My Favorite Things: August

favorite-things-bostonTwo posts in one day?! Summer must really be over (ha!). As these posts get longer and longer, I swear the months get shorter and shorter. Where does the time go? August was hot, busy and fun. Let’s look at the highlight reel! Important – there are a few special discounts and deals for P&I readers throughout the post. I know we all hate reading, but make sure to pay attention to the bolded words so that you did miss them! 😉

Favorite Products

Clothes, clothes, more clothes. Selfies, selfies, more selfies. Bear with me, guys …

Daniel Wellington Watch

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish watch brand, and I was so excited when they offered to send me one of their styles — they’re all so great! I went with the Classic Sheffield 36mm in rose gold because it goes with just about every outfit I wear. It looks great on its own or stacked with bangles, and I get so many compliments on it when I’m out. Aaand it’s your lucky day because …

15% off Daniel Wellington for Pumps & Iron Readers! Just use the code PUMPSANDIRON and get 15% off any purchase. The code is good until 9/15.

LF Sale Steals

Sheer panel hoodie with white faux leather shorts and converseAnd by “steals” I mean reasonably priced instead of the outrageous cost of everything in LF when it’s not their semi-annual sale. Every basic betch in Boston worth her weight in pumpkin spiced lattes knows about the LF 60%-off sale … am I right or amiright?? It is absolute mayhem with clothes piled higher than your head in disorganized heaps, but it’s the only time of year it makes any sense to shop at LF because everything is so overpriced (a crop top made of barely enough material to cover your nipples would run you $128 during non-sale times). I always try to snag a few things during their sale, strategically waiting until the last week of it when the prices drop even further, and took home this cool sheer hoodie and adorable overalls.  lf-striped-overall-shorts

Side note: Am I too old to be wearing overalls? My birth certificate says “yes,” my heart says “NEVER!!”

Hooded Cardigan from My Latest Fix

floral-shorts-crop-outfitI only kept one item from my most recent Stitch Fix delivery (style was spot-on, but the fit of most things wasn’t quite right), and I’ve been wearing it nonstop. It’s way too hot for sweaters still, but this cardigan is so stankin’ comfortable, I can’t take it off. For my fellow SFers, if you want to request it, it’s the Laila Jayde Salderas Hooded Cardigan ($64). The top picture is a cute rarity. Most of the time my outfit looks more like this: hooded-cardigan-outfit

These Sweaty Betty Leggings

swetty-betty-selfieMy friends at Sweaty Betty sent me an outfit (I’m spoiled!) and I LOVE the print on these leggings. And maybe this is TMI but they’re good that-time-of-month leggings because they have a high rise and really hold your stomach bloat in. Oh whatever, don’t act like you haven’t been there, ladies! 😉 Tank can be found here.

Bombas x Zara Terez Trippy Goldfish Leggings

bombas-zara-terezSpeaking of being spoiled, my friends at Bombas (I mentioned their socks in last month’s favorites post) sent me a pair of their collaborative Zara Terez leggings and they’re so fun–I feel like a Pink Floyd poster when I wear them, and I mean that in a damn good way.

DISCOUNT FOR P&I READERS! Use code ZaraTerez20 to get 20% off a Bombas order. Use code Bombas20 to get 20% off a Zara Terez order.

Versatile Sleeveless Hoodie from Simply Vera by Vera Wang

simply-vera-wang-hoodieThis was another gift, and will be a great transitional piece as the weather starts to cool next month. The Simply Vera collection for Kohl’s has tons of cute stuff at super reasonable prices. I’ve been wearing it as a beach coverup, and it’s the perfect length to pair with leggings, too. Between this and my obsession with muscle tanks, I think I might officially be allergic to sleeves …

Sophie Harper Pave X Ring from My Latest Rocksbox

Rocksbox ring
Rocksbox is kinda like Stitch Fix but for jewelry. They send you three items and you can borrow them for as long as you want, and then return ’em when you’re ready in exchange for a new shipment or decided to buy the pieces you like for a discounted price. I most likely will lose this ring and have to buy it, but I’m ok with that because it’s awesome.

FREEBIE! You can get your first month of Rocksbox free with code pumpsandironxoxo.

Favorite Eats

Modern Oats Oatmeal Cups


Modern Oats sent me samples of their oatmeal cups, and they came in clutch with all the crazy weekend travel I did this month. I think Mango Blackberry is my favorite flavor, but they’re all delicious! Bonus: non-GMO and gluten-free.

This Heavenly Sushi Roll I Found at Whole Foods

whole-foods-sushiI love Whole Foods as a quick, healthy lunch option, but sometimes the salad bar options overwhelm me and I end up making a garbage piles of things that look good but don’t work well together. Sushi is always a safer option for me. The other day I found this amazing, summery roll of shrimp, mango, avocado, beets, carrots and topped with strawberries. Devine!

Favorite Workouts

I’m back on ClassPass so I’ve gotten to try lots of fun classes around the city!

