A Quick (But TOUGH) Rowing + Weights Circuit Workout

A Quick (But TOUGH) Rowing + Weights Circuit WorkoutWant maximum ass kicking in minimum time? Incorporate sprints on the rower into your workout. Quick, killer row circuits are my go-to when planning classes using the row machine because they guarantee that I-hate-you glare from clients that turns immediately into that such-a-good-workout grin as soon as class ends.

Rowing Sprints + Weights Circuit Workout

Equipment I Used:

Go through the following circuit four times, completing it as fast as you can without sacrificing proper form. You should be BEAT by the end. To give you some idea of timing, try to hit 2 min 30 sec or less with each of your 500m row sprints. The fastest times I’ve seen in class are 1:39 for the guys and 1:46 for the ladies. Your first sprint will most likely be your fastest (maybe your last one if you really empty the tank), but try to stay within 5-10 seconds of whatever you get on that first sprint when you get to your second, third and fourth rounds. If you’re new to rowing, this video is great for breaking down proper form:

500 meter sprints are no joke! I usually hit right around 1:50 on my first one and then that creeps up to 2mins+ by the end. A Quick (But TOUGH) Rowing + Weights Circuit Workout

  • 500m Row Sprint
  • 10 Renegade Row to Push Ups | Start in a plank position holding dumbbells planted firmly on the ground beneath your shoulders (if this hurts your hands, place hands on the ground and just keep the dumbbells next to them so you can easily grab them for the rows). From this starting position, do a row on each side, first driving the right elbow up to the ceiling and then the left, lifting the dumbbell up close to the side of your body. Try to keep your hips level as you do this; don’t twist open towards the rowing side (having a wider stance with your feet will help accomplish this). After you’ve rowed each side, do a push up (lower to your knees for this if you need to modify. That’s one rep.
  • 10 Full-Body Dumbbell Crunches | Start laying on your back with legs outstretched and hovering a couple inches off the ground. Holding a weight in your hands, arms should be outstretched overhead and hovering as well. From this starting position, crunch up, bringing your knees in towards your chest as you lift your shoulder blades off the ground and bring the weight up and over towards your shins. Extend back out, lowering to starting position. The goal is to never bring the legs and/or weight to rest on the ground when you extend back out.
  • 10 Squat Thrust – Squat Jump Combo | Hold the dumbbells at shoulder height, feet about hip’s width apart and squat down, keeping your lower abdomen held in and sliding your bum and hips back and down. Once you reach your lowest squat, power up, driving your hips forward and engaging the glutes as you straighten your legs to stand. As you do so, press the dumbbells overhead into a shoulder press. Squat back down and this time perform a squat jump, keeping the weights at shoulder height. That’s one rep.

A Quick (But TOUGH) Rowing + Weights Circuit WorkoutWEARING | She’s A Warrior Leggings by MINKPINK c/o Shopbop // Athleta tunic tank (old but similar here) // Nike sneakers

My friends at Shopbop recently sent me the She’s A Warrior Leggings by MINKPINK that I’m wearing in today’s post and I’m obsessed with them! The print is so fun. Here’s a little styling inspiration for transitioning them from the gym to everyday wear (because leggings are legitimate pants if you ask me) …

She's a Warrior MINKPINK leggings via Shopbop minkpink-leggings-shopbop She's a Warrior MINKPINK leggings via Shopbop She's a Warrior MINKPINK leggings via Shopbop

Enjoy your Wednesday! I’m heading to Reebok HQ out in Canton for a tour, boxing class and shopping spree–um what?? Not a bad way to spend a humpday at all … 🙂

What’s your best time for the 500m row sprint?


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  1. This video was so helpful! I’m afraid of the rowing machine, and end up just doing whatever machine you use for the arms and core movements. I’ll give the actual rowing machine a try!

  2. This was a killer but in the best way possible!! Thanks for all the workouts- love the blog!!

  3. This Workout looks awesome! I love using the rowing machine for intervals and renegade rows are my jam! And then let’s talk about those pants! I wish I could pull those off!

  4. I’m usually pretty meh about all the various combo rower workouts that people like to push, but this one really is a great recipe! Thanks for posting so coherently, and including WaterRower’s video. I see so much bad rowing form in these new trendy workout centers so it’s always good to show that basic video. The basics are pretty much what the advanced rowers are doing, so anyone interested in trying rowing should watch that a few times.

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