Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch Review + Giveaway

Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch Review + GiveawayHow about I send you off into the weekend with a $200 watch? Sound good? I thought so. 🙂

Before we get to the giveaway, I want to go over the watch and share my honest review of it. Yes, I was compensated for writing this post but no, there will be no smoke blowing. There are some seriously amazing features to the Timex Ironman One GPS+, and some others that left me a little underwhelmed–I’ll go over them all. Bottom line: This gadget kinda blows my mind. Remember when Tamagachis were considered high-tech?! (Please tell me you had a Tamagachi as a kid…)

I’m going to hit some big-picture points and then go through the watch feature by feature so that this review isn’t all over the place.

Overview of the Timex Ironman One GPS+ and My Thoughts

Why this running watch?

It allows you to leave your smartphone at home. I’ll go over all the cool features it offers, but I think it really all comes down to that selling point. The watch has 3G connectivity so all your running needs–GPS for accurate stats, music, communication abilities (for safety and convenience)–are met by the watch alone.

Who this watch is for:

  • Runners (particularly long-distance) and endurance athletes.
  • People who hate bringing their phones with them while running.
  • People who are concerned about safety while out running alone.
  • People who own wireless Bluetooth headphones (or are willing to buy a set).

What this watch offers:

All the stat tracking and metrics you want from a running watch. Distance, pace, estimated calories burned, lap time breakdowns, PR’s–all the stats you’d expect from a running watch or smartphone app are offered. And you can set up alerts so that’ll give you your stats as you run. I won’t spend too much time on these though because it’s sort of a given these days that a piece of fitness technology have those tracking capabilities. So let’s get to what sets the Ironman One GPS+ apart …

timex-review Get a manicure, ya bum!

It has wireless connectivity (without a phone) via AT&T’s 3G network. This is the big selling point for the Timex Ironman One GPS+. It gives the watch tracking capabilities that communicate your location to friends/family anytime (if they have the One GPS+ app); a “Find Me Mode” that sends an alert with your location in case of safety issues; and ability to track speed/pace/distance without a phone.

One year of data connectivity by AT&T is included with your purchase (US & Canada) which is awesome, but I wasn’t able to find information on what the cost will be beyond that. Hopefully it’s affordable.

It can send and receive messages. When you create a One GPS+ account, you’ll get a unique email address from which the watch can send and receive messages (emails, not texts). You can give this email address to your friends/family so that they can contact you while you’re out running and, more importantly, you can communicate with them in case of emergency. If they download the One GPS+ app, they’ll get notified when you send them a message, otherwise it just goes to their regular inbox.

I have a serious disease called Small Island Syndrome that prevents me from feeling unsafe in dangerous situations, so honestly I have never once worried about running alone through the city (I know, I know!!), but I think this feature is a huge plus, especially for those who like to run solo in pre/post-sun rise/set hours. Here’s a picture of me sending … myself … motivation messages: messaging

Typing on the phone is kind of like T-9 texting on old cell phones (remember that??) as would be expected from a small watch, but there are also a bunch of pre-loaded messages to select from which makes it super easy. The best feature is that you can add your location to messages in the event you need to let someone know where you are. Look how awesome this is: screenshot-gps-timex

For the record, that was just my location while shopping on Newbury the other day. I’ve been watching way too much Law & Order SVU to post a picture of my actual run routes or home haha.

It stores and plays your music. I was really excited about this feature because I Can. Not. Run without music. Maybe if I were being chased by a zombie or other villainous character I could, but if we’re talking running by choice … no. To use this function, you simply plug the watch into your computer and then drag music files from your iTunes library (or other music folder) into the drive that’ll pop up. If you’re like me and stream music instead of buying individual songs, this is a little bit of a bummer, but otherwise I found the functionality to be seamless. The watch easily synced with my Bluetooth headphones and a speaker I tested it on without any glitches. Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch Review + GiveawayTimex Ironman One GPS+ Watch Review + Giveaway

Touch screen display. Visually, I think the display is great. You can see the screen even in bright sunlight and you can hit a side button to illuminate the screen at night. I found the touch capabilities a little finicky though. A lot of the time, I’d have to tap/pound the screen multiple times with various sized fingers (you know that game haha) before the screen would be responsive.

