Tracking Your Progress with HIIT Workouts (+Printable Chart)

bob-harper-blackfire-reviewHey guys! As you might guess from these late-night posts, this post-MDW week has been a bit hectic for me. That’s what happens when you decide to extend an already long weekend well into Tuesday afternoon. Whoopsies! 🙂

But I’m really excited about this post, so better late than never. For the past few weeks, I’ve been able to play around with Bob Harper’s new Black Fire program on DailyBurn and it’s gotten me back into using rep tracking to add a little competition to my interval training workouts. I used to religiously keep track of the reps I got during each interval of HIIT workouts so that when I did them again a few weeks later I would push myself harder to beat my previous performance. It was a great way to hold myself accountable when working out alone at home. But with teaching and taking group fitness classes now in addition to my at-home workouts, I’ve kinda let that habit fall to the wayside.

Black Fire has reminded me what a great tool it is, so I thought it’d be fun to put together a simple printout you can use to track your progress with HIIT workouts. I have a TON on the site (see these pages: tabata workouts & interval workouts), but you could apply this scoring method to any timed interval-based routine. Let’s start with a little about Black Fire and then I’ll talk more about tracking progress.

DailyBurn’s Black Fire Program from Bob Harper

dailyburn-black-fire-screen-shotI knew I would like Black Fire before I was even asked to test it because I am quite literally in love with Bob Harper. No, but really.

It’s a 60-day program that includes workouts, guided rest days (yoga, SMR, etc.) and nutritional guidance. If you closely follow Bob like I do (I like to walk the fine line between fangirl and stalker…) you know that he loves CrossFit, and you can definitely see its influence in the Black Fire workouts. I didn’t follow the 60-day program, but tried the workouts and they are LEGIT. Very challenging, but I’d say most are also scalable for beginners.

The videos are easy to follow, and fun. You feel like you’re actually working out with Bob and the others and competing against them. The workouts use lots of functional movements like burpees, bodyweight exercises, box jumps, plyometrics, etc. and are all about 20 minutes long. In addition to a good ass kicking, I even got a couple ideas for new exercises to add to my group fitness classes and blog posts (love that!).

Tracking Your Progress by Scoring HIIT Workouts

HIIT Workout Progress Chart (printable)


What made the Black Fire workouts the most fun for me was the scoring aspect. It’s not required, but works as awesome motivation to push yourself. For each exercise, you write down the number of reps you complete each interval. You take your lowest number from the intervals as your score for that exercise. At the end of the workout, you add up your lowest number from each exercise and that’s your score for the total workout. Next time you do it, you try to beat that number.

For example, let’s say we’re doing a tabata workout (8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for each exercise) made up of squats, push ups, v-ups and burpees. During each of the eight 20-seconds rounds of squats, count how many you complete. Your lowest (“worst”) round is the round that counts towards your score. Do that for each exercise and then add them up.

You can apply this scoring method to any sort of interval workout, so I made myself up a simple chart to track my progress with the P&I workouts I post. As you can see, it’s something you could easily make yourself on your computer or in a notebook, but I included a download so that you can also print this one off. If you workout alone at home, competing against yourself in this way is the perfect way to stay on track and motivated! dailyburn-black-fire-bob-harper

Have you guys used DailyBurn before? If so, have you tried Black Fire?

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This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of DailyBurn. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I use Evernote to track my workouts. It is definitely a lot easier than the notebook I used to keep to write everything down. This sounds like a cool program!

  2. I’m very oldschool. I have a small notebook and write down the name of the exercise, the number of repetitions, the weights I used and I draw ugly lines after each round then I cross them out. The sooner the end of my workout is, the uglier and shakier the lines are 😀
    I always plan to do something nicer but it’s always safer to have everything in a notebook (so on lazy days I can redo an old workout). Now I printed out a to-do-list printables and have the exercises written on them. Looks nicer but still not the best.

  3. Kelley O says:

    I use Daily Burn almost every day, I don’t work out every day, but when I do (probably 5 out of 7 days) I use Daily Burn. i’m doing the IntelliBurn program right now, I like it because it’s so varied, I never know what I’m going to get in today’s workout. I started out with Cardio Sculpt but once I got through it once, I decided to try a different program. i haven’t tried Black Fire, it looks scary! But maybe I will, since you say it’s scalable for beginners, maybe I will, even though I’m not a true beginner. I used to use GymBox but I like DB much better, since I don’t have to choose what to work out today, the program does it for me. BTW, i love your blog, and I think I need to get an interval timer, do you have recommendations that aren’t too expensive?

    • I love my Gymboss timer ( which is $20. But there are smartphone apps for much cheaper. My friend swears by the Gymboss app and I used to use the app (nothing fancy but it gets the job done). Hope that helps!

  4. Great review! I also really like this program. So hard… so good! 🙂

  5. megan desbois says:

    Just started the program! Did the strength endurance workout and finished at a total of 273 reps! woop woop!

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