Lower Body Superset Workout

Lower Body Superset WorkoutHey guys! Hope everyone had a fun long weekend. I just got back from Nantucket and am going to sleep like A BABY tonight. Too many Figawi Wowi cocktails for this girl…

Tonight’s workout is dynamic—the compound exercises will work your core and upper body, too, but the focus is definitely the legs and butt. Lots of lunging and squatting! I’ve really been loving using dumbbells in my workouts lately, and this was a fun one.

Lower Body Superset Workout

Equipment I Used:

A superset is two exercises preformed back to back. You’ll do each for 30 seconds (no rest in between) and then rest for 15 seconds. Do that a total of four times then move on to the next superset. So you’ll spend 5 minutes on each of the four supersets.  Lower Body Superset Workout


  • Squat Thrust – Squat Jump Combo | Hold the dumbbells at shoulder height, feet about hip’s width apart and squat down, keeping your lower abdomen held in and sliding your bum and hips back and down. Once you reach your lowest squat, power up, driving your hips forward and engaging the glutes as you straighten your legs to stand. As you do so, press the dumbbells overhead into a shoulder press. Squat back down and this time perform a squat jump, keeping the weights at shoulder height.
  • Squat Hold with Side Taps | Hold a low squat position with weights at your shoulders. Staying low, tap one foot at a time out wide to the side. Don’t shift your weight into the tapping foot, keep it in the heel of the stationary leg.

SUPERSET 2 (right leg)

  • Lunge Hop – Lunge Curl Combo | Start in a split-stance lunge position: both knees bent to 90 degrees, right foot flat in front; left foot in back, ball of the foot planted on the ground. Keeping the same foot in front/back, you hop a few inches into the air and land softly back into your starting position, holding the weights at your side the whole time. Next time, instead of hopping, just straighten your legs, rising up from the lunge as you perform a bicep curl. Sink back down into your lunge with weights at side and do a hop. Continue alternating between the lunge hop and the stationary lunge with curl.
  • Side-to-Side Steppers | Keep your right foot on the stepper, weights held at shoulders and step your left foot from side to side. Try not to ever fully straighten your right legs. You want to keep the weight in your right heel, trying not to shift your bodyweight into the left foot. Just lightly tap the left foot from side to side.

SUPERSET 3 (left leg)

  • Lunge Hop – Lunge Curl Combo
  • Side-to-Side Steppers


  • Weighted Burpees | Start standing, feet about shoulder-width apart., holding the dumbbells at your shoulders. Squat down, bringing the weights to the ground by your feet and jump both feet back into a plank position. Do a push up. Quickly jump your feet back up by your hands and shift the weight into your feet, bring torso upright into a low squat position. From here, jump up. Land softly on your feet, sinking right back down into a squat and starting from the top.
  • Squat ‘n Punch | Squat down holding the weights and as you power up, twisting your torso to the right, punching the left arm across your body and pivoting the back foot. Squat back down and then repeat in the other direction.

Lower Body Superset Workout

My leggings and sneakers in today’s post were provided by Puma. I’m obsessed with the leggings! I think the pattern is so fun. They also gifted me their Watch Me Leave Tee, which is super cute, but because I’m tall it sorta fits like a crop top and some days just aren’t midriff days, ya feel me? 😉 I was excited about the Pulse XT Geo sneakers because I’ve been on the lookout for new cross-training shoes. These are lightweight but still supportive, and I’m digging the light colors for summer.


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.

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  1. I have been using some single leg movements in my workouts to mix it up and I really like the idea of the side to side steppers. Thanks for the workout! Great outfit from Puma.

  2. Awesome workout!! Setting up June HIIT. Workouts and this fits right in!! Thanks

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Claire W says:

    Great exercises… I am using them paired with some other exercises for my clients today. Thank you!!

  4. This looks amazing!! I just did the mini superset today (which i love) and this looks like a nice step up, thank you for putting the time into making these workouts they are great!

  5. I used this last night as the workout in the HIIT class I teach and everyone loved it! Well .. I mean, as much as you can love feeling the burn in your legs and bum (which I do!).

  6. I totally do this workout next week. Really like it. Thanks 🙂

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