Other things I love:

  • The stopwatch. Ok, I realize no one in their right mind would spend $200 on a watch just for the stopwatch, but I use it all the time while teaching. The big display makes it so perfect!
  • It’s waterproof. Have you ever been out on a run with your smartphone and then all of a sudden it starts raining? Granted I am a full-blown phone addict, but the panic I feel is what I imagine Jack Dawson felt while handcuffed in a below-deck compartment of the sinking Titanic. The waterproofing is obviously for people training for triathlons, but it’s great for delusional people like me, too. 🙂

Win a Timex Ironman One GPS+ Watch

timex-ironman-watchAlright let’s get to the goods! To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me what feature on the watch you’re most excited about. Make sure you use the widget below to confirm you commented. Once you do that, you’ll unlock some bonus entries that are totally optional. You have until Monday evening to enter. Good luck!

IMPORTANT: Giveaway is open to US residents only (I’m sorry, international readers — I promise I don’t love you any less!).

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Have you tried out this watch? What are you thoughts on it? signature This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Timex.

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  1. This watch sounds amazing. I am a distance runner and always carry my phone with me. I would love to be able to listen to music and track my distance without carrying my phone!

  2. Jessica Beach says:

    I like the feature of sending messages. I often think of all of the things that can go wrong when out alone in the woods…

  3. Barb McLaughlin says:

    I know this is terrible but calories burned!!

  4. Since I’m a running newbie with 3 weeks under my belt using C25K, I would treasure a watch like this because I could play my music and sync my workouts hands-free! I could finally look like a real runner!

  5. This watch sounds great! The biggest reason I haven’t committed to a GPS watch is because I would still have to carry my iPhone for safety/communication. This watch totally replaces that!

  6. I love that it plays music! One less thing to have to carry while I’m out.

  7. I would love to use the storage for music for working out at the gym or for getting into running, which l want to do! Paired with Bluetooth headphones – perfect. I also love the messages feature! 🙂

  8. I love that this watch has so many features…more bang for your buck! I’d be most excited to just have a watch to track my running stats, distance and pace mostly. I’ve wanted one for a long time but have never justified spending the money.

  9. it stores music?! thats awesome!

  10. O I love the messaging that is great for safety! (being a girl running alone!)

  11. Trish Evans says:

    I have been investigating a number of different watches. Thank you for this honest review. I too can not do any sort of exercise without music. BTW, I love your blog and have used a number of your weight exercises for my classes. Thanks so much.

  12. Looks amazing!

  13. Sounds awesome!!!, I have a huge iPhone 6 that I run long distance with and subbing it for a watch would be the best thing!, I love the GPS feature, the touch screen and the fact that I can listen to music still while I run. I wouldn’t mind getting one…pretty please..hehe

  14. I would love to win! I hate bringing my phone with me on runs and love tracking my pace!

  15. I love that it plays music! Soo cool!

  16. Awesome watch! I love that it has music and a gps, one less gadget to strap on before a run!

  17. i love that its waterproof!

  18. Candace Burlingame says:

    I recently got a job where I am on call via email. I never run with my phone and I run long distances so this watch would be perfect 👌! Also I’m the complete opposite of you and am always on high alert when running because I know the dangers!

  19. This sounds so cool, and as a distance runner, the ability to send your location if something goes wrong sounds like the best feature to me!

  20. I love that it is waterproof and plays music!

  21. GPS! I really would love this watch for my marathon training!

  22. I’ve never tried a fitness watch, so being able to glance down and see my pace, etc would be fun!

  23. I would love to be able to use this in place of carrying my phone! The fact that I can track my distance, stay in contact and also avoid bringing my phone with me is a huge plus!

  24. I would love to not have to run with my giant phone!

  25. I would love the pace feature! I hate carrying my smartphone on my runs to track pace, so this would be amazing!

  26. I like the music feature to keep me motivated.

  27. This looks awesome! The best part is that it has music! I would love to run without my phone haha

  28. I love the big touch screen! Looks like a great watch!

  29. Dawn Monroe says:

    I like that its easy to use, touch screen and the motivation.

