Mimic the Megaformer with This Sock Workout (+BOMBAS Giveaway!)

Mimic the megaformer with this sock (or slider) workout! It'll target your core and legsGood morning! I have the whole day off from teaching which is great–I’m still trying to kick this cold so sleeping “in” (anything later than 5AM counts in my book) was much needed. I’m feeling better but still don’t want to overdo it, so my plan is to lay low today, tackle my email inbox, work on some blog projects, and maybe hit up a yoga class later on if my body is feeling up for it.

Speaking of classes, I wanted to share this fun workout that sort of mimics a megaformer, but without the machine. All you need is a slider or pair of socks worn on a hardwood floor. And speaking of socks …

Bombas Sock Giveaway

Mimic the megaformer with this sock (or slider) workout! It'll target your core and legs

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Legs & Core Sliding Sock Workout

This is one of those workouts that would be really great to video in real time. Ughhh I need to get on that whole YouTube thing but it just seems so overwhelming. Vlogger friends—what editing software do you use? How necessary is a mic? Haaalp.

In the meantime, I’ve done something today that hopefully will be helpful (leave feedback in the comments!). I’ve included a printable “cheat sheet” so that after you scroll through this post and see what each exercise is, you can print off the shorthand version of it and bring it with you to the gym or simply pull it up on your computer screen/smartphone as you do the workout at home.

At-Home Sock Workout

Equipment I Used:

  • Socks (you could also use gliders, a dish towel, etc.)
  • Exercise mat
  • Interval timer

This workout is broken into seven 3-minute blocks. Each block focuses on a specific exercise sequence. For each block, set an interval timer for 4 rounds of 30 sec work / 15 “rest.” Sometimes that 15 seconds is an actual rest, but other times it’s for pulses or an isometric hold.

This workout focuses on low body and core. For the low body blocks, you’ll do 3 minutes of continuous work. For the core blocks, you’ll have rest built in. Mimic the megaformer with this sock (or slider) workout! It'll target your core and legs

BLOCK 1 | Right Leg

Do this twice through (numbers indicate seconds):

  • [30] Sliding Back Lunge | Start with your right foot on an exercise mat and the ball of your left foot planted on the floor a few inches behind. Keeping your bodyweight in the right heel, start to slide backwards into a deep lunge, bending the right knee as your hips slide back and down and your left foot glides straight back behind you. When you reach your lowest point, press through the right heel as you straight the right leg and rise back up. Don’t lock the knee out straight at the top; keep a soft micro-bend in it and then slide right back down into your next lunge. Back left heel should stay lifted the whole time.
  • [15] Pulses | From your lowest lunge point (right knee should be at a 90-degree bend if possible), pulse up an inch and down an inch by pushing up through your right heel. It’s a tiny straightening and bending of the right knee, not a dipping of the back knee.
  • [30] Back Knee Pulls | From your lowest lunge point (right knee should be at a 90-degree bend if possible), hinge forward at hips slightly so that the weight of your torso is over the right leg rather than completely upright. Keeping your bodyweight in your right heel and staying low on the right leg, bend your back left knee as you slide the left foot forward and then extend it back out behind you. Try not to transfer your bodyweight into the left foot as you do it—keep it light as it slides across the floor.
  • [15] Hold | Hold your lowest lunge point (right knee should be at a 90-degree bend if possible). Weight is in the right heel.

BLOCK 2 | Left Leg

Same sequence, other side of your body.

BLOCK 3 | Right Obliques

Do this twice through (numbers indicate seconds):

  • [30] Twisted Crunches | Start in a high plank position, arms straight and wrists stacked underneath your shoulders. From here, twist your lower body to the left so that your chest and shoulders are still square to the floor but your legs face the left and your right hip is slightly closer to the ground than your left. This is your starting position. Bend the knees in towards your left elbow and then extend them back out to your twisted plank. As you do these sliding crunches, engage your right sidebody to keep the hips at shoulder height (don’t sit your bum to your heels as your feet slide in!).
  • [15] Pulse Right Knee to Left Elbow | From plank, hover your right leg and cross that knee across your body towards your left elbow. Hold it as close to the arm as possible, making physical contact if you can. From here pulse the knee in, trying to tap the arm each time.
  • [30] Twisted Crunches
  • [15] REST

BLOCK 4 | Left Obliques

Same sequence, other side of your body. 

BLOCK 5 | Right Glutes

Do this twice through (numbers indicate seconds):

  • [30] Single Leg Squat | Start standing with your  right foot on the exercise mat and your left foot on the floor. Sink down in a squat on the right side, bending the right knee and shifting your weight into the heel as you shift your hips back and down. Your left leg will stay straight as you slide it out to the side. Try to keep the weight of your torso over the right heel (don’t transfer weight into your left foot). To accomplish this, picture you’re sitting straight back into a chair on your right side; don’t let your hips shift out to the side with the left foot, press them back and down over the right heel. When you’ve reached your lowest squat on the right side, push through the right heel to stand back up, stopping with a soft, micro-bend in the right knee.
  • [15] Pulses | Hold the bottom of your squat and from there, pulse up an inch and down an inch by pressing up through your right heel. The non-target leg should slide a little across the floor as you pulse up and down on the right leg.
  • [30] Skate Non-Working Leg | Hold the bottom of your squat and keeping your bodyweight in the right heel, bend your left knee, sliding the left foot in towards the right and then extending the leg back out straight to the side. Keep your left foot light; just gingerly slide it across the floor, focusing on the isometric hold on your right, target side.
  • [15] Hold | Hold the bottom of your squat. Try not to transfer any bodyweight into your non-target foot; keep it all in your right heel.

Side view for a better form check: Mimic the megaformer with this sock (or slider) workout! It'll target your core and legs

BLOCK 6 | Left Glutes

Same sequence, other side of your body.

BLOCK 7 | Abs

Do this twice through (numbers indicate seconds):

  • [30] Plank to Pike | Start in a forearm plank with elbows stacked underneath your shoulders. Keeping your legs straight and heels lifted, pike your hips up towards the ceiling, bringing your body into an upside-down “v” shape as your feet slide across the floor. When you’ve reached your highest point, lower the hips back down to plank position.
  • [15] Body Saw | From your forearm plank position, shift your shoulders back and forward so that your body is sliding back a few inches and then forward all while maintaining proper plank form. When you come forward, stop when your shoulders are once again stacked over your elbows—don’t come any farther forward than that.
  • [30] Plank to Pike
  • [15] REST

Get it? Got it? Good. Print off this cheat sheet and get to it!

Printable Slider Workout Cheat Sheet


Mimic the megaformer with this sock (or slider) workout! It'll target your core and legs

WEARING | socks c/o BOMBAS // leggings: Fabletics // tank: Juicy Couture (old but similar here) // bra c/o PRISM Sport (get 30% off your first order using THIS LINK and entering code ACTPERRY).

Good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway! Looking forward to your feedback on the printable cheat sheet. 🙂



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  1. LOOOOOOVE the printable cheat sheet! I usually try to take notes and write down what I’m supposed to be doing and it is always a disaster so this sheet will totally save me. More, please!

  2. I LOVE Bombas socks. I am wearing a pair right now 🙂

  3. Such a unique workout idea! Love it!:)

  4. Love this workout! It was challenging. I have a reformer at home so this works well. Hope you do another one soon!

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