’ll be harder. Do the triceps dips off of a chair, coffee table or desk. The higher the platform, the easier they’ll be.
  • Part Three: Repeat Part One.
  • Part Four: Hold a 60-second plank. You can do this from your forearms or hands. If you’re a beginner, place your hands on an elevated surface (chair, desk) and your feet on the floor—the angle will make the plank easier.

10-Minute Workout to do at the office or at home (perfect for when you need a break from sitting at your desk!)

In this workout, I’m wearing head-to-toe PUMA thanks to my latest campaign with FitFluential. I love the strappy details on the back of the gym tank! It’s made from a LYCRA® SPORT material and is supportive but comfy, and has mesh inserts to keep it breathable. The built-in bra is comfortable but I didn’t find it supportive enough to run in—definitely better suited for a pilates or lower-impact workout (like the one in today’s post!).

PUMA Fitness outfitI love the print of the Gym ¾ Tight I’m wearing because I’m a huge fan of black leggings (the most sweat-safe color out there, ya feel me??), but need to switch it up here and there.

The sneaker is Puma’s Mobium XT and it’s super lightweight. I personally love light sneakers, but sometimes find them challenging to wear during bootcamp-esque classes because of the lack of support. These, however, have the Mobium Fit Band around the front of the sneaker which is basically a support band. It helps a ton to keep your foot from rolling over the edge of the sneaker during lateral movements.

PUMA Fitness outfitIn addition to the performance look I’m wearing in the workout tutorial, PUMA sent me a comfort look. I love that athletic wear is slowly morphing into everyday wear—even high-end designers in the fashion world are coming out with activewear lines. It’s especially awesome for me since yoga pants = formal business attire in my line of work. 🙂

The Gym Loose Tank Top combines my two favorite tank qualities: it’s sheer and has a cut-out back. Yes, please! CoolCELL material makes it moisture-wicking and breathable, and I’ve been wearing it to both workout and for everyday activities.

The studio capsule pants have been perfect for teaching my early morning classes. Especially on Monday, when that alarm goes off at 5AM, I want to put on the closest thing to pajama pants as I can find—bingo! Even though they do have dryCell for a moisture-wicking material, I don’t think I’m brave enough to workout in them for fear of sweat stains (light gray scares me in the gym haha), but they’re perfect for that athletic look during the day. I wear these ALL the time.

Finally, the Narita V2 shoes are a running shoe-casual fashion sneaker hybrid. They have PUMA’s running shoe tech (EVA midsole, EverRide and EverTrack rubber), but with the look of a casual sneaker you’d throw on to run errands.

PUMA Fitness outfit

You can shop for all the items I’m wearing HERE.

Which look do you like best? Are you brave enough to workout at your desk—or would it be way too awkward? 🙂


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  1. Funny question – I think it totally depends on the work environment. My last job was very corporate and conversative and squats at my desk would not have been ok! Lol.

    Great workout outfits – you always pull them together to look very stylish.

  2. Those active sweatpants look super comfy! I think I would be in danger of wearing them all the time if I had them at home!

    xx Maddy

  3. I love both looks. I spend so much time in gym clothes it would be nice to have some of this lounge-wear as a change of pace. And colored pants are always a good choice. How many classes are you teaching a week now? Did you get your own cycle classes on the schedule somewhere?

    • I did! I was teaching two spin classes a week, but actually had to stop. I found it was just too much in addition to the 13 megaformer classes I teach weekly (and I love those way too much to cut back haha). We’ll see though, maybe in the future I’ll pick up a spin class again–they’re fun, just take sooo long to plan because I find myself obsessing over the playlist.

  4. Great idea to workout on the job in between patients, phone calls or whatever!

  5. Love the idea of this! I know I am not one to enjoy sitting for prolonged periods of time!

  6. Nice routine ~ I may give this a try tonight 😉


  7. I would LOVE to be able to work out at my desk. I hate hate hate all the sitting. But I’m pretty sure my team would think I’m (even more) out of my mind. For now I’ll just squeeze in shoulder stretches in the bathroom and break room and try to take as many trips to the printer as possible. 🙂

    PS – SUPER cute outfits!

  8. I absolutely love this! A great pick me up for mid-day when I don’t have time for a run or a solid workout but could use some energy. Great outfits as well!

  9. LOVE your outfit! You totally rock those pants and that tank! Wish I could rock that! Love this workout too… its nice to switch it up with a quickie!

  10. Definitely guilty of trying to do planks at work. Unfortunately I don’t have a full cube so I hide in the corner but its not hidden enough sometimes. People make fun of me but really…. they’re just jealous of my dedication. Ha!

  11. Dips and squats? Sure. But I’m not putting my hands or face near the floor in my office – I’m not confident it’s been cleaned since, I don’t know, ever?

  12. Nicole, you literally have the most perfect body ever. EVER. Just had to remind you…

  13. So helpful! I’ve recently set a reminder to build in stretching time during the day because 9-5 sitting is not conducive to an active lifestyle. Thanks for the mini workout!

  14. Nicole, you certainly perfect the increasingly growing “athleisure” wear trend (their word, not mine, but mine now too). Transcends gyms and studios, and provides the term needed to explain my weekend outfits. So on trend, Puma… Amiright?

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