  30. Love the wireless connectivity 🙂

  31. Most excited about being able to listen to music!

  32. I’m most excited about the wireless music feature.

  33. katie berry says:

    This watch sounds amazing and is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  34. I really like that you can connect with people so easily – I neverrrr bring my phone with me when I run and hate that I can’t get ahold of someone if there’s an emergency.

  35. I think I really appreciate the music. I cannot run without music either!

  36. Colleen Boudreau (Collifornia) says:

    I love that it plays music.

  37. Micaela Holland says:

    Love the technology that it offers!!!

  38. It can send and receive messages!

  39. I’m most excited about the music and waterproof features.

  40. Nikki Fahey says:

    I keep getting lost! the GPS would be great! and my iPod just died:)

  41. Yes! I want to leave my phone in the trunk of my car, maybe even throw it in a lake. But what really attracts me to this watch is the ‘Find Me Mode’ alert feature. I am prone to syncope (e.g., passing out) and while it happens very rarely, this watch will no doubt give me some piece of mind out on the trails.

  42. Brett Whitaker says:

    It’s gotta be the mapping feature. That’s such a cool upgrade, and it really does free up needing to take the phone. Thanks Nicole!

  43. angela lazo says:

    I love the messaging feature

  44. The ability to send my spouse my location. I live in a small college town which can be scary so this would be great for when I am running and need help or just want him to know where I am.!

  45. the music storing feature sounds awesome!

  46. This watch does so much! I love to track my runs and my current watch doesn’t do an adequate job. I would love this as a significant upgrade.

  47. i SO need a running watch and this one looks AMAZING! Especially the music part..wow! Also, loved the old school texting reference 🙂

  48. Not having to wait long for a GPS signal and the communication features on this watch are great!

  49. Wow, I think the thing I like the most is about the wireless capability. I like that it will track everything without a phone needed. The fact that it plays music just means one less thing to attach to my body and avoid bumping while I run. This is really a super cool watch!

  50. Holy high tech! The features that I love and have been looking for in a watch (that aren’t an Apple Watch that would set me back a months rent) are music and messaging capabilities. Also, your message to yourself cracked me up lolol

  51. The stopwatch, actually. It’s hard for me to use my phone’s stopwatch when it’s in the armband!

  52. I am most excited about the GPS so I can accurately track my distance!

  53. My goodness, I LOVE it all. What I love most though is that fam/friends can track my location and that its waterproof because I’m a big fan of running in rain storms, hah!

  54. Alexis Teevens says:

    I recently lost my GPS watch (who knows how), and this would be a huge step up anyway. Love that you can email family members your location. So smart.

  55. Kelsey McNew says:

    I just signed up for my first marathon, so this sounds perfect for me! Honestly, I think it’ll be most convenient for safety reasons–I’m training by myself and it’s a little scary to be out running alone all the time!

  56. Emily Walton says:

    Sounds good, I love that it can be used for all three triathlon disciplines. During my swims I really miss the feedback from my phone that I’m used to during runs and rides.

  57. I like that it stores music!

  58. I would love to run with this amazing watch

  59. This watch sounds like what I’ve been looking for! I just recently had a baby and, like you, I never previously felt nervous out running by myself. It would give me and my husband a piece of mind knowing where we both are when we go out for a run – something my cell can’t do! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  60. I like that it’s waterproof the most. I love how it has gps. That would be great to use in large parks with confusing trails.

  61. I always have my phone with me when I run, mostly because I run in the middle of nowhere (more likely to run into a bear than another person), but it would be nice to have an option to leave it at home but still be connected.

  62. I would love to have this watch for all my runs so I wouldn’t have to bring my phone with me 😀

  63. I’m most excited about the music/bluetooth capability!

  64. Lemonpickle says:

    I heart timex watch. The tacking add on would be very helpful in timing my outdoor runs 🙂

  65. I love that it sends/receives messages. I also love that the GPS connects quickly. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  66. Very good review. I’m wondering to buy this watch because I hate to take my phone with me during running. I found your blog yesterday and I really like it, keep it up. I can’t wait for next articles and reviews.

