20-Minute Lower Body HIIT Workout + Burpee Challenge

Lower-Body HIIT Workout with a Burpee ChallengeThis is another workout that I (clearly) shot a few weeks ago–DEFINITELY not wearing a tank top outside today as we’re about to get a massive snowstorm. But speaking of that tank, I got it at the Shore Store where MTV’s Jersey Shore cast would work each summer. When I saw the shop, I just had to go in and buy something. I had to! Snooki used to work there—c’mon!

I know, I’m so basic.

20-Minute Lower Body HIIT Workout + Burpee Challenge

Equipment I Used:

Before and after the HIIT circuit, you’ll do a 60-second burpee challenge. Count how many burpees you can do in 1 minute and write the number down. When you repeat the challenge after completing the HIIT circuit, try to match or beat that rep number. It’s much harder after you’ve tired yourself out with 20 minutes of HIIT—that’s where the challenge comes in.

For the HIIT circuit, set an interval timer for 20 rounds of 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. Lower-Body HIIT Workout with a Burpee Challenge

BURPEE CHALLENGE/ROUND 1 – Do as many burpees as possible in 60 seconds.

  • Burpees: Start standing, feet about shoulder-width apart. Squat down, bringing your hands to the ground by your feet and jump both feet back into a plank position. Quickly jump your feet back up by your hands and shift the weight into your feet, bring torso upright into a low squat position. From here, jump up, arms overhead. Land softly on your feet, sinking right back down into a squat and starting from the top. If you want to add in a push up at the bottom, go for it!


  • Surrenders (leading with the right): Start standing with feet hip’s distance apart holding weights in each hand, arms straight overhead. Your hands will stay up like this the entire time. Step your right foot back behind you, planting the ball of the foot on the floor as you bend your knees, lunging down until the right knee rests on the ground. Both knees should be at opposing 90-degree angles. Step your left foot back to meet the right so that you’re kneeling on the ground. Step your right foot forward so that you’re in the same position as before, just with the opposite foot in front. Press off that front right foot as you stand up and bring the back left foot to meet the right in your starting standing position. It sounds more confusing than it is—you essentially just go from standing to kneeling to standing, leading with your right foot the whole time.
  • Surrenders (leading with the left)
  • Jumping Jack Squats: Think of a standard jumping jack, except every time you jump your feet out wide, you bend your knees and sink down into a deep squat. So one part jump squat, one part jumping jack. Hold a set of weights at your chest as you do these.
  • Side Lunge Hops (right): Hold a weight in your left hand. From a standing position, step your right foot out wide to the side (both feet still face front), bending the right knee and lunging down to bring your left hand across the body down to the floor by your right foot. Next, push off that right foot to bring yourself back up to standing, and as you do, drive the right knee up towards your chest and hop up into the air on the left foot. As you land, send that right foot immediately back out wide, sinking into your next lunge.
  • Side Lunge Hops (left)

BURPEE CHALLENGE/ROUND 21 – Do as many burpees as possible in 60 seconds.

Beat your reps from round 1.

In the pictures, I’m holding a pair of 8-lb hand weights because I forgot to bring the ones I actually used. To clarify, I actually used 15-lb weights for the surrenders and went a little lighter with 10-lb weights for the jumping jack squats and side lunge hops. Adjust according to your fitness level! If you’re a beginner, you don’t need to use hand weights at all.

I love tacking on little challenges and races to workouts like this beat-your-previous-score burpee blast. It’s especially fun in a group fitness setting! I’ve done this one with my Tone ‘N Torch class at Btone a few times, and I think (if I’m remembering correctly), the record is 22 burpees in the 60 seconds. Leave a comment with your score if you beat that!


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  1. Isn’t it crazy how quickly the weather changes? You’d be freezing in that outfit right now. Thanks for the workout and love your tank!

  2. O I like this one! The surrenders are cool!

  3. This is a great one! It looks like a great way to break up those burpees, but allowing the heart rate to stay up. I love those pants!

  4. Okay, this looks like a fun one to do a photoshoot of. Love that you bought the tank on the Shore. 🙂 Happy Monday!

  5. The workout looks great! I love when I have a mini challenge in my mind…it makes me work so much harder for some reason!

  6. Looks like a great workout! I am always on the search for more workouts to add and to mix things up. Most of the time I take classes similar to these at the gym where I am shadowing, but for days when Im not there they are good to try and do at home!

  7. This looks great! Can’t wait to give it a try.

  8. Great workout

  9. Great and effective workout-love your blog.

  10. You’re from Jersey?! That makes me so happy!!

  11. This is a great workout!! Great photos!

  12. Just what I’m looking for! Love this post!

  13. Looks fantastic!

  14. Nicole, this looks great and I’m excited to try it. I have a question about the third movement. In the photos you call it a jumping jack squat with an overhead press, but then in the description it says to keep the weights at chest level. Do you just hold it at chest level for the squat, but push overhead for the top of the jumping jack, or do you keep the weights at chest level the whole time? Just curious! I was thinking about doing this tonight instead of my normal running workout today, given the weather…

    • Sorry about the confusion! When I originally planned the workout I had an overhead press in there, but then as I did it I found my shoulders were beat from holding the weights overhead during the Surrenders so I ended up keeping the weights at chest level. So to clarify: keep the weights at chest level 🙂

  15. This looks awesome! Will have to try when spring rolls around! I say that bc our house seems to have very thin, squeaky floors and if I did this jumping in the house I would shake the house and it would not be good in general….
    I love that you got your shirt at the shore store! I love snooks, even though I hate to admit it lol. She’s changed and I like her new show… Whatever, I know, I’m a horrible person lol.
    But I really like those pants!

  16. My 61 year old female client just did 25 Burpees! Yay:)

  17. megan desbois says:

    I did this workout this afternoon with 5lb weights since I don’t normally do HIIT and oh boy it was enough! I was sweating like a pig after this! And I beat my score!!! Did 22 the first burpee round and then 24 at the end. And then i quite literally collapsed! lol I love not having to think and just getting to pick a random workout!

  18. Hi Nicole! Jersey Girls ARE THE GREATEST aren’t WE 😘! I L💖VE your blog, and have been sharing via Pinterest, since I found your chalkboard jars DIY project. Just ☝ quick remark…I like to share this to a couple of my boards, and I thought it would be nice to show people who didn’t have, or maybe couldn’t afford weight sets, alternative objects around their homes, that they could use instead of hand weights or kettlebells 😊. I put it in the description, but that meant changing YOURS 😯. Just my opinion 😏, trying to work with and help out a fellow Jersey Girl! 💋

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