Kettlebell Double-or-Nothing Deck of Cards Workout

Kettlebell Deck of Cards WorkoutI did this on one of those days when you keep putting off your workout (but with full intension of doing it!) until all of a sudden it’s 8PM and anything not involving your couch and/or bed seems like an absolutely terrible idea. I figured a deck of cards workout would be a way to make it seem more like a game and less like a workout? Wrong. This was so hard. In fact, it’s pretty much the complete opposite of anything involving your couch and/or bed.

Kettlebell Deck of Cards WorkoutThanks to my friends over at Cozy Orange, I’m rocking some fun printed leggings in today’s tutorial. They’re super comfy and the material is perfect for these upcoming colder months as it’s warm and a little on the thicker side. They have a small key pocket in the waistband as well, so I can see these being on heavy rotation for my cold-weather morning runs! If you want to check them out online, these are the Juno Fitted Yoga Pants.

Kettlebell Double-or-Nothing Deck of Cards Workout

Equipment I Used (adjust weights to your individual fitness level):

  • 15-lb kettlebell
  • 20-lb kettlebell
  • 25-lb kettlebell
  • A deck of cards (you can also use an app like RipDeck)

Deck-of-cards workouts are fun! Each suit corresponds to a different exercise, and number on the cards indicates how many reps of that exercise you’ll do. Ace is 11 and face cards are 10. Go through the entire deck, flipping one card over at a time.

For this particular “double or nothing” workout, you’ll either double the number of reps indicated on each card, or do it twice, once on each side (left, right). For example:

8 of clubs = 16 kettlebell swings

4 of diamonds = 4 windmills on the left, 4 windmills on the right

Kettlebell Deck of Cards Workout

CLUBS | Kettlebell Swings (x2)

Start with kettlebell on the floor between your legs and lift it up to starting position with both hands, flat back, using your legs to lift. With kettlebell hanging between your legs, use your arms as a pendulum, and swing the bell to chest-to-eye level by thrusting with your hips while keeping your core tight as you stand up straight. Swing back down and repeat. Your knees should remain slightly bent, but the main source of movement is hinging at the hips—not so much squatting. I use a 25-lb bell.

DIAMONDS | Windmills (a set on each side)

Start in a standing position, feet wider than hip-width apart, kettlebell pressed above head in right hand. Your right foot should be pointing forward, your left foot pointing out to the side (perpendicular to the right). Slowly bend down, keeping legs and the arm holding the kettlebell straight. Touch the ground by your left foot with your left hand, keeping the kettlebell perpendicular to the ground the whole time. Slowly rise back up to starting position. A good way to maintain proper alignment during this is to look up at the kettlebell the whole time. I used a 15-lb kettlebell for these.

SPADES | Figure 8 Squats (x2)

Start standing with feet a little more than hip width apart, holding the kettlebell in one hand. Squat down, and as you do, pass the bell through your legs to the other hand, tracing half of a figure 8. Stand up, squeezing that booty and popping your hips forward. Squat back down, finishing the figure 8 shape around your legs as you pass the kettlebell through your legs to the starting hand. Here’s a video of it in action (fast forward to 0:43).

HEARTS | High Pulls (a set on each side)

Stand tall, feet about hip-width apart, with the kettlebell on the ground in front of you to one side. Squat down, weight in your heels, grabbing the kettlebell with one hand. This is your starting position. From here, power up to a standing position using your legs. As you do, pull the kettlebell straight up by your armpit, leading with the elbow. Bring the kettlebell back down to the ground softly, tapping it to the floor and going right into your next rep. I used a 20-lb kettlebell.

Kettlebell Deck of Cards Workout

WEARING | leggings: c/o Cozy Orange // top: H&M // sneakers: Nike

Have you ever done a deck of cards workout?


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  1. I have never done one before but love the idea! I guess it will be added to my games list for my birthday coming soon! 🙂

  2. This looks great! I love switching things up and using kettlebells!

  3. The windmill is one of the most under-rated and awesome moves. Thanks for including it!

  4. AunieSauce says:

    Deck of cards workouts are my favorites~ I like the double or nothing mantra 🙂 Makes it intense! By the way, those windmills? They are CRAZY GOOD. I did them and felt like a nerd but then couldn’t move the next day. They are a great, great exercise!! 🙂

  5. This was brutal!!! My arms are like noodles. I forward this to our bootcamp trainer at my gym and we did it today. I used 35 lbs for the swings, 20 lbs for the windmills, and 25 lbs for the figure 8s and high pulls. We loved it- thanks for sharing!!

  6. Love this idea! I’ve never heard of deck of cards workout before. I’m going to try this tonight and incorporate it into more of my workouts. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. I’ve never done a deck of cards workout or really a kettle bell workout recently for that matter. These look like some didfict, but good exercises to add into a workout.

  8. Love the idea, looks very difficult tho!
    Great blog! Love the title!

    For more skinny inspo, check out Instagramer @sheinprogress1 and her skinny smoothies!
    We are trying to decide which one we love best! >!/Whichits/542a8c7571f23f0f644e2139/

  9. Ugh I have a love hate with decks of card workouts. I mostly hate them because I’m terrible at shuffling and I always end up with all the same suited cards together. They are a great way to shake up a workout though!

  10. bumpandrunchat says:

    That’s definitely a great way to keep the workout exciting since you never know which card you’ll pull! A great way to keep exercise fun, thanks for sharing!

  11. Love the idea and your tights too…

    Enjoy the weekend!

  12. Oh dear me- I read the first paragraph, looked at the clock (its now 9pm) and thought “yup, putting off my workout is EXACTLY what I’m doing right now” oopsie! I have no kettle-bells but a deck-of-cards workout sounds like an all-round awesome idea. Thanks for getting me off my ass! *lazy person in head curses loudly*

  13. Definitely going to give this a try, just maybe in the morning!! Eek definitely tomorrow

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