This Month’s Stitch Fix (Review of Fix #4)

stitch fix reviewMy fake modeling efforts aren’t quite as impressive as in last month’s Stitch Fix review, but I didn’t keep as many items as last time so it balances out. And making a debut in this month’s Stitch Fix fashion show are my apartment’s thirty-year-old baseboards. Vintage is so chic, no?

Ok, I’ll stop.

I ended up keeping two out of the five items in my most recent fix (if you’re unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, you can read up on it in my first review HERE). Check out what I got and let me know in the comments if you agree with my keeps! And if you spy anything you want in your next fix, just pin the image to the Pinterest board you have linked to your Stitch Fix account or make a note to your stylist (no guarantees because of availability, but requests never hurt!).

41Hawthorn Kaiya Asymmetrical Convertible Moto Jacket = KEEPER

If it has the word “moto” in the description, there’s a 99% chance I’m going to want it. I love the whole rocker/biker style. This jacket has zipper detailing and the sleeves even come off if you want to wear it as a vest (I think it looks better as a jacket though).

blue moto zipper jacket from stitch fix

Market and Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee = KEEPER

This t-shirt is SO SOFT. I know I’ll wear it a ton, and it can even be dressed up with a fun statement necklace.

blue comfy tee from stitch fix

Sugarlips Jan Textured Knit Pencil Skirt = NO GO

This skirt is cute (it has a pretty quilted texture that the pictures don’t adequately show), but I wouldn’t get a ton of use out of it. As the pictures show, it can be styled in a way that’s very “me” (crop top + heels = Nicole), but I think it’s better suited for women who work in an office. I could see it being a 9-5 staple paired with a camisole and blazer.

white pencil skirt from stitch fix

41Hawthorn Marco Faux Leather Lapel Blazer = NO GO

I actually need a black blazer, but the cut of this one just wasn’t quite there for me. It has a more relaxed fix through the torso, and I’d prefer a blazer to be a little more slim-fitting.

black blazer from Stitch Fix

RD Style Angus Split Back Mixed Material Sweater = NO GO

The back of this sweater is so cute with the buttons and sheer detailing, but I didn’t love the fit—from the front, it looks a little shapeless and frumpy.

black sweater from stitch fix

Which items would you have kept?


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  1. That moto jacket is amazeBalls! I would have kept for sure that so perfect for the season. I’ve been on the hunt for a great one. Everything else would have went back.

  2. Definitely the first jacket! It’s amazing!


  3. Good choices! I definitely would keep the moto jacket 🙂


  4. You look great in everything!

  5. Love the jacket! tees are always great too. The blazer is cute but you’re right – def more relaxed / boyfriend fit. I’m waiting for my 3rd fix now! It’s too addicting

  6. Your picks were totally on point!

  7. I totally agree, Nicole! Anything “moto” is usually a yes for me as well. Love the jacket on you! I might just request that in my Fix 🙂

  8. Just signed up for a fix! Can’t wait!

  9. Love the moto jacket. That blazer was so gorgeous though!

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