  67. The safety feature– while I feel generally safe running in NYC never hurt to have added comfort. Would also be great to leave my phone at home while marathon training!

  68. Would love not to have to shove my phone into my sports bra…!

  69. Having everything in one and not being worried about my phone battery dying are major bonus points for me.

  70. I like that I can send and receive messages and I don’t need a phone on top of the watch when out.

  71. I like that it is waterproof.

  72. not carrying my phone!

  73. I’m most excited about the fact that it’s waterproof! It rains a lot where I’m at and I’m always paranoid that I’m slowly destroying me phone 😛

  74. I am excited about the sensors.

  75. I’m excited about the GPS!

  76. Bethany Chandler says:

    I love that you can send your location to friends- I have crime show flashbacks whenever I run in secluded areas. 🙂

  77. I love the safety feature. I hate running with my phone, my keys and my pepper spray. This watch would motivate me to run more.

  78. I like the built in MP3 player

  79. oatsandrows says:

    I love how it stores your music!

  80. amy gatzemeyer says:

    excited about music capabilities

  81. Not having to carry my phone and the music, this thing sounds awesome!

  82. It looks so cool! I love that it will store and play music; that will come in handy while on the treadmill.

  83. This is awesome, so much more function than my garmin!

  84. I would love to see my PR’s on the watch!!! That is such a cool feature that I had not heard of!!!

  85. I really like that it stores music!

  86. Kristi Sander says:

    Being able to send messages and your location is an awesome feature!

  87. I love the tracking capability! I’m running a marathon in December and it’d be so cool if my husband and toddler could tell how far I am from the finish line! 🙂

  88. I am psyched about beg able to store music on the watch! No more armband chafing!

  89. marinat omao says:

    Ah need! The fact that the holds your music and is a distance tracker! I hate hate hate having my iphone on me when I run!

  90. Have not tried it but am in need of a GPS watch! Sounds fantastic!

  91. The fact that it is waterproof is what I’m most psyched about! I am a triathlete and having a waterproof GPS watch is key to tracking open water training swims (for the 3 or so months where it’s warm enough to swim outside in New England, anyway…) I haven’t done an Ironman but hey, maybe this watch will motivate me to do one!

  92. The music feature!

  93. I think the coolest feature is the “find me” mode – definitely would make me feel safer out running!

  94. Wow! There I love all the functions in this watch! The safety features are definitely awesome!!

  95. I like that there is phone-free connectivity.

  96. The music capabilities look awesome! I too hate carrying my phone with me on runs 🙁

  97. Definitely that it’s waterproof- I swim a lot so that would be great!

  98. I would be happy just with the standard tracking features! Everything else is an awesome bonus, particularly being able to not carry a phone.

  99. Love the location feature and the hands free ease of not using a phone when taking my dog for a run!

  100. cynthia dawson says:

    It seems it would be an excellent way to keep track of the distance you have ran. I like that feature.

  101. As a female runner, I often don’t feel safe running alone on the trails at any time of the day. This watch’s ability to share your location with friends and family would make running alone much safer and enjoyable! Can’t wait to try it out.

  102. Hayley Hendrickson says:

    It would be so great to win this watch! I am training for a half marathon right now and really hate running with my gigantic iPhone 6 plus, but I’m too paranoid to run without it! This watch is perfect for safety reasons 🙂

  103. I love the music feature!

  104. The watch feature having music playing abilities – that’s amazing!

  105. Love that it’s waterproof and that you can receive messages! Basically has everything you could ever want in a watch!

    XO Chloe
    A Latte Lipstick

  106. I am most excited to try the GPS feature.

  107. The texting feature and email will be nice

  108. It stores and plays music

  109. I use my phone for music and distance tracking, so this would be great to be able to leave my phone at home!

  110. I love that it has the ability to send people messages while you’re on the run!

  111. I love how you can leave your phone in your car or at home and still be able to listen to music, goodbye smelly armband.

  112. I’m in desperate need of a new watch! My 6 year old garmin just isn’t cutting it anymore 🙁

  113. I love the ability to send messages… I never carry my phone with me when I run!

  114. Stephanie McCall says:

    Awesome giveaway! It would be interesting to play with 🙂

  115. I would love to be able to see my running distance on my watch!

  116. I can’t believe it stores your music?! How great would that be. I still only use iTunes, I don’t use satellite radio, so this is a feature I would definitely use!