Hot Yoga at H.Y.P. with Alex

I think I’ve already mentioned this on the blog before, but I am obsessed with Alex’s yoga class at H.Y.P. in Wellesley. I used to do it every week after teaching, and this month I was back in the ‘burbs to sub a couple times and it was such a treat to go again. Alex has this deep baritone voice and I could be wrong, but it seems like he makes up the class as he goes, just sort of vibing off the class’s energy. It’s always fun!

Boxing at Peter Welch’s

peter-welch-gymAfter the last class I did at Peter Welch’s, my arms were so spent that I literally couldn’t even lift my water bottle up to my mouth to take a sip of water without shaking. Boxing is such a crazy-good workout and I love that Peter Welch’s gym has that authentic grittiness to it. Even though I probably look like a total spaz during classes, I feel like a badass, so that’s gotta count for something … right?

VeloCycle with Jessie

I hadn’t been to Velo-City in a while, so decided I’d try out a new instructor when I got back on ClassPass. Jessie was awesome! Everything was to the beat, which is always fun, but she also did a great job of giving proper form cues throughout the entire class. If you sacrifice form for the sake of staying on beat with the fun choreography, your workout won’t be as effective, so I really appreciated Jessie’s ability to maintain the fun and the function.

Megaformer – Rower Workouts

btone-rowingLately if there’s not a class at Btone directly before or after I teach, I’ll stay at the studio and do my own megaformer-rower hybrid workout. Here’s an example of one I did last week (I realize the megaformer parts will sound like jibberish if you’re not familiar with Lagree Fitness haha):

  • 5 min right oblique: Twisted Bear / Forearm Teaser / Side Plank – add thread the needle pike / Twisted Wheelbarrow / Plank to Pike with right side Reptile Crunch
  • Row sprints: 100m x4 with 20 sec recovery
  • 5 min left oblique
  • Row sprints: 200m x3 with 30 sec recovery
  • 5 min abs: Reverse Catfish with Push Up / Giant Reverse Plank to Pike / Giant Reverse Bear / Giant Reverse Wheel / Kneeling Crunch with body saw
  • Row sprints: 300m x2 with 30 sec recovery
  • 5 min arms with black cables: Serve the Platter / Shoulder Press / Kneeling Tricep Extension / Chest Press / Arm Circles
  • Row sprint: 500m

Talk about a killer workout. I was dead by the end. It is admittedly hard to push myself to my max effort on the megaformer when I don’t have another instructor telling me what to do, but on the other hand, it’s fun to have the freedom to do exactly what I want on the machine from time to time.

Wheel Pose Progress


WEARING | JAN 15: Lululemon leggings AUG 15: Alo Yoga tank & Zara Terez leggings c/o Carbon38

At the start of the year, I took a bunch of “before” pictures with the intention of working hard on my yoga practice. It’s now a part of my workout routine that I look forward to each week, and even though I don’t do it as much as I’d like, looking back on where my wheel pose started and comparing it to where I am now makes me so excited/proud/committed to furthering my practice. You can see how tight my upper body is in the first picture as I’m heavily leaning into my legs. I’m much more open through the chest today, and can even get a leg off the floor. Baby steps to kicking over …

Favorite Reads & Watches

Articles/Blog Posts

  • Why I Stopped Going to SoulCycle via Business Insider | Don’t get me wrong–I love SoulCycle. The workout is FUN and the apparel they sell is amazing. When they open up their location in Copley Square, I’ll definitely be there from time to time. But I agree with a few points in this article, mainly that the workout is more fun than effective. Also, SoulCycle is TOTALLY the Regina George of Indoor Cycling High School, and I mean that in both a good and bad way. 🙂
  • How to Food Prep via The Lean Green Bean | Lindsay always has great posts on food prep, both sharing her own weekly plans and giving tips for doing it yourself. Food prepping is something I’d like to do more frequently once the craziness of summer travel dies down!
  • How My Workouts Have Changed over the Years via Yoga by Candace | I love reading about what bloggers’ workout routines look like. Candace’s newfound focus on strength really resonated with me (see my recent post Pride in Appearance vs. Pride in Ability) and after reading this, I actually asked Joe to bring me to the gym and coach me through the basic Olympic lifts (something I’ve never been interested in in the past). We’ll see how that goes … (ha!)
  • All the Comments on Every Recipe Blog via The Toast | I already shared this on my Facebook page — OMG it made me literally LOL. If you’re a blogger or even just follow food blogs you’ll get a kick out of this.
  • Eliminating Nothing Days via Can You Stay for Dinner? | This post is geared towards those with binge eating disorders, but I think it’s a wonderful read for anyone who’s struggled with depression as well. And, as is always the case with Andie’s writing, it worded with the most striking eloquence.
  • This Is Where Body Fat Ends Up When You Lose Weight via Science Alert | Interesting!
  • 12 Complete Proteins Vegetarians Need to Know About via Greatist | Good list!
  • Are Organic Supplements Actually Better? via Q | Good read! Reminded me of my visit to NOW Foods.


