Necessary Clothing x Pumps & Iron (Part One)

Necessary ClothingIt’s been a while since I’ve worn something other than leggings and sneakers on the blog! When you make a living working out and helping others workout, occasions to wear non-fitness attire are so exciting—even if it’s just running errands. Pants! I get to wear real pants with buttons and zippers! So not surprisingly, I jumped at the fun opportunity to team up with Necessary Clothing.

Necessary Clothing Necessary Clothing

If you’re not familiar with Necessary Clothing, it’s an online boutique (with store locations in NYC), and the only thing better than their selection of clothing is the price. The five pieces I selected came out under $150…TOTAL. That being said, I could still easily spend my entire paycheck on the site because everything is so spot-on my style. Ripped denim, plaid, crops, buckled boots—it all has just a bit of edge to it that I love. It was hard to select just five items to style, but here’s what I went with:

Necessary Clothing

one. White High Waist Jeans $39.99 / two. Lug Combat Boots $24.99 / three. Plaid Bomber Jacket $39.99 / four. X Marks The Spot Tank $12 (sale) /five. Mullet Cross Over Top $17.99

Necessary Clothing Necessary Clothing Necessary ClothingI decided to style each piece individually because, like mentioned before, I jump at the chance to not wear yoga pants, so broke the pictures up into two posts. I’m sharing the gray crop and plaid bomber jacket today, and the rest next week.

Necessary Clothing Necessary Clothing

Have you shopped Necessary Clothing before?


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  1. Oooh, LOVING the gray cross-over with the white skirt. Never shopped Necessary Clothing before, but I’ll have to try them out. Adorable!

  2. I have not, but I am now slightly obsessed with that Plaid Jacket

  3. I’ve never heard of Necessary Clothing before, but I’m pretty sure I can’t live without that plaid bomber jacket.

  4. I LOVE number 5! I’ve never heard of this brand before, but very much stuff I would wear!

  5. I love the chance to wear non-workout clothes too and that usually only happens on the weekends. I’ve never bought NC before. Cute stuff. I’m definitely into plaid this season.

  6. I love Necessary Clothing! I have some awesome boots from there! The outfits you got are super cute on you 🙂

  7. Where are those short booties from in the first pic? OBSESSED.

  8. Love your gray sweater! Thanks for introducing me to this site – it’s completely new to me!

  9. NC was my entire wardrobe when I lived in NYC. They single-handedly kept me clothed thanks to my entire salary going to rent! Now I’m like you and live in workout clothes. Wearing pants with a button and zipper is like a once a year occasion for me and I tell just about everyone in my life about it. Come style me! k thx.

    • Haha I do the same thing–any time I put on real pants and a normal outfit I SnapChat the shit out of it. LOOK AT ME I’M NOT WEARING LULULEMON!!!

  10. Great Stuff I’ve never shopped there but I think I have a code from them somewhere around here! And this also just made me want some new chucks.

  11. Great outfits and suggestions!

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