My Third (and Favorite!) Fix: Stitch Fix Gets Me

Stitch Fix Review (outfits styled with my fix)I got my third delivery from Stitch Fix a couple weeks ago and they get me, guys. They really, really get me. Everything in it rocked—either something I needed or something I didn’t know I needed but apparently did because I’ve been wearing it for a week straight. So instead of the painful mirror selfies I took for my previous two Stitch Fix reviews, I’ve stepped this one up with some outfit styling and a photoshoot (a.k.a. hey mom, wanna come over and take a bunch of pictures of me pretending to model?) in the oh-so-chic alleyway behind my apartment. That’s what you get when you have a fitness blogger pretending to be a fashion blogger…

If you missed my first two Stitch Fix posts and have no clue what it is, you can read about the online styling service here and here.

Renee C. Skirt= KEEPER

Before I even tried this on, I know I was going to keep it based solely on the print. As soon as the weather starts to cool, I swear the only colors I wear are black, off-black, dark gray, and more black. I’m so boring.

Stitch Fix Review (outfits styled with my fix) Stitch Fix Review (outfits styled with my fix)

I can wear this skirt all year long—pairing it with a white crop top in the summer, a darker top and scarf in the fall, and then layering on a blazer and adding some tights in the winter. For this particular look, I paired it with a t-shirt tied up in a knot, scarf and some booties.

Stitch Fix Review (outfits styled with my fix) Stitch Fix Review (outfits styled with my fix)

IN THIS LOOK | skirt: Renee C. via Stitch Fix // top: c/o Reebok // booties: Jeffery Campbell

Mavi Black Skinny Jeans = KEEPER

I actually already have a pair…ok two…of black skinny jeans, so I debated keeping these, but convinced myself they’re all different enough that three pairs of black skinny jeans is rational and necessary. I had a leather pair and a biker-inspired pair with edgy zippers, so this classic pair is a good complement to the others. Just humor me…

Stitch Fix Review (outfits styled with my fix) Stitch Fix Review (outfits styled with my fix)

41 Hawthorn Blouse = KEEPER

I love this flowy blouse. The print is fun, and it has pretty beading along the neckline (you can’t really see it in these pictures). You could pair it with black lace shorts and heels for a night out, or with a blazer and dress pants for the ol’ corporate look (work style advice coming from a girl who wears yoga pants as a career…).

Stitch Fix Review (outfits styled with my fix)Stitch Fix Review (outfits styled with my fix)

IN THIS LOOK | blouse: 41 Hawthorn via Stitch Fix // pants: Mavi via Stitch Fix // blazer: Nordstrom Rack // heels: asos

Tart Scarf = KEEPER

It’s scarf season, and it’s always leopard-print season (in my mind), so this circle scarf was a definite keeper. You can wear it loose, looped around your neck a couple times, or wind it into a sort of neck warmer. Lots of ways to style it!

Stitch Fix leopard scarf

Mystree Crew Neck Sweater = KEEPER

I know I’ll wear this comfortable crew-neck sweater a ton. I don’t have enough neutral, wardrobe-staple sweaters (I have a white one that I refuse to part with, but it’s riddled with holes—it needs a backup).

Stitch Fix Review (outfits styled with my fix) Stitch Fix Review (outfits styled from my fix) Stitch Fix Review (outfits styled from my fix) Stitch Fix Review (outfits styled from my fix)

IN THIS LOOK | sweater: Mystree via Stitch Fix // shirt: Brandy Melville // jeans: Mavi via Stitch Fix (from a previous fix) // shoes: Kork-Ease

Every time I do a fashion-related post, I read it back to myself and think You are one basic, baaaaasic bitch, Nicole. Spewing out sentence after sentence gushing over an article of clothing with I-can’t-even’s and OMG-so-cute-right’s may not be the most intellectually stimulating way to spend my time, but WHATEVER these posts are so fun for me to make! I can’t help it: I love clothing; I love playing dress-up; and adding new items to my wardrobes fills me with joy and excitement. Stitch Fix, you made my day with this fix!

Which item/look is your favorite? Is it just me or do you slip into Basic Mode against your will when clothes are mentioned? 🙂

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  1. Love the sweater, boyfriend jeans and heels – beyond cute. Also love the foley top. Awesome fix!

  2. AHH I want your wardrobe!!!!! The patterned skirt and the last one are my favs!!

  3. The skinny jeans and the blouse for sure!

  4. Great outfits!

  5. am i the only person whos never heard of Kork-Ease before? those shoes are sickkkk

    and i sound basic 24/7 but just can’t care (ha, see what i did there). awesome post!

  6. I’m so basic all the time and I love it! I just laugh at the jokes, because they’re (mostly) true! All the fashion posts lately are great! I love your style 🙂 keep em’ coming!

  7. Perfect outfits! They look great on you. I can’t wait to give Stitch Fix a try!

  8. This post (your commentary) cracked me up! I love all these looks though – stitch fix killed it!

  9. I love your Kork-Ease shoes! And I think they’re on sale online right now. Are they at all comfortable?

  10. Nicole! Why did you do this to me – now I want to order my next fix asap. Love everything!

  11. Man Repeller di a HI-larious post on how all things basic may just be the most universally likable things-which I find so true. So have no shame in loving a third pair of black skinnies and a leopard print scarf, if basic b*tches love it, it’s probably because it’s OMG I-can’t-even worthy 🙂

  12. your kork ease shoes are so cute!!

  13. I’m pretty sure you could put on rags and still awesome! I love all these outfit, but the skirt especially.

  14. I am obsessed with all things scarves so that leopard print scarf or the Mystree sweater are easily my favorite. I love your pairings above. So chic.

  15. I hated stitchfix I specifically listed what I didn’t want and that’s all they sent…. but I LOVE your styled box! Fabulous skirt!

  16. My favorite it definitely the sweater and jeans look. I live for jeans! Always my go to.

    No shame in liking basics. They’re VERY trendy right now.

  17. I love the skirt, such a great way to brighten up dark winter tones! But the skinny jeans really hit home because I was totally agonizing over whether to buy a pair of Paige black skinnies yesterday and I decided not to and I REGRET THAT DECISION! So, another trip to the store may be in my immediate future. And clearly, I slip into basic bitch mode as I just completely over-dramatized clothes shopping.

  18. Honestly, you have more style sense than many of the “fashion” blogs I come across (even if you’re basic :P).

  19. I am in LOVE with that skirt! I am really on the fence with signing up with them. But they are picking some great stuff for you 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  20. What a great fix! Love all your pieces!

  21. bumpandrunchat says:

    They are perfect! I love pairing a nice pencil skirt with a t-shirt, it’s the best combo!

  22. those shoes though!

  23. who was your stylist? I love all these looks and the sweater and jeans is sooo my style!

  24. Love that I came across your blog. that sweater is my favorite, what brandy Melville shirt are you wearing underneath. Love this. Thanks!

    • I’m not sure of the exact style–it’s an older tank I got in the summer, but it’s high neck and the sides are open except for a small stitch holding the front and back together.

  25. The jeans and blouse look classy! My favorite! Love the shoes in all pics too!

  26. I just had to order that exact pair of kork ease shoes because of your pics! I hope they look this good on me with my boyfriend jeans as they do on you!!!!

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