  • Narcos | Drug lord documentaries, my Locked Up Abroad obsession, reading Killing Pablo … you’re probably starting to notice a pattern. Anyone else fascinated by organized crime?? Narcos is the new Neflix exclusive series about Pablo Escobar and the Colombian cartel and even though it’s pretty much exactly what I read this winter in Killing Pablo, I still love it.

Favorite Moments

I was out of town just about every single weekend this month–lots of fun times (but I’m exhausted and SO ready for fall!!).

Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

South Beach, Martha's VineyardI kicked off the month on the island and it was so good to be home! I got lots of beach time in, hit up some old favorite bars and restaurants and even checked out a couple new (to me) ones. Blissed Out has every smoothie your heart could imagine (plus acai bowls … be still, my heart) and I had a delicious dinner with my BFF at Beach Road (I got the fluke and it was amazing!). Also threw plenty of not-so-healthy ice cream in there because, well, vacation. Oak Bluffs Harbor Sunset Acai Bowl from Blissed Out on Martha's Vineyard Menemsha Sunset Ice Cream from Mad Martha's in Oak Bluffs

Getting Nominated for Best Fitness Blog by the Bloglovin’ + H&M Awards

Still can’t believe this! I’m so honored to be nominated for Best Fitness Blog by Bloglovin’. In a couple weeks I’ll be heading to NYC for their fashion week award celebration with H&M and Birchbox. Honestly, I don’t expect to win (there are legit celebrities nominated haha), it’s just going to be a really incredible opportunity to be there. So excited! If Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth are there (both their blogs are nominated in different categories), my inner high-schooler-obsessed-with-Laguna-Beach is going to geek the F out.

Wedding Weekend on the Cape

Our third wedding of the summer was in Chatham and was a blast! I had never been to that part of the Cape and the Chatham Bars Inn blew me away–such a gorgeous venue.


WEARING | dress is Lovers and Friends & shoes are Aldo (old, but similar here and here)

Weekend on the Jersey Shore

Joe is from the Jersey Shore and it was so great spending time with his ADORABLE nephews and niece. Maybe I’m biased, but they are the sweetest little things. We went to the beach, played some arcade games on the boardwalk, and I learned all about the best M-rated video games that the boys aren’t allowed to play yet (LOL).

seaside-heights-boardwalk Best people watching in the world = Seaside Heights boardwalk

Wedding Weekend in Vermont

For our 800th and final wedding of the summer, Joe and I headed up to beautiful Jay Peak Resort in Vermont. In addition to the ski mountain, there’s also an indoor waterpark (um, hello, best place ever) and as great as it was this time of year, I can only imagine how fun it’d be to do a long weekend there in the winter.  jay-peak-wedding

WEARING | dress is Maurie & Eve via Revolve / bag is from Stitch Fix / arm cuff is from LF Stores (sold out)

Another shameless pic of the front of my dress because I LOVED it — although I probably should have saved it for a different event. When I initially tried it on, I was alone and couldn’t button up the back all the way so I wasn’t aware just how much boobage (cleavage sounds vulgar; boobage sounds fun) it showed. Verdict: Too much for a wedding, but whaddayagonnado. 🙂 FullSizeRender (4)

Blogger Brunch with Sage Tonic

margarita-intercontinentalThis Sunday I attended a fun blogger event at the InterContinental with Sage Tonic, a new holistic program for health that’s set to launch soon. In addition to a mobile app, Sage Tonic will have a product line of teas (which we got to sample) and essential oil towelettes. Given that I’m about to start my own aromatherapy education, I was so excited to be able to talk to Sage Tonic’s founder, Nada Milosavljevic, MD, who is a true expert on the topic and just an all-around inspiring woman.

The idea behind Sage Tonic is holistic prevention. Oftentimes Western medicine is quick to prescribe a drug (just think about how many kids take Ritalin/Aderall; how many adults take sleeping pills or anti-anxiety medication) before exploring natural remedies. Obviously medicine can be a life-saving necessary, but I think we can all agree that in general our country is over-medicated. Nada has been implementing a program in schools where she uses similar holistic therapies that will be offered through Sage Tonic on kids in need, with huge success (reductions in anxiety, better ability to focus, etc.). Part of the proceeds from Sage Tonic will go to fund more school programs like this, which is so awesome. salad-intercontinental dessert-intercontinental sage-tonic-teas

As for the event, we started with an hour-long yoga class at the spa and then enjoyed a delicious brunch complete with Sage Tonic tea cocktails (I’m obsessed) and a full tasting of all the teas that ST will carry. Each tea is created with a purpose–Focus, Relax, Energize–and I loved getting to hear Nada talk about the benefits of each tea’s ingredients. Got me so excited for my aromatherapy course! sage-tonic-blogger-event

Reagan / Me / Allie / Joanna / Nada / Janelle / Liz

What were your highlights from the month?


Disclosure: These monthly favorites posts are never sponsored, but they typically contain a few affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

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