10 Reasons I Love Being a Group Fitness Instructor

10 Reasons I Love Teaching Group FitnessThis post is a follow up to the one I did a while back on 10 Reasons I Love Blogging. I like to think of it as a little gratitude check and reminder that I’m one lucky sonofab to love what I do for work as much as I do.

One year ago today, I taught my first class at Btone and officially added Group Fitness Instructor to the ol’ job title. It’s funny because growing up, I was always told that I should be a teacher (school teacher), and I rolled my eyes at the thought of it. Granted, they’re extremely different, but now I couldn’t imagine not teaching (group fitness). I know a large part of why I love it so much is simply because Btone is a wonderful place to work, but we’ll stick to the more general aspects of instructing group fitness for today’s post.

1 | Teaching has made me a better student.

btone-selfie-4Want to learn something inside and out? Teach it. I pay so much more attention to what I’m doing now when I take classes. I notice little changes in body position and how they affect the difficulty of a move; I notice the ways my body naturally wants to “cheat” when it starts getting fatigued in certain exercises; I keep in mind common form errors I see in students and self-adjust if I find myself making them, too—the list goes on.

To a certain extent, I also now push myself just a little harder in class because of that added pressure of the other students knowing I’m an instructor—makes you think twice before slacking off during a workout. 🙂

2 | It feels good to be a (small) part of such a positive component of people’s day.

For the most part, people want to be in class. Or, if they don’t exactly “want” to workout, they at least want to do something good for their body and they know that this is it. Either way, taking class is a positive part of someone’s day, and it feels good to be involved in that. It’s like the complete opposite of working at the DMV.

3 | It balances out the solitary aspect of blogging.

10 Reasons I Love Teaching Group FitnessI’ve always really enjoyed and valued alone time, so I love being able to work from home independently on the blog—but I also need human interaction to stay sane. When I started working on my blog full-time and left the 9-5 world, I noticed that every evening when I met up with my boyfriend, I could Not. Stop. Talking. And about nothing! After a whole day alone at my computer, all the silly thoughts that had entered my head just came pouring out…for hours. I guess I never appreciated the presence of co-workers until I suddenly didn’t have anyone with whom to talk about the weather or what I’m having for lunch.

Teaching creates a perfect balance for me. I get to spend a couple hours in the morning at the studio working with people before cozying up alone with my computer for the rest of the workday. I love it!

4 | In addition to balancing my blogging career, it builds it.

btone-selfie-2It doesn’t take a great stretch of the imagination to see how teaching group fitness and blogging about fitness would support each other. Readers learn about my class and come in (I LOVE having you guys in class!) and clients learn about my blog and check it out. It’s amazing being able to reach people in all nooks and crannies of the globe through blogging, but I also think it’s important (professionally and personally) to have an “in-person” presence in the fitness industry.

5 | It’s been the missing “hands-on” piece to my personal training certification.

You might remember back when I got my personal training certification and reviewed it on the blog, that I passed my test feeling pretty unprepared to actually train someone. You just simply can’t compare reading how to do something to practicing how to do it in real life. While taking on private clients still isn’t in the cards for me because of my schedule, if I did want to do personal training, I would be 100% confident with my ability now, having the knowledge learned during my NASM course and, way more importantly, the hands on experience from teaching group fitness.

6 | It’s rewarding seeing clients accomplish new things.

To clarify, I don’t mean rewarding in the sense that I think I’m responsible any time a student reaches a new goal or holds a plank those extra 30 seconds. Group fitness isn’t like personal training—your students are going to lots of different instructors, working out on their own, and the credit for progress goes totally to them. I just think that witnessing progress in itself is rewarding—every time I see someone accomplish something they couldn’t do the month before, it’s confirmation that I’m in the right industry.

7 | I may be in the minority here, but I LOVE the early hours.

I’ve always been a morning person, and I love being able to teach three classes before 9AM and then have the whole day ahead of me. I also teach some evening and mid-morning classes and sub all over the place, but those early ones will always be my favorite.

8 | It’s fun being able to share a workout I’m passionate about with others.

btone-selfie-1When I’m planning a class, I always aim to put together a workout that I’d want to do myself. It keeps me excited about teaching, and almost feels like I’m sharing a bunch of my favorite things or a list of recommendations with the class. If, for example, I’m feeling the burn from a particular exercise I did the other day, it’s weirdly exciting being able to then “share” that with my students by putting them through it in class.