  117. I love being able to send messages/location

  118. I love the idea of being able to send messages without dragging along a phone.

  119. I love that you can add your music to it! I have an old garmin that definitely doesn’t come close to this!

  120. This watch is so cool! I would love to leave the phone at home!

  121. Long distance runner here — the GPS location is vital otherwise you have to download an app and carry a phone with you!!

  122. I would love to try the music feature.

  123. I am always so nervous about running alone so I love the ability to send your location.

  124. The music storage is definitely awesome!

  125. I always run with my phone for music and safety reasons and I love that this watch would let me leave my phone at home!

  126. I love not having to carry my phone and still being able to listen to music! That;s huge!

  127. I am most excited about it being waterproof!

  128. I LOVEEE the location feature. I run before the sun comes up & my hubby absolutely HATES it. I’ve suggested about a million times that he just come with me but that has yet to happen, so this watch would be the next best thing. I also would love to ditch my bulky phone when running and free up feeling in my right arm where my armband usually cuts off the circulation 🙂

  129. I love the GPS safety feature so my family knows where I am without running with my phone!

  130. I like the safety features! I complete in triathlons which means I am far away from my house for long periods of time. This would be a great to communicate with my husband and so he could track me!

  131. tracking for safety

  132. Favorite feature would have to be the messaging. My family likes to know I’m safe especially when I go running at 5am and it’s still very dark outside.

  133. Love the GPS feature. Looks amazing.

  134. I am most excited about the tracking and safety features. I hate carrying my phone with me when I run, but I always do so as a safety precaution. This would be much better!

  135. Melissa Kessler says:

    I love that there is a touchscreen display! It’s so frustrating to try to hit all the right buttons while you’re running!

  136. Thanks for the chance to win! Honestly, the best feature for me is that it is a watch, not a phone. Currently, I tuck my iPhone into a sock (yes, a sock) and stuff the sock into my sports bra. On a super hot day and on a long run, things get pretty sweaty in there (so the waterproofness of the watch is a good thing, too). Love your blog. Thanks for all the motivation.

  137. I’m most excited about the waterproof feature of the watch. Nice for swimming laps!

  138. The music feature would be so nice, especially without having to run with my iphone!

  139. I always carry my phone with me, but have been caught in the rain a few times and totally freaked out. This sounds like a great way to prevent that! Also, not have a strange armband tan line from carrying my phone would probably do a lot for my confidence 😉

  140. This watch seems awesome – I love that you can send texts and don’t need your phone on you. I don’t mind wearing my phone in a belt but it would be so freeing to run without it. I don’t listen to music while running so I just bring it along for safety purposes.

  141. Definitely the 3G capabilities! And the music feature.

  142. must have music when i run, but i hate the distractions (and bulk) of my phone. this is the perfect solution!

  143. The music feature is awesome!

  144. Robin Greene says:

    I love that you can send/receive messages. As much as going on a run should be “me” time, I always like having that capability to be reached since I have a child.

  145. I would love to listen to music without carrying a phone!!

  146. Love this watch! My husband is an avid runner and would be great for him!

  147. Morgan Layh says:

    Love the wireless feature!

  148. I would love to be able to see my pace and listen to music without having to bring my phone!

  149. playing music!!

  150. I would love to be able to send my location to others – I always feel unsafe when running alone!

  151. I have not tried they watch, but it sounds like it does a lot more than most watches!

  152. This looks great! My garmin of a few years just died on me a couple of weeks ago and so I would love to be able to try this out.

  153. I love that this watch does everything

  154. This looks awesome! I’m just getting back into running again and am still trying to figure out what gadgets to use

  155. I like that I can communicate with my wife without carrying an extra device. I love technology but not the extra weight!

  156. Hands down the GPS tracking. I run alone pretty much all the time even though I know it’s a bit risky, so knowing family and friends can track me would give everyone some peace of mind.

  157. I love the fact that I wouldn’t have to carry a phone to listen to music!

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