3 Exercises I’m Loving Lately: Bodyweight

3 Bodyweight Exercises to Add to Your Next WorkoutI’m baby-stepping my way to YouTube. Crawling is more like it. Crawling on my stomach through mud with no use of my legs and only one arm. First I decided to enter the year 2015 and post my first Instagram video. Ooooo. Ahhhh. And today, I’m taking a step further and sharing a gif demonstration of one of the exercises (!!!). Before you know it, I’ll be vlogging daily. Ya know, like four years from now at this rate.

Anyway, to continue the exercise spotlight series I started last month (this post), I wanted to share three bodyweight exercises I’m currently loving.

3 Bodyweight Exercises to Add to Your Next Workout

Inchworm Burpee Kicks

Inchworm Burpee Kicks ExerciseWho doesn’t love-hate a good burpee variation?! Start standing with your feet hip-width apart. Fold forward, bringing your hands to the floor in front of your feet. If you have tight hamstrings, bend your knees as you do so. Walk your hands out in front of you until your body is in a plank position. Next do a plank jump (also called a burpee kick), shifting your weight into your hands as you hop both feet up towards them and then quickly back out into plank position. From here, do a push up. Reverse the initial inchworm, walking your hands back up towards your feet and then jumping up into the air as you bring your torso upright. That’s one rep.

Tabletop Bird Dog Flips

^ I have no clue what to call these things so please let me know if you have a more technical name.

Tabletop Bird-Dog Flips ExerciseThis exercise is great for core stability. You’ll feel your quad working double-time as well as it supports the hovering knee. Get in a tabletop position, hands stacked underneath your shoulders and knees stacked underneath your hips. From here, tuck your toes and hover your knees a couple inches off the floor so that they’re level with your ankles. This is your starting position.

From here, extend your right leg and left arm straight out in front of you at shoulder/hip height, balancing on the remaining hand and foot and keeping your hips level. Start to bend the right knee and left elbow in towards your core as if you were doing a crunch. As everything comes back to center, you’re going to shoot the right foot across the inside of your other foot, placing it on the floor to the left of your left foot as you shift your bodyweight into the right hand and press your hips up towards the ceiling in a sort of one-handed bridge. Reach the left arm up overhead to really deepen the stretch you should feel for the front side of your body.


Reverse the flip movement back to your starting knee-hovering tabletop position by lifting up your right foot again and stepping it to the right of your stationary foot, bringing your left hand down to the ground to catch you as you do. That’s one rep. I know it sounds confusing, so hopefully the gif helps!

Headstand Arm Tap Crunches

Handstand Arm Tap Knee CrunchesThis one’s a little more advanced, but I love adding it into my inversion practice for a little core work. Crouching on the ground, place your hands firmly on the ground shoulder-width apart. Lean forward onto the balls of your feet, bringing the top of your head to the floor a few inches ahead of your hands. Supporting yourself with your hands and engaging your core, bring your knees to rest on your elbows, which should be bent at 90 degrees. This is your starting point.

From this position, you’ll keep the knees bent and lift them up to make a 90-degree angle with your torso and then slowly bring them back down to tap your arms before lifting them right back up again. Once you get going, the goal is to never rest your knees on your arms for support; you want to lightly tap them, using your core to stabilize and move the knees up and down.

As you do these, think of pulling your elbows in towards each other a bit so that arms stay at a true shoulder’s width and not any wider—this helps a ton with balance! You also may want to do these with a towel or other thin pad under your head if it hurts. Great headstand practice and core work all in one!

3 bodyweight exercises to add to your next workout

WEARING | leggings: c/o Crane + Lion // tank: H&M (old) // socks: c/o Bombas 

What exercises are currently making their way into your workouts?

And fellow bloggers–any programs/software you’d suggest for making high quality gifs? I have no clue what I’m doing …

If you’re in Boston, good luck staying dry today! I have a full day of photo shoots for the blog planned … WOMP WOMP WOMMMMP.


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  1. Nicole its truly brilliance you have really represent some great exercise tips its surely work for if they will apply, and one more things your gif presentation its also great.

  2. These are cool exercises!

  3. Those table top bird dog flips!! Love!! 🙂

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Whhhhhaaa you did a gif. This is awesome.

  5. I do love the animated GIFs. These are complicated movements, but the demonstration makes it more likely I might try them.


  6. HI! Just found you via Pinterest this morning. We do a similar exercise that we call a ‘sit through’. Except there is no alternate arm-leg extension and we touch the hand to the mat instead of leaving it extended when you’re face up. Bird dog sit through? I think I like your version better! Off to try it out!
    Thanks for the great workouts!

  7. Can you make a mega former routine? I have one at home and wild like a workout to go with it

    • You have one at home?! I am so insanely jealous. 🙂 Are you familiar with all the Lagree Fitness exercise names? I could just email you over a couple class routines I’ve done. Let me know!

  8. I was expecting these to be different than the usual gym routine but this takes the cake! The first two are killers and the last one almost impossible, great round-up.

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