Reading that last sentence back—could I be a bigger fitness dweeb?? Woof. 😉

9 | Teaching group fitness brings me back to my dance days.

I was never one of those hardcore dance company girls, but I tap danced from a very young age all the way into college and really loved it. While it varies by type of class, music is an integral part of group fitness, and that’s so fun for me! Counting down to the beat, “choreographing” classes, syncing up a spin class to the rhythm of my playlist, the performance aspect of teaching in front of a group—I can’t get enough. 

10 | It has forced me to FINALLY learn my left from right.

Laugh away. Most people have an innate sense of left from right—not this girl. Up until LITERALLY last year (age twenty-freaking-five, people), I was making “L” shapes with my fingers to figure out which way was left. Welp, instruct enough people to cross their right foot in front of their left and even a hopeless fool like me can learn.

BONUS | When your friends come to class, you get to torture them.

Kidding. Kind of …


… I don’t know, man. After scrolling back through this post, it seems like my real favorite thing about teaching group fitness is taking selfies after the class. I’m embarrassing.

Group fitness instructors—what’s your favorite thing about teaching?



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  1. I am in the process of getting my personal training certification through the NSCA. Did you do a group exercise certification or jump into the classes? Just curious because I have thought about it for myself. Have a great Tuesday!

    • For the types of group exercise I teach/taught, I needed to get specialized certifications (Lagree Fitness, Spinning, Indo-Row) so I did those, but don’t have a general Group Fitness Cert.

  2. I really enjoyed this post! I like the idea of sharing a gratitude list, it really helps to let all the great things you have going on sink in =) I have so much admiration for group fitness instructors – when a group of 30 people are relying on you to lead them and tone them up, it’s no small feat! A good instructor and change people’s views on fitness for life.

    Keep up the good work!

    Latest Post: Nature’s Corset – Sculpt Your Waist with 4 Effective Oblique Moves

  3. Love this post! I’d totally take your class if I were near you.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  4. Hi Nicole! I’ve been teaching group fitness for five years, and I would echo all of the thoughts you share here. I think that being a consistent figure in someone’s life, as their group fitness instructor, is very rewarding. People show up to take your class when they like you, so it’s extra motivation for them to get in their workout. I also love how teaching a class can turn a bad day into a good one. There’s now way you can leave the studio in a sour mood after watching people work hard, sweat and recover right before your eyes. It’s amazing! Hope your trip is going well! 🙂

  5. Something I totally what to do when I’m older! I would love sharing my LOVE with others! Haha!

  6. Hi! I am a new reader. I understand that you are away and hope that you see this at some point to respond. What certification did you obtain to teach at BTone?

    • It’s Lagree Fitness, but I’m technically only trained to teach at Btone because Btone did the training. To get an official Lagree Fitness certification, I’d have to train with Sebastien Lagree himself out in California.

  7. I am shadowing to teach bootcamp/HIIT workouts while getting my NASM certification and I am really excited to be able to connect with students and help them achieve their goals. I think I have about another month or so and then I get to design my own class and invite all sorts of people to come take it. Yay!

  8. One of my favorite things about it: I get to be the DJ. Totally selfish, I know.

  9. I hope you have an amazing trip to Australia!! This post is awesome 🙂 As a fellow Gfit instructor I totally agree with everything you are saying!! 🙂

  10. Really good post!

  11. Couldn’t agree more with #5, so so true!

  12. Love this! My next goal is to become a group fitness instructor 🙂

  13. So many good points! I totally hear you about working alone versus working with people. It’s a nice balance that teaching offers to blogging work and vice cersa. And making a difference in other people’s life is a great thing, seeing them getting better in something is really rewarding!

  14. You nailed it on the head with things you love about being an instructor! I think one of my favorite things is being able to help get people hooked on exercise and keep them coming back. For them to see their own gains is amazing! I also realize that as instructors, for that hour we are pretty much super human. I could go to a class and struggle big time, but when I teach it’s a breeze! I need to get to one of your classes 🙂

  15. So so true!I am a Group Instructor too and I love the smile in their faces and the love I get!It is not just a job it is my drug to be happy!By the way I love your blog I started mine a few weeks ago and you are my inspiration.Keep up with the good work!


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