My Favorite Things: November


Another month, another roundup of things I’m loving lately!

Favorite Products

Sweaty Hair Don’t Care Cropped Sweatshirt

This Don’t Care Crop Jumper from MINKPINK was given to me by Shopbop and it pretty much sums up my life.  sweaty-hair-dont-care-2sweaty-hair-dont-care-1

leggings are Booty by Brabants

Activated Charcoal Mask from Derma E

My skin has been kinda crazy lately with breakouts so for the past several months I’ve been trying to regularly do face masks (it’s helping for sure). Derma E sent me their Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask and I love it! It’s a little gritty so it exfoliates when you scrub it off, and it’s GMO- and cruelty-free. favorite-things-4

JAM Speakers

My car stereo has been broken for a couple months which has made all the driving to and from New Jersey extra rough. Well cue the sounds of angels singing because JAM Audio sent me not one but TWO portable bluetooth speakers and my car trip sanity has been saved. The tall one has a carabiner clip on it so I hook it onto the passenger windshield visor (it’s a hilarious setup, but whatever–it works!). The sound quality is awesome and I can’t wait to use the short speaker in my apartment!jam-audio

MooGoo Milk Wash

MooGoo is an Australian natural skincare brand that has recently launched in the US. If you go to their site, they break down each and every ingredient in their products, explaining why they use it, what it does, and how it benefits your body. Love that! They sent me a sampling of their products and I think the body wash is my favorite. It’s gentle and doesn’t dry out my skin and the pump top on the bottle makes it easy to skirt onto my loofa. favorite-things-6

Le Traveleur

Le Traveleur is a curated toiletry pack I got to try out and with all the NJ <–> Boston travel lately, it couldn’t have come at a better time! I was extra excited to see Ursa Major products in there because a friend recently recommended their face wash. It comes in a clear container for easily bringing through airport security and the samples included were all top notch. With the exception of a razor, it had literally everything I needed in it. And who am I kidding, it’s winter and I’m in a long-term relationship … it had everything I needed in it. 😉 favorite-things-5


I know I already mentioned the app in last month’s roundup, but after a month of selling stuff on it, I’m addicted. I made almost $300 in November getting rid of sneakers, activewear and regular clothes I no longer wear! Hello, holiday spending money. While the majority of my shop is in my size (9 for shoes, small for tops/bottoms/dresses), not all of it is. I get sent blog mailers that occasionally are off sizes for me or even men’s. So even if you’re not my size, you should shop my closet! Some of the stuff is brand new with tags and everything is super cheap. Like 50-90% off what you’d pay in store. If you have any holiday parties coming up, I’ve got a few cocktail dresses listed as well and will be adding to my Depop shop weekly! depop-shop-nicoleperr

Favorite Workouts

Boxing at Reebok HQ

reebok-boxingI’m kind of obsessed with boxing. I was invited to Reebok HQ in Canton, and working there must be awesome. Employees can pick from a seemingly endless list of fitness classes to take throughout the day and are encouraged to get a workout in when they’re at the office. Hello, dream work environment. I timed my visit so that I could take a boxing class and loved it.

Studio Hopping with FitReserve

FitReserve is basically like ClassPass but with slightly different membership options and the ability to go to each studio four times a month instead of three. I was given a month for free and was most excited about having B/Spoke on the list of available studios. It’s definitely the standout as it’s not available through ClassPass. Other studios I love on FitReserve:

  • BURN
  • Exhale
  • Prana Power Yoga

3×3 AMRAPs

I love the 10-minute workout series I shared this month! The 3 minutes, 3 times through structure is such a good way to get a maximal burn in minimum time. Legs was the hardest for me in this series:

Favorite Eats

WholeMe Cinnamon Banana Chip Clusters

Oh. Mygod. This shit is dangerous! This was another discovery from a Mantra Box that I’m now obsessed with. I actually hid the bag of Clusters so that I could enjoy them all myself without Joe nibbling on any (seriously haha). If you’re interested in getting a Mantra Box, mention my name at checkout and you’ll get an extra gift in it. 🙂 favorite-things-3

The Quinoa + Spicy Veggie Sauté + Protein Dinner Equation

My oven broke at the start of the month and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it (I’m so bad at being an adult), so I was loving anything I could make on a stovetop or in a crock pot. I shared this recipe for shredded slow cooker chicken and a veggie sauté and replicated it a bunch this month, switching up the protein. Pictured here with shrimp (I used some of the excess taco spice to coat the shrimp).


