A Small-Space AMRAP Workout (Perfect for Dorm Rooms)

Small-Space AMRAP Workout (perfect for dorm rooms and small apartments!)This workout requires no equipment, very little space, and is quiet for those with downstairs neighbors or sleeping roommates/family members. It’s great for small apartments or dorms, even though I know most colleges have a student rec center/gym. I remember the two weeks before Halloween and Spring Break were always a NIGHTMARE at UNC’s student rec center (revealing costumes and bikinis on the brain…) so I would avoid the gym and do workouts in my bedroom.

Small-Space AMRAP Workout

This workout is broken up into three 3-minute AMRAPS. AMRAP stands for as many round/reps as possible, so you’ll be pushing your hardest through the 3 minutes to get through the exercise sequence as many times as you can. Keep track of how many rounds + reps you get through. Once you’ve done all three AMRAPS, repeat the entire thing and try to beat your scores from the previous attempt.

There are multiple exercises in each AMRAP, but they flow together like one continuous sequence, each focusing on a different muscle group. Set a timer for 3 minutes and hustle! Small-Space AMRAP Workout (perfect for dorm rooms and small apartments!)


Do the following exercise flow as many times as you can in 3 minutes.

Inchworm to high plank >> 2 reptile push ups (1 to each side) >> Lower to forearm plank>> 6 hip dips (3 to each side) >> Walking plank back up to high plank >> Inchworm back to standing

Inchworm to high plank | Start standing with arms overhead. Fold forward keeping legs straight, bringing your hands to the ground. Walk your out until they’re stacked underneath your shoulders with your body in a plank position.

2 reptile push ups | You’ll do two push ups. During the first one, hover your right leg and crunch your right knee in towards your right shoulder as you lower towards the ground. Press back up and repeat on the left.

Lower to forearm plank and do 6 hip dips | Lower onto your forearms, one arm at a time, and then alternate dipping your right hip towards the ground and then the left hip towards the ground for a total of 6 dips. Think of tracing an arc with your hips; the top of the arch is plank (don’t pike your hips up any higher than that).

Press back up to high plank and inchworm back to standing | Reverse the movement by pressing back up to high plank one hand at a time and then walking your hands back towards your feet (keeping legs as straight as possible) and standing up, hands overhead.


Do the following exercise flow as many times as you can in 3 minutes.

Lunge forward + pulse 5 times >> Lunge backwards + pulse 5 times >> Do 5 front kicks, stepping back into that lunge each time >> Squat down and pulse 5 times

Lunge forward and pulse 5 times | You’re doing a pivoting lunge on the right leg, so even though it seems counterintuitive, you want to lunge your left foot forward. At the bottom of your lunge, pulse up an inch and down an inch 5 times. Push off that front foot and …

Lunge backwards and pulse 5 times | Land with your left foot now behind you (right foot has stayed stationary). At the bottom of that lunge pulse 5 times.

5 back lunges to front kicks | From that lunge position, shift yoru weight into that front right heel and straighten the right leg as you kick your back left leg straight up in front of you. As it comes back down, swing it back behind you, landing right back in that low lunge. Repeat a total of 5 times.

5 squat pulses | After your fifth kick, instead of landing back in a lunge, bring that left foot next to the right foot (hip’s width apart or a little wider) and sink down into a low squat, weight in your heels. Pulse up an inch and down and inch five times.

You’ll then step your left foot forward and start right from the top.


Same thing you just did on the right!

Remember, you’re doing those three AMRAPs twice. Keep track of how many rounds/reps you get through the first time through and then try to match or beat those numbers the second time through. Rest 30-60 seconds between AMRAPs.

Small-Space AMRAP Workout (perfect for dorm rooms and small apartments!)

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  1. Great workout! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fab! 🙂

  3. perfect workout Nicole!xx


  4. A quiet workout is so important in college!! So many times my roommates were telling me to stop jumping around and making so much noise with my workouts (oops!)

  5. Holy Leg Burn!!! Decided to do one round of this workout as a 9 mintue finisher to my strength training workout (which was leg, back and pushup intensive) This was a perfect finisher to feel the burn in all the muscles I had already fatigued. Sweat is dripping in puddles on the floor! Thanks for a fun and different alternative to my sprint finishers!

  6. Great post! it’s not often people think about noise when they post workouts so this is great. I had an extremely embarrassing experience once when a downstairs neighbour came to find out what was making his bedroom ceiling shake at 6am every day and I had to admit it was me doing burpees….!

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