No-Slam Sandbag Pyramid Workout

No-Slam Sandbag Pyramid WorkoutI’ve mentioned a bunch on the blog how much I love boxing workouts at Peter Welch’s in Southie and other studios around Boston, so you can imagine how pumped I was to get to team up with Everlast. Boxing and MMA-inspired workouts are trendy right now for a reason—they’re SO FUN and extremely effective because the type of training is functional (Everlast FIT stands for Functional Integrated Training).

I was sent Everlast’s Universal FIT Gloves, 30-lb FIT Powercore Bag and Cardio Fitness Training Bag. The training bag isn’t meant to be hit hard (as I found out after throwing my first cross and completely knocking it over … not-so-humble brag?) so I’d recommend it more for speed work. I’m not going to include it in today’s workout because I don’t expect many people have one at home, so instead let’s focus on the Powercore Bag—any type of weighted bag can be used. No-Slam Sandbag Pyramid Workout No-Slam Sandbag Pyramid Workout

I’ve wanted a sandbag for my home gym forever, but I think my excitement was topped by Joe’s. Before I could even try it out, he started tossing it over his shoulder and body slamming it onto the ground like the wannabe professional wrestler that he is (haha). Someone who’s definitely not excited? Our downstairs neighbor. That’s why for today’s workout, I wanted to focus on some exercises you can do with a weighted bag that don’t involve slams.

No-Slam Sandbag Pyramid Workout

Equipment I Used:

Each time you go through the circuit of three exercises, you’ll perform one less rep of each. Start by doing 10 reps of each, then 9, then 8, all the way down to 1 rep. For the plank pulls and lunges, you’re alternating side to side so 10 reps really means 20 (10 reps to each side). No-Slam Sandbag Pyramid Workout

Clean to Front Squat | Start standing with the sandbag the long way on the floor, knees bent, butt back, back flat and straight arms gripping the bag handles. From here, you’re going to clean the back up and over your hands so that it lands cradled in your elbows, palms facing out. As you catch the bag at your chest, lower down in a deep squat. From there, power up to standing, squeezing your glutes and thrusting the hips forward. That’s one rep. Reverse the clean, returning the bag to the floor with control (don’t slam it down).

Tip: As the bag is coming over the tops of your hands to land in your arms, loosen your grip on the handles so that it doesn’t jerk your wrists back uncomfortably.

Crossbody Bag Pulls in Plank | Start in a plank position with the sandbag long to your left. Reach your right hand across your body to grab the top handle and pull the bag underneath you with enough power that it slides clear to your right. Reverse the movement, reaching your left hand under and across your body to grab the sandbag and pull it back to the starting side. As you do these, try to keep your hips level.

Front Lunge with Side Scoop | Start standing with feet hip’s width apart, holding the sandbag long ways in front of you. Lunge forward onto the right foot and as you do, sweep the sandbag to your right (think of paddling a boat), leading with the right hand. As you push off the front right foot to return to standing, swing the sandbag forward and back to center. Repeat to the left.

No-Slam Sandbag Pyramid Workout

WEARING | tank c/o Reebok // Nike bra // leggings c/o Sweaty Betty

I can’t wait to post more sandbag workouts! There is SO much you can do with them. You can check out Everlast to buy your own (take 15% off with code FitFluential) or follow them on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

What’s your favorite way to workout with a sandbag?


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Everlast FIT.

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  1. I’ve been dying for a sandbag for so long! This looks like such a fun workout!!

  2. gymbagsandjetlags says:

    This sounds like a fun and different workout! I’d love to try it. Also, I love your outfit (as always).

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