BFree Rolls

I was sent a sampler of BFree gluten- and wheat-free products, and the rolls are $$$. I didn’t care for the wraps, but would highly recommend both the white and brown rolls. favorite-things-1

Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken from Damn Delicious

I shared a link to this recipe in a meal prep post I did earlier this month but it’s worth repeating–so yummy!



I was sent a huge package of every kind of Crunchies they make and the entire case was gone in A DAY. Granted, I had some help from Joe, but still. A day. These freeze-dried fruit snacks are so good! favorite-things-2

Levity Brew

This is coffee meets tea in a single serving packet. It kinda looks like a middle school science experiment as you set up the contraption over your mug, but it’s really straightforward and the result is delicious. I got the same buzz as I would from a regular cup of coffee, but Levity Brew is a lot smoother.


Favorite Reads & Watches

The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan

the-gratitude-diariesI got this book in a Mantra Box (<– check out my friend Candace’s subscription box, I’ve loved everything in the three I’ve received!) and actually started reading it back in September (hence the pool pic), but put it down for a while after the first chapter because the author annoyed me. The whole thing is actually pretty comical. The author annoyed me because I felt like she overtly bragged and blew wind into her own sails continuously. A month after putting the book down it dawned on me … she’s writing a book about being GRATEFUL about the GOOD THINGS in her life.

I’m such an ass hole.

After having this epiphany, I gave it another chance and I really liked the book. The author mixes hard research into her own experience, and I found myself underlining a bunch of passages–always a good sign!

Netflix + (Chill) Movies

  • Soaked in Bleach | Ummm Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain. I’m convinced. This documentary tells Tom Grant’s story, the private investigator originally hired by Courtney who then started investigating HER after suspicions arose. It’s fascinating. I was in kindergarten when Cobain died so I never was really into Nirvana and didn’t follow the case, but I’m now a full-blown conspiracy theorist after watching this on Netflix. There’s another Cobain documentary on the ‘flix called Kurt & Courtney, but I didn’t think it was as good. The narrator sounds bored the whole time.
  • Welcome to the Dollhouse | Joe always tells me that I remind him of the main character in Welcome to the Dollhouse and we finally watched it over Thanksgiving. Welp, chivalry is dead, my friends. It’s a painfully awkward coming-of-age story and this is apparently what Joe thinks of me:


LOLLLLL. Thanks, Joe. Aside from the fact that I think I’m breaking up with my boyfriend, I thought this movie was hilarious. Storyline is so funny and the 90’s fashion is just spectacular.

Favorite Moments

Getting a Bib for the 2016 Boston Marathon

Ahhhhh WHAT HAVE I DONE?! I’m officially running the Boston Marathon this year with Team With A Vision, and will be raising money for this amazing organization supporting the visually impaired and sighted. If you’re feeling generous (it is Giving Tuesday, after all), you can donate here. I’ll also be doing AWESOME giveaways leading up to the marathon where everyone who’s made a small donation can enter to win (think Fitbits, free workout classes, new leggings and so much more).boston-marathon-2016

’80s Party

Joe and I went to an ’80s theme party for our friend’s 30th and I love any excuse to dress in costume. Clearly my early 20s are behind me because instead of going for a sexy ’80s aerobic instructor look, I found the most disgusting floral blouse in all the land and paired it with high-waisted, elastic scrunch-waist jeans. Pure. Sex.80s-party

Thanksgiving Weekend in Jersey

The weather was so perfect Thanksgiving weekend! Joe and I got in a nice run along the Point Pleasant boardwalk one morning and spent the rest of the time playing outdoors with the nephews and niece.

Favorite Posts from the Archives

What were some of your favorites from November?



Disclosure: My monthly favorites posts are never sponsored, however they typically contain a few affiliate links. I get sent a lot of free products, and the first section of this post highlights my favorites. I’m never required to or being paid to feature these freebies and only share the ones I truly love and think my readers will enjoy as well. 🙂

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