Top 5 Most Popular Workouts of 2014

Top 5 Most Popular Workouts of 2014Ah, another year of shamelessly taking pictures of myself doing kettlebell swings in my living room is coming to a close. As I’ve done the past two years, I wanted to round up the most popular P&I workouts from the last 365 days. These were the posts most trafficked, shared, pinned, tweeted, etc. by all you beautiful people. I can’t thank you enough for your continued support, and am looking forward to many more years of sharing awkward workout selfies with you all! Now let’s get to the countdown…

5 | Tabata Interval Kettlebell Workout

Top 5 Most Popular Workouts of 2014 (#5)


Kettlebell workouts make these top 5 lists every year with good reason–they’re effective! This full-body workout takes just about half an hour to complete.

4 | Upper Body Kettlebell Workout

Top 5 Most Popular Workouts of 2014 (#4)FULL TUTORIAL HERE

Upper body workouts were a big hit on the blog this year. Noted! In this one, you’ll complete three rounds of upper body exercises using various weights of kettlebells. Because of the dynamic nature of the moves, your core will be targeted as well.

3 | Upper Body Hand Weight Workout

Top 5 Most Popular Workouts of 2014 (#3)FULL TUTORIAL HERE

I couldn’t believe how quickly this one spread around Pinterest! For this workout, think low weights, high reps. Your arms and shoulders are going to burn like crazy!

2 | 30-Minute Bodyweight Tabata Workout

Top 5 Most Popular Workouts of 2014 (#2)


This is this workout’s second consecutive year in the number-two slot. You go, Glenn Coco! It really is a killer, and the best part is that no equipment is required. This is a great one to do at home or while traveling.

1 | 5 to 50 Ab Workout

Top 5 Workouts of 2014 (#1)FULL TUTORIAL HERE

This ab workout Does. The. Trick. Even when I do it and am distracted watching TV just sort of half-assing my way through the routine (I shouldn’t be admitting I do stuff like that, huh?…), I feel it in my core the next day.

What was your favorite workout this year? Did it make the top five?


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  1. Great blog!! it’s good for the motevation and the pictures match the text GREAT!!



  2. KB Figure 8’s a are a lot of fun! I need to bring them back into my workouts. Thanks for sharing – It’s obvious you put a lot of care into putting your workout posts together. Enjoy your Christmas Eve!

  3. I’ll need a few of these after my feast tomorrow 🙂

  4. The 30 minute body weight tabata workout is how I found your blog! I love high intensity, body weight workouts you can do anywhere!

  5. Love your workouts – it’s funny you mention the half-assing in front of the tv, because sometimes your workouts look like they will be not so hard to get through (come on, we all look for ‘easy’ workouts sometimes on those days we feel extra lazy but extra guilty), but as soon as I begin, nearly all of them leave me sweaty, gross, and spent. Keep up the good work – your blog is def a go-to for me for quick and effective stuff!

  6. fitfoodiefinds says:

    You are amazing! Thanks for sharing such great workouts with pretty pictures 😀 Cheers to 2015, lady!

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